Friday, January 25, 2008

friday good and bad

good: it's friday.

bad: weigh-in, gained one pound.

good: i couldn't give a hooping funt because i'm still in my goal range.

bad: i bought a box of melba rounds at the beginning of the week and kept it at my desk and have been mindlessly snacking on them all week.

good: i had the best run ever last night! 4 miles: 5 minutes walking, 33 minutes running at 6.2 mph, 5 minutes walking. it was so easy!

bad: my muscles are KILLING me from that carmen electra video. seriously! especially my arms and abs.

good: tap dancing last night.

bad: there was a different teacher who whizzed through the steps too fast and i was a bit confused.

good: getting up this morning and walking 80 minutes interval inclines, burning more than 450 cals - that's a lot!

bad: i have exercised every day this week... healthy or gymorexic? healthy or gymorexic?

good: pop with brains tonight at the rivoli (my boyfriend's event).

bad: my red shoes which were supposed to be ready today, won't be ready until wednesday because they have to order new heels and they aren't in yet.

good: i love watching my boyfriend's band. so cute. and rockin' too.

bad: now what am i going to wear? i had a whole outfit planned around the shoes.

good: i guess i'll have to go shopping at lunch.

bad: spending money whilst shopping at lunch.

good: it's sunny today! and i'm featured on back in skinny jeans! (see below)

bad: it's also freezing.

good: today's menu:

1/2 granola bar before workout
1/2 granola bar & tea after workout

coffee and handful (big) of cinnamon shredded wheat squares

all bran bar

leftover turkey noodle casserole and veggies



Sara said...

At least there were no uglies!!

Have a blast tonight!

P.S. I think on Tuesday night I'm meeting with Marie and Meredith and maybe others at a Indian Veggie Rest - you should come too!

katieo said...

a hooping funt lol!
Have a good weekend!

Cara said...

You are freaking amazing! :-)

Anne said...

Have a great weekend. You are my exercise hero btw, I could never do 80 minutes in the morning before work!

Zandria said...

Wow! I'm impressed with your running. I've just started doing that myself, but I'm still pretty slow. :)

I've been thinking about trying one of the Carmen Electra videos! Might be interesting...

I found your blog at Back in Skinny Jeans!

Mamacita Chilena said...

I have been dying to try that Carmen Electra video!!!

Congrats on staying within your goal range...the pound gained might be water weight, who knows...