Wednesday, January 30, 2008

product review: aveda comforting tea

another post you lucky people. at work in the afternoon i like to drink this aveda comforting tea to relax and because after 4pm i start getting the bored munchies. this tea is SO DAMN GOOD. not joking. i enjoy tea but think herbal tea is only okay, but this tea blows my mind. it has peppermint and licorice, is caffeine free (although i like caffeine myself), and is 100% organic. i have the loose leaf kind and put it in one of those metal balls that sits in your tea, although it also comes in bags. the loose leaves scatter in the mug, even with a tea ball, so don't let this scare you. it doesn't need milk or sweetening or anything. it's perfect just the way it is.


Cara said...

So the real question... is it comforting? ;-) jk.

Vanessa aka Wheebs said...

Sounds good!

eurydice said...


Kyle said...

I think that this is the best tea in the whole world! It is so soothing and tastes very sweet. You dont even need to add anytinh to this fine tea. It tastes like Black licorice and Spearmint.The tea is the best and you should really go out right now and buy some if you don't already have any!

Kyle said...

Say "yes" if you agree with my last comment.

eurydice said...

Yes Kyle.

Anonymous said...

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