Thursday, July 30, 2009

last post

it's my last post until i come back from vacation. we leave tomorrow at 4pm, which means we have to be at the airport at 2pm, and we are driving to my boyfriend's parent's house and having lunch there before his mom drives us to the airport, which means i have to leave my house at noon, which doesn't leave too much time for running around like a chicken with my head off, i mean packing.

time for a list!

1) today after work i had a manicure and a pedicure - not full ones (no cuticle work as they say in the biz) but still nice. red toes and french fingers.

2) it took me SO LONG to drive home after work. i didn't realize that the opening caribana festival was happening right down my street!

3) i have not run since my bum-debilitating run on monday. however, i did go swimming on tuesday, wednesday and thursday - just a few minutes ago. it's getting boring but i might try to get in another swim tomorrow morning.

4) i just ate some pickles. and 65g of egg whites with a fat free cheese slice on top, microwaved for 50 seconds and topped with chili lime sauce. yum but now i'll probably have nightmares.

5) did you know that if you eat spicy foods right before bed, you have nightmares? ay carbumba! maybe it's just me.

6) i am so excited to go on vacation. especially to a resort where we can just chillax. last year we drove down the coast of california and it was an adventure vacation. now i really need a nothing but beaches and buffets vacation.

7) today on my long drive home i was starving and then remembered i had a coconut cream pie larabar in my purse. i took a bite and it was DISGUSTING! what gives? i have had this flava flav before and it was my favourite. i just bought it last week or maybe this week - yes - i think it was monday! or tuesday ... anyway, do larabars go bad? bad experience! i want to try that pb and j one that's being tested in the US blogosphere.

8) i am bringing my garmin on vacation. i haven't decided if i'll run or not. depends on bum pain and general laziness. i'm not really a lazy person though - i like to join in the group aerobics, etc. we'll see!

9) you can "madmen" yourself here. here i am:

10) time for the bed. bye bye!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

mood swing molly

yesterday, this was me:

yes, it's a sad cat hehe. but today, this is me:

happy cat! things are looking up.

1) the pool has re-opened! i used it last night and while it was too busy for my liking, it felt great to get a workout in. i think i will go back tonight.

2) 1.5 more work days until my vacation! i'm going to the dominican republic ... le sigh.

3) i think i was holding in some anticipatory anxiety about an appointment i had last night. the things women do for beauty! when i got home i felt a wave of relaxation and release!

4) on monday lunch i met my mom at costco because i wanted more intuition razors for my trip (the speedy kind with the shave gel on the razor ... love it). i also bought the biggest containers of blueberries and strawberries i have ever seen and now i am forced to eat blueberries and raspberries for every meal and snack. i wish i were joking! no i don't - they are so delicious. and i feel rich! it's like having a wad of cash but i have a giant container filled up with blueberries! i'm rich!

5) right now i am picking up $100 in US bills at the bank. i had to pre-order them yesterday. good thing i'm thinking ahead.

6) how many spray containers do you think i'll need on my seven day vacation. keep in mind a) i'm sharing with my bf and b) i'm ghostly pale. so far i have 4 - do you think i should bring more?

that's all for now,

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

exercise woes

last thursday night i went swimming. it was late for me - i went around 9:30 pm. the first thing i noticed when i got into the pool was how cloudy it was. i couldn't even see a foot in front of me. gross. but i was already in and wet with my rubber cap on so i decided to stick it out. my swim was pretty good ... except ... when i was almost done the security guard came and told me i couldn't be there. what in the world? he then immediately took it back and said i could be there. what was he talking about? well, he explained later than he thought i was underage because i looked like a little girl in the monitor. i don't know if i should be flattered or weirded out. a little girl? true - i do use a baby blue kickboard with a grimacing shark on it ... but what the hell would a child be doing pumping out laps at 10PM on a thursday night? riddle me that!?

the next time i tried to swim was on saturday morning. i was going to run but wasn't feeling too hot AND it was raining. i went down to the pool area, got changed, wet my hair, put on my rubber cap but when i went to open the final door to the pool, it was locked. what in the world? i went in my bathing attire to the front desk to inquire and they said something was wrong with the pool and that's why it was closed. couldn't they have posted a sign or something?

anyway. i ended up running 2.5 miles to my boyfriend's apartment later that day. i made him carry all my stuff on the transit LOL but i was really itching for activity.

