Tuesday, January 22, 2008


it's quite a snowy snowfest here today. last night i got home and went right down to the gym. good thing because ten minutes later it was packed and there would have been no hope for me getting a treadmill. there are these two girls who work out together all the time and it annoys me a little. why? because i like to work out alone, and it is not a big gym, so two people doing the same thing for an extended period of time means that no one else can do it as well. like two girls chatting while walking on the treadmills for an hour means that no one else can use the machines. there are two floor mats for stretching, so same thing. maybe if i had a workout "buddy" i'd be singing a different tune.

i got up early this morning to walk on the treadmill because tonight is my sewing class. yahoo! it's three hours long, and teaches you the basics of using a sewing machine. we are making pillows. i am very excited to start my new hobby of being a skilled sewer who can make her own clothes. in time in time.

last night after working out i planned to take a shower and then make dinner, but i was so hungry when i came upstairs that i just started grazing. too bad. i didn't eat more than i should have but i like having an actual meal... grazing just is not as satisfying. now time for some serious tcb (taking care of business) at work.

i had to bring all my food to work today, so here goes:

pre workout:
1 slice sprouted grains toast (1)

post workout:
tea (0)
1 slice sprouted grains toast (1)

clementine (0.5)
coffee (0)
maple brown sugar oatmeal (2)

salad (0)
can of tuna (3)
dressing (1)
almonds (1.5)
raisins (1)

early dinner:
weight watchers bagel (2) - yes, i found them in the Longos in the PATH basement BCE place.
rustic veg. and potato soup (3)
clementine (0.5)
yogurt (1)

probably popcorn later. :)

oh, and i brought my shoes to the shoe maker - it's going to cost more than i paid for them to fix them! they have to replace both heels, and they are adding better soles so i don't slip again. $50 for heel replacement alone! gad zooks! the shoe repair man said that the heels were brittle - but the leather is good, so once i get them fixed they will last a long time. it's worth it because they are very unique.


Cara said...

Those heals definitely are unique enough to be worth it :-)

Can't wait to hear how the sewing class goes!

Shannon said...

that would bug me so much about the gym. that happened with the gym at work every lunch hour and it made me really anxious. now i go at night and i am alone there. so much better cause it is such a small gym.

i am so happy you can get your heals fixed.

Sara said...

Thanks for the Longo's tip - will be heading there!

Congrats on being able to fix the heels, even if it does cost a lot.

Okay where is this sewing class and what is the 411 on it (ha ha I've always wanted to say that!).

eurydice said...

cara - i am very exited about the sewing! =D i'll be sure to share.

shannon - every time i take the elevator down i get anxiety just thinking about not getting a treadmill... wtf!?

sara - i gave you all the "deets" on your blog.

Becky said...

Why don't you hang a sign when no one is at the gym? Like, 30 minute limit on machines. You could even sign it Management and no one would know.

Bri said...

yay for sewing. I love to sew - I can't wait for summer so I can make more clothes. Have you seen the new burda style?

CaRoLyN said...

this post makes me glad that we have a sign up sheet at our gym and you can only sign up for 20 mins at a time. Usually it's ahuge pain in the butt because you aren't "technically" supposed to book out a machine for more than 20 mins so if you want 40 mins on the elliptical, you may have to swtich ellipticals. But at least I can get there early and book out my whole workout.

Glad to hear the shoes can be fixed...boo about the cost though. Yikes!

Menu looks great! (I LOVE the WW bagels!)

eurydice said...

becky: i could hang a sign but all the management signs are actually signed by the property manager so people would probably know. like "residents are complaining of dog poop in the underground parking. pick up after your dogs. signed: superuniquename."

bri: no, but i just googled it and it's super awesome! thanks for the tip.

carolyn: only 20 minutes? that seems like too short of a time. i'm actually a hypocrite because i like to do long workouts as well. i just hate when people do it together because they aren't getting off at interval times... you have to wait for them both!