Monday, January 28, 2008

monday again?

yes, it's monday again. i took the weekend off from exercise because i was pooped and needed a break. friday night was my boyfriend's show at the rivoli and that was fun. i tried to take a nap before it started but i couldn't which was really annoying. i don't like taking naps and i hardly ever do. why? because i always lie there like a flopping fish, trying to sleep but thinking about nonsense instead. but the show was good. saturday we slept in (big time) until 1:30pm... can you believe it? i can't. alright i can. we were supposed to go to ikea and exchange these bedroom curtains i got which don't block any light but i was too lazy and we just did nothing.

actually that's not true. i walked to the grocery store and got lots of stuff. my boyfriend made us breakfast (at 4:30pm!!!) while i cleaned the apartment. then i transformed a package of lean ground chicken into two delicious hamburger patties (for dinner) and meatballs (which i have frozen). touching raw ground meat really grosses me out haha but the outcome is rather nice.

this week i am going to try and take care of business. i really need to clean my bathroom... tonight! in terms of eating i am going to try again to only eat when i'm hungry. last week i did a lot of mindless snacking, or just eating because the food was there in front of me, which isn't a good habit to get into.

today i'm eating:

weight control maple brown sugar oatmeal

lean cuisine mushroom something pizza

snacks i brought:
2 fat free yogurts
fiber one peanut butter bar
another clementine


Jennifer said...

Gah, I want those Fibre One bars! I'm coming to steal them from you! :P (Actually, can you get them at Sobeys? I didn't see them in the flyer...and there's no Dominion in my town.)

Cara said...

So what is the boy's band like? Did you dance away any calories? hahah :-)

Sounds like a nice sleep in! I had a great nap yesterday (which I rarely ever do) an feel refreshed now, like I imagine you may have after the nice sleep in :-)

Sara said...

Okay I'm totally a butcher's daughter. I love ground meat. I find mixing and making patties and meatballs oddly relaxing. Can we say loser!

1:30 - wowsa!! Obviously a sign of a great night out!!

P.O.M. said...

Sleeping in until 1:30pm? ahhh - haven't done that in a while. But we went out to breakfast with friends sunday, then came home and went back to bed for a few hours. I love laying in bed on Sundays :)

Vanessa aka Wheebs said...

Sounds like you had a nice, relaxing weekend! Good luck cleaning your bathroom...I had to do mine yesterday. Boo :P

Laura said...

I haven't seen the Fibre 1 bars in Montreal yet. I'm kind of scared to find them because I might like them too much. I tried the weight control oatmeal and like it a lot. Then I decided to try making quick oats in the microwave using milk instead of water and I like that so much better! Now i have a box of cinnamon weight control oatmeal sitting on my counter. I guess I'll eat it eventually. :)

Shirls said...

touching raw meat, creeps the heck out of me too, I do it but I sure don't like it, you think I'd be better with it growing up on the farm and all..

and I say "hell ya, good for you!" taking a weekend to re-charge can be a very very good thing :0)

eurydice said...

jennifer: i don't know about sobey's because there aren't any sobey's near me in toronto. i live and work near dominions, so i pretty much only shop there.

cara: this is my boyfriend's band:, or you can go to and search eden ants to look for videos they made for a contest in the summer.... i am in some of them haha.

sara: more like a sign of waking up at 6:15am on friday and having to stay at the rivoli until the bitter closing haha. then eating after of course ;) i didn't mind making the patties so much as the meatballs - it was fun to weigh the patty meat and form perfect circles lol.

vanessa: i'm dreading it. it's not *that* messy. i vacuum up all my lost hairdrying hair every two days... just the tub and stuff. and it's so new that it still looks really clean.

p.o.m: i wish i was laying in bed.... right now haha.

laura: i like the regular oats as well, but i have to make them at home. for some reason i can't microwave them without it spilling everywhere... and getting dirty looks from all my coworkers....

shirls: for once on sunday i felt really energized! i need to take more calm weekends. hibernation starts now!

Lex.D said...

HAhah I love the crazy sleep-ins. We all need to do that once in a while.