last night i went for a run but it was terrible. it was 5 miles but i started to experience some serious bum pain (sciatic nerve) about 1/2 way through. i kept going because i still was halfway from home and by mile 3.5 i was wincing, had to stop and stretch, walk for a long period and was in serious pain. when i arrived home i stretched a lot and took a hot bath but i was still hobbling around and in serious pain. obviously i am really upset about this. i haven't been pushing it too much, i haven't been running on consecutive days so what gives? why does my bum hate me? WHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYYY?

so the pool is closed and i can't run.

the good news is that i'm leaving on friday for vacation. can anyone recommend some exercises that don't involve running and swimming (that's what i do) or anything else that would aggravate my bum pain? ones that make my stomach look flat and toned are key ;)

Thursday, July 23, 2009


two words for you today:

if you guessed BUM PAIN you would be correct. i had a little yesterday as well, so obviously it was my tuesday night incline treadmill walk that did this to me. maybe my problem is not so much running, but walking fast on an incline. i probably won't be running tonight. it's raining anyway ... maybe i'll try the treadmill and see how i feel but i am definitely not going to push it. i'll do nothing if i have to! hear that? NOTHING!

i really never imagined the day when i'd be pissed about not being able to fit in my workout. ha! i have to put my health before my training though.

i really can't push it because there is NO WAY i'm going to be a gimping gus on vacation like i was last year at this exact time in california. no way hose!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

this week the plan

i know it's "humpday" but here is my weekly plan.

according to my marathon training schedule (say shed yule) i should be doing this:

monday: run 40 minutes
tuesday: cross train 40 minutes
wednesday: rest
thursday: run 40 minutes
friday: cross train 40 minutes
saturday: 3-mile run
sunday: rest

since i never listen to what i'm supposed to do (rebellious by nature?) here is my plan:

monday: 5-mile run (about 50 or so minutes), sit-ups and stretches
tuesday: 35-minute swim, 1-hour treadmill walk, sit-ups and stretches
wednesday: 35-minute swim
thursday: 5-mile run, sit-ups and stretches
friday: rest
saturday: 5- or 6-mile run, sit-ups and stretches.

yesterday i swam before work and then did the incline treadmill walk after work. i had nothing else to do! (other than cleaning, etc.) also, i need friday to be a rest day because i am going to see my fav band: depeche mode! woooooooooooopeeeeeeeeee! should be a gay ol' time as the flintstone's theme song used to say. did anyone else watch that everyday at lunch? i always did!

this morning for breakfast i made SPINACH OATS.

do not be alarmed by the following pictures:

i pushed the bloobs over in the second pic so you can truly appreciate the green. here are the ingredients:

1 cup spinach water (made by blending 1/2 cup water, 1/2 cup skim milk and 3 cups of baby spinach)
1/3 cup oats
1/4 cup all bran original
1 T flaxseed
1/2 cup blueberries
1 small container fat free vanilla yogurt
1/2 t vanilla
1 T chopped walnuts
dash cinnamon
small spoonful of natural pb

it's not pretty because it's in my to-go office plastic ware, but it works. it tasted a little weird but i think my walnuts have gone bad or something. i don't even really like walnuts that much. i got them for a baking project and really should throw them down the chute. i am also having a spinach salad for lunch today. it's not easy being green!

Monday, July 20, 2009


i need a vacation to recover from my vacation. this morning at work i had to buy coffee from the coffee truck. i needed it real bad. there is this truck that drives up to my building several times a day and sells goodies ... don't ask me why!

anyhoo, the weekend away was pretty good. i was a bit crabby on the drive up because my mouth hurt and it was traffic city. the two hour drive took 3 and a half hours! we even drove through this crazy rainstorm ... i thought the sky was falling. we got there eventually and everything was dandy. what fun! i had a great time - although i had way too many bud light limes and wine and other drinks as well.

on saturday i roped another guy there to go for a run with me and so i strapped on the garmin and we went 2.5 miles one way and 2.5 miles back. on the first half we saw a baby fox. it was so cute. we also saw a dead squirrel on the road but it wasn't squished. it looked as if it wandered into the middle of the road and just decided it had enough of life. on the way back it was actually squished but i didn't look. gross. :(

at night it was freezing. here i am wearing long pants, boots, a long-shirt, two zip up hoodies, a leather coat and a hat. yes, chilly willy nilly.

