Monday, January 7, 2008

good morning

i am always such a tired zombie on mondays. why? because i stay up late on friday and saturday and sleep until noon like a teenager, even though i am in my mid-twenties, and then i don't go to bed on sundays until after midnight. it's my own fault though. i keep telling myself to go to bed earlier, but then staying up is so seductive.

i had a good run on saturday, and i will hit the gym again tonight. i don't really have much to say today, except i have to go through my closet this week and get rid of stuff that a) doesn't fit (because it's too big - hallelujah) b) is hideous or worn out. i'm sure it's most of the items since i never can find anything to wear. maybe i can sell some of it. or donate it. or something.

today i'm eating:
pc blue menu oatmeal with strawberries
a sandwich or something out - fast food because i'm meeting a frendido for lunch, there are always healthy options though
an all-bran bar
dried apricots

and for dinner not sure, although i have an abundance of green and yellow beans my mom gave me yesterday.
let's all hope this week goes by fast!


Angie All The Way said...

I have the hardest time getting my body used to the regular scheduled programming after a vacation. I wanna go back to bed now lol

Good idea cleaning out the closet...I need to overhaul my house little by little methinks.

CaRoLyN said...

I always toss and turn on Sunday night and then feel "foggy" on Mondays. Why can't everyday be Saturday???

Sara said...

I hate Mondays. I was so dreading work today - boo hiss!!

All those green and yellow beans makes me very very jealous. Along with the fact that you will be throwing out clothes for being too big!!

Vanessa aka Wheebs said...

I love cleaning out my closet, especially when it's because my clothes are too big! :D

Anne said...

OMG, after 9 days off, I had a brutal time getting up this morning. Worst Monday ever.

I also cleaned out my closet this weekend, bye bye big clothes!

Cara said...

Must be nice to get rid of the big clothes! Good job!