Wednesday, January 30, 2008

finally a post

so, check out this food:

there is: one mexican casserole, two bags of frozen perogies with some sort of gravy or sauce, one bag of frozen kopytka, two jars of homemade soup, one jar of homemade meat spaghetti sauce, one cucumber (sick), four apples, one tropicana juice container, one giant loaf of rye bread, two types of deli meat, and swiss cheese.

i have never seen so many swiss cheese slices in my life. in one place. actually probably if i combined all the swiss cheese slices i've seen in my entire life it would be more than this. not the point.

and a close-up of the perogies and kopytka.

and how did my boyfriend's mom react to my superclean apartment? well, she didn't come. that's right, you read it right. she didn't even come. she got my boyfriend's brother to drop it off... so all that cleaning, for nothing! well, except my own happiness because i do like a clean apartment. she called me while i was at my friend's house and gave me food storage and cooking instructions and to thank me for taking care of her son while she was gone. very nice but what a european thing to do. lex- they are polish :)

so anyhoo, last night i had swiss chalet at my friend's house. i got the quarter chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy and a multigrain bun. they gave me a regular bun and a multigrain one, so i brought one for lunch today. mmmmm yum. i had a nice cup of starbucks "calm" tea at home (i have the bags) and had a great sleep.

this morning i woke up and walked on the treadmill for 80 minutes switching up the inclines. it's a good workout. i like to read while i'm doing it but nothing heavy. as in, no hardcover books haha. and usually something light and fun as well. it is obscenely early of course. i'm reading "the line of beauty" by alan hollinghurst for my bookclub but it's too heavy (in weight and topic) so this morning i started reading the first book in the gossip girl series. i ordered it from the library. scandalicious. then i was going to do a leg shave... ran the tub... put a foot in... and the water was ice cold! what in the world!? that was a surprise i did not like. something was up with my hot water this morning. so i had a shower and it was barely luke-warm... bleh. and on a windy, frigid morning like today as well.

in other news, when my boyfriend comes over tonight for our regularly scheduled wednesday date, he isn't leaving! testing testing one two three... ;o)

and today's menu:

1/2 fibre one oats and chocolate bar

during workout:
1 giant travel mug of coffee
1 plastic container filled with club soda and low cal grape juice (don't ask - i am trying to make room in the fridge)

post workout:
1/2 fibre one oats and chocolate bar (1)

weight control maple brown sugar oatmeal (2)
clementine (0.5)

grapes (1)
raw baby tomatoes
raw baby carrots
scoop of hummus (0.5)

NHL chef boyardee pasta cup (2)
multigrain bun (2)
clementine (0.5)

fat free yogurt (1)
1/4 cup all bran (0.5)

i assume perogies and homemade soup.


jodi said...

i've never seen such a huge package of cheese, my god... it looks really tasty though... i used to eat pirogies all the time while in college, haven't had them in quite some time - maybe i should buy a box (even though i'm sure the fresh ones are better!)... :o)

Sarah said...

Ok, how long is she gone for???

I love the '4 apples' - as if you will deprive him of all fruit while she's gone and he will get scurvy unless she packs those 4 apples. lol.

Laura said...

And let's not forget the cucumber! LOL

Enjoy the cheese. :)

eurydice said...

jodi: these fresh ones blow my mind!

sarah: funny thing is i'll probably be the one eating the apples haha. i think she is going for two weeks or so.

laura: thanks - maybe i will have to myself sandwiches at lunch too haha. and maybe i should pack a whole cucumber for my boyfriend's lunch tomorrow HA!

Vanessa aka Wheebs said...

That's a lot of food! Lucky girl.

That cheese looks good...

Sara said...

wowsa!! that is alot of food!!

btw - I've always meant to ask - why eurydice? are you stuck in the underworld?

eurydice said...

sara: haha no, Orpheus and Eurydice is my favourite opera... it's so beautiful! and i just didn't want to put my real name because not many people have it... it's not weird just a bit different, and at first i was unsure about the blogging world, etc. of course now i feel more comfortable about it :)

P.O.M. said...

How exciting for the boyfriend "test drive." Whoa - that could sound dirty. ha ha.

Cara said...

Wow that food looks amazing. Mmmmmmmmmmm.

And I HATE when that happens with the hot water. I hope it starts working for your next one. :-)

Lex.D said...

Ahhh Polish! Close enough! You still get the benefits of the deliscious goodies!! LOL

I love how you eat the *NHL* chef boyardee heehehehe

Enjoy your date night! ♥

Shirls said...

that is a huge pack of cheese! Does she think he will starve while she is gone or something? lol

Jennifer said...

You know who loves cucumbers? My doggie :0) He LOVES them.

How many points do you usually eat a day, Eurydice?

eurydice said...

jennifer: according to ww, i get 19 points a day. obviously that is ridiculous haha. i eat tons of 0 point vegetables... TONS! and i eat all my flex on the weekend, probably more. i don't count at all on weekends. it works for me but obviously doesn't for some people.

during the week, i try to eat between 10-14 points during the workday, and then the rest for dinner and snacks. i'd say i average about 19-24 points during the day. sometimes i eat AP, sometimes not. i'm not going to eat points at the end of the day if i'm not hungry.