on sunday my bf and i played some "catch" with this velco game i bought at walmart. it's fun - like catch for dummies. you just have to put your catching hand in the general vicinity of the ball and it's easy.

if you can't see the ball (it's above my head and orange) i have no chance of catching it haha.

monday = back on track. i ate way too many things this weekend. hamburgers, cheese wieners, potato chips, sugary coolers, BEER. we did pack carrots and hummus, and whole wheat buns. oh yeah, we packed these delicious looking angus burgers but our cooler was on the patio and raccoons came and opened it in the night and ate them all ... just the burgers! those sneaky buggers. luckily (luckily...) there was lots of food.

what was i saying? oh right, monday = back on track. i just went for a 5-mile run and it was pretty good. i hate running on mondays but it's nice to be active. i've started to start each day with 500 ml of water (even before coffee or tea) and i'm really liking the way it feels. for breakfast i ate 1/3 cup oatmeal with 1/4 cup all bran, blueberries and some vanilla yogurt.

lunch was a spinach salad with a chopped vine tomato, 1/2 chopped red pepper, some sliced white mushrooms, 1/2 cup blueberries, 1/2 cup black beans, and two leftover slices of deli chicken with low fat balsamic dressing.

for a snack i had a multigrain vitatop and some unsalted roasted soybeans. they sell them at the walmart supercentre and they are SO CHEAP and so good for you. they are only made with soybeans and canola oil. 1/2 cup has 120 calories, 10g fibre and 22g protein.

for dinner i had a green smoothie made with frozen banana, tons of spinach, a few blueberries, a scoop of chocolate protein, 1/2 cup milk and 1/2 cup water. alright i'm sick of blabbing and i need a shower big time!

Friday, July 17, 2009

what a life

well, it's friday morning and i have the day off from work (yay!). that's the good news. the bad news is that i went to the dentist this morning and CRIED. dammit! what a baby! i had a chipped tooth and the chip (that they fixed last time) fell out so they had to replace it. anyhoo, they froze half my mouth and then went to town, and then i could feel the drill on my tooth nerve (!!!) and so i jumped back (well, my head moved) and water from the spray hose went everywhere, and little tears started dripping down my face, and they had to use MORE freezing and now half my face is a frozen blob. the good news is that it's over.

i am at my bf's apartment. he lives in my old neighbourhood and really close to my dentist. he is still sleeping because he is a teacher and that's what they do in the summatime! we are leaving today to go to a friend's cottage all weekend - yeeha! these cottage parties are out of control - like a house party from american teen movies. right on a nice lake too and not crazy far away (less than two hours).

i have been eating well and exercising all week. i completed my weekly plan except i took a rest day on wednesday. i cleaned my apartment all night and did all my laundry. yesterday i ran/walked four miles on the treadmill in my gym. i just wasn't feeling the outside. it was tough but i made it through. i am finally back in my maintenance weight zone too. now, the hard part, to keep it that way for two weeks until we leave for paradise. can i do it? during the week - of course, but weekends are my downfall. and cottage weekends? i've already got cans of bud light lime waiting for me in my car hehe. i have tried it before and it's sooooooo good and refreshing! my LCBO was sold out of bottles so i had to purchase cans, which i have never tried but what the hey - it's like beer pop.

i am bringing my running gear to the cottage. my half-marathon training plan says i have to run five miles on saturday. i will have to bring my garmin (love it) to keep track of my distance. hopefully the satellites will co-operate! that's all for now - have a lovely weekend!


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

a letter to my shoes

dear mizuno wave inspire 4's,

you were good to me. we ran a lot of miles together. and you waited for me and put up with my long walks while i had bum pain.

but i'm afraid you are old news. i'll still hold on to you, in case i have to run in the mud or something (sorry, but it's true), but i've found someone new ... a very very pretty someone.

mizuno wave inspire 4's ... meet mizuno wave inspire 5.


ps. this means i'm throwing out my backup mizuno wave inspire 3'a.
pps. i got a great deal at the running warehouse, even though they came from the states and i had to pay shipping AND duty - they were still significantly cheaper than the canadian running room store price.

