Thursday, January 31, 2008

tappity tap tap

thursday... yahoo! note that i posted a poll - it's on the right side of the page. nothing too exciting but something i want to know.

last night was pretty good. for dinner we had homemade bean and barley soup (delicious), my homemade meatballs (i had 4) from the weekend, and rye bread. surprisingly it was very satisfying all night long. later my boyfriend wanted to make a snack but i refused. the thought of a giant bowl of popcorn and ketchup chips did sound good but i was happy i didn't need to give in. i had some chai tea instead. (he didn't snack either.)

i also put together a night table from ikea. it was a pain in the bumhoolio. why? because there is a door on hinges and i just couldn't get it to fit right for such a long time. and you all know those ikea instructions are hit or miss.

this is what it looks like but in white and much bigger of course. and the door swings open from the left:

let me say, thank you mom for buying me that cordless electric screwdriver/drill a couple of years ago for christmas. it was a lifesaver. the thought of handscrewing (that sounds funny haha) bolts and screws in and out in and out makes me cringe. so i did one and i have another to do, so maybe tonight and maybe not. tonight i am going for a treadmill run, and then i have tap class. tappity tap tap.

today my menu is:

coffee at home
coffee at work
1 and a half packages of pc blue menu multigrain oatmeal (i am trying this because one package is often not filling enough to last until lunch)


turkey sandwich on rye bread with swiss cheese and mustard
raw baby carrots and tomatoes with hummus

fat free yogurt

dinner: not sure yet. :)


Vanessa aka Wheebs said...

Good job resisting the snacks!

Nice night table. I love new furniture, but I hate putting it together :P

Randi said...

Nice handy-woman-ness. My hubby made me a "wife" tool box with all sorts of stuff for hanging pictures and putting things together or fixing stuff. I love it! Mostly I love how awesome I feel after doing something like that.

P.O.M. said...

Jeez - I really want a power drill. It's the only thing missing from my tool box. I think.

Oh, I can NEVER resist snacks when the BF pulls them out at night. It's all his fault these last few lbs won't budge.

Sara said...

do you have the recipe for the soup - sounds very yummy!

Shirls said...

impressive job on the not snacking after din-din, that is my weak time of day, that I'm always working on, so truly impressed.

I have to admit I have a bit of a thing for Ikea furniture, I love putting it together, yep nerd am I... the screwdriver is a MUST though, way to go Mom!

Randi said...

(re your comment) You could totally join anyway. You can definately see muscle building/ buffing up in pictures!

eurydice said...

sara: i don't have a recipe because it was a gift from my bf's mom. i can ask her though... when she comes back from poland!

Angie All The Way said...

I've never ever been to Ikea and I've always wanted to go! Nice stand and nice work putting the tools to use!

Thanks for the info on the flax seeds. I have a tub in my fridge and I've been meaning to go and buy a grinder of sorts. Will a coffee grinder do, or is there a better type of "spice grider" of some kind that I should get, do you know?

RunnerGirl said...

Oh, I just love IKEA. We're getting one near my house and I'm so excited!

Lex.D said...

Yayyy to will power! no snacking!!

Goshdarnit I miss Ikea. I used to shop there all the time in Edmonton, but there's no Ikea in Halifax. Grr

Some stuff can be bought online, but only big stuff which isn't really things I need.

Cara said...

I also had to resist snacking last night prompted by the boy. Thank goodness... because my dinner was not as healthy as yours :-)

Good job lady!

Anonymous said...

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