Monday, July 13, 2009

this week the plan

monday: 3-mile run, stretches, sit-ups

(i had planned a longer run but the back of my thighs is very tight and sore for some reason. i went running on saturday, and biking and swimming on sunday, so maybe that's it?)

tuesday: 40-minute swim, stretches, sit-ups

wednesday: pilates workout video (cardio plus actual pilates), stretches, sit-ups

thursday: 3- to 5-mile run, stretches, sit-ups

friday: 40-minute swim

(i have friday off of work and i am going to a cottage for the weekend, but i can still squeeze in a workout before we leave, and after i go back to the dentist ... i have a chipped tooth that re-chipped.)

saturday: 5-mile run

(i will be away but i'll just bring my garmin and hit the pavement.)

sunday: rest

i'm happy you all liked my post on motivation. those little things really do add up. this week i'm setting a goal for myself. i have this bad habit of having to eat something every time i come back from something. for example, i go to work, eat breakfast at my desk. i take my lunch hour and come back and eat at my desk. i come home from work and immediately open the fridge to snack. i need think about whether i'm actually hungry at these times. obviously at meal times i will be, but usually i don't need a snack after work and before dinner. that's crazy. i've also noticed that now that i work really early in the morning and go to bed by 10:30 or 11, i don't feel the need to snack after dinner. maybe i was just staying up too late before ;)

contest time!

check out this awesome giveaway at SGBC.

Friday, July 10, 2009

how to stay motivated

sheryl asked me the following question in the comments:

"One more thing: How do you stay so consistent?! I am totally off track and even WW online didn't get me going. I really like your attitude; so, what would you tell yourself if you had 45 pounds to lose? I'd love to hear some inspirational words. Thanks!"

all right. i guess i have been pretty consistent with working out and eating well (for the most part) for a couple of years, so here are my tips for getting (and staying) motivated.

1) set goals. look at the big picture (for example, how much weight you want to lose total), write it down and then turn the page. you really want to focus on monthly, weekly, even daily goals. when you set small goals for yourself, it's easy to accomplish them. then you feel good about yourself and want to keep going. if you set the bar too high, you will probably fail and feel like crap, and it's a vicious cycle.

so, for example, your monthly goal could be to lose 5 to 10 pounds. attainable? yes. but that won't just happen. make your weekly goal to exercise four to five (or more) times each week. don't just say that's your goal, really make it your goal. get out your calendar and mark what you are going to do on each day of the week. i do this every week. i think of my schedule and then plot out workout times based on my free time. if i have a special event on a thursday night (when i would normally run), i make sure to wake up early and run before work. that way i can feel good about myself all day. and working out on the day of an event gives you a little more wiggle room for foods and drinks, too. your daily goal could be to drink two to three litres of water, or to follow an eating plan, something like that. it's only one little day. if you are tempted by something, tell yourself that if you really want it, you can have it tomorrow. for example, whenever i see a chocolate chip muffin, i want it real bad. especially from tim hortons or another coffee shop. they are just sooooo good. but i always tell myself, not today but if you want it that bad, you can come back tomorrow and get it. and i never do, so it works out.

2) delay the gratification. this sort of ties in with my muffin story (i can have one tomorrow, i can have one tomorrow) but i like to really focus most of the time and then let loose on occasion. i'd much rather eat well all week, make all my meals at home (saves money too), and then not worry too much about it on the weekend. i don't mean go entirely crazy. i still make healthy choices on the weekend but i have a few drinks and indulge a little more. i have a weekend rule and it's called "if you aren't hungry, don't eat it" - that means no mindless eating. when you are at home or out on the weekend it's easy to eat all day long. i usually have a big brunch-lunch on saturday (made by my bf at home, so it's fairly healthy - he uses 3 eggs and then some whites from a carton and we split that, and chicken bacon) and then a dinner later. i know that you are supposed to eat three or more times a day but it's not going to kill anyone on the weekend to just follow their natural hunger cues. and, if you have a big brunch and a dinner, you can have a little something-something post going out at 3 am on sunday morning - when it's really hard to say no!

3) give yourself a reason to stay focused and remind yourself of it. why are you trying to lose weight and get fit? for your kids? for your health? to prevent cancer? just to look hot? whatever your reason (and whatever it is, it doesn't matter so long as it's your own reason), keep that in your mind. you can even put post-its on your fridge and bathroom mirror if you like. i've put notes on my fridge before haha. they say things like, "are you really hungry or just bored?" maybe you have a special event coming up and want to look your best at it. mark it on your calendar and remind yourself of this event when you are tempted by food or laziness. when i'm really struggling in a run, i think about why i'm doing it. i do enjoy running some of the time, but not all of the time. sometimes it really hurts and sucks the big one. other times it's great. on those bad times, i think of my goals and reasons.

4) be an information vacuum. when i started losing weight, i joined ww online. i read the message boards. i started reading other people's blogs. i went to the library and borrowed every past issue of every fitness magazine i could find (and read them on the treadmill), i signed up for nutrition newsletters, i visited organic and health food stores, etc. make fitness and losing weight your #1 hobby. dedicate a lot of time to it. when you know exactly what to do to lose the weight and stay fit, you have a harder time making excuses for yourself.

5) don't put off anything good. i mean, don't tell yourself you aren't going to buy any new clothes or get your hair done or go on vacation or whatever until after you lose weight. if you do that, you are treating yourself like crap. if you are skinny or chubby, you are still a good-looking person who deserves nice things. and having nice things is very motivating. whenever i get a new workout outfit, i can guarantee my first few workouts in that outfit will be spectacular. having nice things and feeling good about yourself just makes your mood improve and your energy go up. besides, your life keeps going. it won't start or get better after the weight is gone, so enjoy yourself throughout the process of losing weight.

6) loosen up. don't be too strict or too hard on yourself. if you mess up, forget about it and move on right away. don't think that because you ate one bad meal your whole day is ruined. it's not. pick yourself up right away and make your next meal a healthy one. also, don't deny yourself your favourite things all the time. if you love wine or chocolate, have it on one day of the week. that being said, if you are a crazy beast around a certain type of food then you should not keep it in your house or anywhere around you. personally, i can't control myself around ice cream. i become a monster who has to eat the whole carton and nothing can stand in my way. nothing! noootttthhhiiiiing! so i can't have it at home. occasionally i will get a cone or something but i try to limit it, knowing that it will just fuel my craving for more.

7) make friends with exercise. nobody really wants to work out. wouldn't everyone just rather sit on the couch? but after you do it, it feels SO GOOD. and it makes you look really good too. and it's good for your body. so really, the only thing working against you is your mind. if you tell yourself that exercise is your lifelong friend it becomes a little easier. why put off doing it when you have to do it for the rest of your life! besides, the more you do it, the fitter you become, and the easier it is. and you can become strong and scare people! i'm kidding, but as a fit, strong woman i feel a lot safer walking alone at night, knowing that i am capable of punching someone hard and running away fast - and keeping it up without being out of breath for a long time. don't you want to be an action movie star too?

the easiest way to get started with exercise and stick with it is to a) work out with a "buddy" or b) set some sort of goal and plan into motion (this is what i did because i'm kind of a loner and none of my friends work out). for example, you can do the couch-to-5k program (you can google it) and start running. if you think you can't run, you are deluding yourself. everyone can! well most people, unless you have joint or leg issues. when i started i couldn't even run for a minute without panting manically. i'm not joking - it was really REALLY tough. but if you stick with the program, you can do it too. and running is amazing exercise - nothing has toned my body like running has. a friend once told me that after you can run for 30 minutes without stopping it gets much easier and it's so true! once you cross that barrier you're golden!

also mix up your exercise so you don't get bored. i go through phases. i try to stick to running, but i like to mix in swimming, yoga, workout videos, etc. depending on my mood and the time of year. right now i'm doing mostly swimming and running.

8) read up on food. when i was doing ww online i would eat anything as long as it was low in calories and points. after doing a lot of personal research, i don't do that anymore. for the most part, everything i put inside my body gives it nutrition. i read every nutrition label and look especially at the protein content, fat content (for saturated and trans fats), the fiber content and the sodium content. obviously i'm not perfect and i do eat crap too but i'd say 80-90% of the time i eat really well. when you know what happens inside your body after eating crap, you'll be less likely to eat it too. also, bad food makes me feel bad. most of the time when i eat a greasy pub meal, my body literally rejects it and i am in the bathroom for a long time. gross? yeah ... i guess my body thought it was gross too. look for foods that are nutritious AND filling. eat more vegetarian protein options - like seeds, beans, lentils, edamame, whatever. i never really ate beans (except for wieners and beans!) until a couple of years ago and they are sooooo good.

9) i guess my last tip would be that everything you do is really mind over matter. nothing is stopping you from reaching your goals but you. no one is holding you down, preventing you from working out or shoving cookies in your mouth. hmmmm. of course that's easy to say and hard to do. but everyone has a choice, right? yes the cake looks delicious but is it worth it based on your current goals? what will feel better - eating the cake now or accomplishing your goals a little later? the taste of food is fleeting but feeling good about yourself can't be beat. i actually got this tip from that books series, don't sweat the small stuff. i read that being angry or upset at someone is your choice. for instance, when you are experiencing some rampant road rage, pull yourself back. choose not to feel anger. it's possible. being angry at another driver accomplishes nothing but makes smoke come out of your ears - and it's dangerous as well. put yourself in the other driver's shoes. maybe they got fired from work that day, or perhaps they found out one of their parents has cancer. you have no idea - you can't assume they are just a dick for no reason. so what's the point of being angry? there isn't one. ha! my point is, you can choose to overcome your temptations and work out when you don't feel like it. over time, as these things become part of your regular routine, it becomes more about habit and less about willpower.

10) i just wanted to have a #10 to round out the list. actually i just thought of a #10. realize that anything (weight loss or fitness) does not happen overnight. when you accept that it will happen gradually over time, the chances of it happening are greater. besides, you can put pressure on yourself to meet unrealistic goals but what the point? you will just feel bummed when you don't meet your goals. but if you stick with them, and stick to working out and a healthy diet, in a year or two or maybe just months, you'll be a success, instead of wondering why you are back where you started, frustrated and bummed.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

phantom fat

you must click here and read this article on "phantom fat". it's EXACTLY what i've been talking about the past few days!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

body image

angie made a comment on my last post that said: It saddens me when I know that beautiful people no matter what their size feel this way about their body :-(

i wanted to address this because it saddens me too. i mean, i lost 40 pounds, i'm at a "happy weight," so why WHY DAMMIT can't i just be satisfied? and it got me thinking ...

some random thoughts:

1) i think it's rare for a women to be completely 100% satisfied with the way they look ... naked. i am 99% great with how i look ... in clothes. naked is another story.

2) i think a common misconception is when people think that after losing however many pounds they want to lose, they will feel great about their body. it's like when people blame problems in their lives on being overweight. if anyone thinks that they will a) make new friends or get a boyfriend b) get a better job c) be happy all of the time after losing weight, they are deluding themselves. the problem is not the weight it's the mindset which holds people back.

3) i am completely a product of the society i was raised in. think about it - diet companies everywhere, diet programs everywhere, girls in magazines and tv all looking perfect all of the time, being made fun of by my siblings and kids at school for being chubby, drinking diet coke as a child because my mom did, even going on ridiculous diets that my mom suggested when i was a teenager. i have changed a lot but everything i grew up with will never leave the back of my mind. now i exercise regularly and eat (mostly) healthy foods but that's all self-taught. the best i can do is make sure my kids don't have to deal with all of the CRAP and make sure i never say anything negative about myself around them.

4) i put a lot of value into what my body can do, especially after my butt pain injury last summer, which left me hobbling around with a gimp leg for months and months. i need to find some sort of happy medium between body doing and body looking.

check out these two vintage ads i recently came across. they obviously did nothing to help the body image crisis. make sure you click on them to blow them up to readability size:

i had planned a completely different post but wanted to blab a little about body image and how sad it is that it affects so many people out there - it is really sad. :( boo hoo hoo. i'm not really crying. how could i cry when i'm going to punta cana in 23 days! ;) and yes, my bf is so nifty and i'll take your boobs, lainey, hehehe. thanks for the resort tip, points princess! yabba dabba!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

forget about the weekend

that story is over.

first, sheryl asked me to share some motivating tips to stay focused and i will do that ... in tomorrow's post. oh boy, something to look forward to.

so, if you recall my birthday was in june. my boyfriend got me a special something that i didn't want to share until it was confirmed. now it is so i can spill the beans. at the end of july, we are going here:

i am so excited, words cannot even describe it. in terms of tropical getaways i've only been to cuba once, with my girlfriends. it was fun but the food was lackluster, there were cockaroaches in the bathroom and ants invaded my suitcase and everything in it and i spent SIX HOURS picking them all off everything i owned (including inside my umbrella) while they tried to bite me. they wouldn't just fall off either because they were pinchy pinchy. i shudder to remember it.

last night i tried on my sports swimming bikini, and a bikini i've never worn, that my bf bought for me last summer in laguna beach. then i took photos of myself. at first i was blinded by my white skin and then, after my eyesight came back, i decided i need to try a little harder in the food and exercise departments. it's time to really step it up in the gym and cut out processed or junky foods as much as i can.

we are also going for a cottage weekend with TONS of friends not this weekend but the next. one of my friends recently said that she didn't care who saw her in a bathing suit at a resort because it was just a bunch of strangers, but in front of friends it's a different story because they are all judging her more. i sort of see her point, but for me, i kind of group the resort and the cottage weekend in the same way. people (friends or strangers) can judge me all i want, but really it's not their opinions that make any difference. if i think that i don't look my best, i'm not going to feel my best. if i do feel like i look my best, then i am going to have confidence, and really, people who judge other people are intimidated by people with confidence, because they just don't care what they think, taking away all of the judger's power. deep thoughts with yours truly.

there are things about my body i really like and things i don't (obviously).

like: toned arms, slim legs, general appearance (face, smile, etc.), i actually like my pale skin too
dislike: small breasts, cellulite butt, thick waist (compared to my hips), flabby tummy (side handles and back handles) - no handling allowed!

there really was no point whining about it so i went right down to the gym for a double workout.

i walked on the treadmill for 30 minutes, speed of 3.5, for 15 minutes (not all at once) i walked with an incline of 10%. i was sweating SO MUCH i couldn't believe it. it was so intense - way more intense than running for 5-miles (sweat-wise). i also did some sit-ups and push ups before hitting the pool for a 35 minute swim. refreshing.

today i have a run planned after work. i have enough time to tone up before my vacation so i am going to make use of that time! there is no point not to other than laziness and that's a pretty dumb reason!

Monday, July 6, 2009

working hard, not hardly working

i love summer but it's a bit crazy!

last week i followed my half-marathon training plan to a T.

this week we have:

monday: swimming 35 minutes (i'm switching this with running - i just can't run on mondays ... too tired!)
tuesday: running 4 to 5 miles
wednesday: rest
thursday: running 4 to 5 miles
friday: swimming 35 minutes
saturday: running 4 to 5 miles
sunday: rest

my weekend was good. i had friday off in lieu of working wednesday, canada day. on thursday night i met one of my girlfriends at fresh, and it was absolutely phenomenal. i ordered the "energy" bowl which was marinated tofu cubes, rich coconut curry sauce, chick pea & vegetable stew, cucumber, tomato, red onion, sunflower sprouts & tahini sauce on brown basmati rice. i asked for no cucumbers and got beets or carrot instead - the bowl was a bit messy so i couldn't tell.

i also ordered the hot lung lover drink which was made from pineapple, apple, ginger, lemon, cayenne and a respiratonic. i have been on the brink of having a lung/cough/sore throat for about a week now. i am killing it with tons of vitamin C and cold fx. i think i may have beaten it because now i just have a dry cough and that's it.

anyway, it was one of the greatest meals i've ever had. everything is vegetarian and healthy - perhaps not low in calories but that's ok. i wish i was there right now.

friday i went swimming in the morning, worked (at home - i am very busy with work) all day, then went to the dentist in the afternoon. DAMMIT they sure did probe my gums! my whole mouth killed for hours afterward. i have no cavities but the chip fell out of a previously chipped tooth so i have to go back and get that fixed. on friday night i went to a bbq - our host made sweet potato fries, bbq'd asparagus, chicken kabobs and burgers. i had everything but no bun with the burger - delish. i also enjoyed samuel adams summer wheat ale which had a hint of lemon. enjoyed it.

saturday, worked all day again, went for a 4-mile run in the early afternoon. i am finding the 5-milers to be too much for me right now. i think it's the throat cough wearing me down. in the evening i went to see poison and def leppard with some friends. no i'm not joking haha. it was a lot of fun. this post is getting too long! more tomorrow :)