Tuesday, July 7, 2009

forget about the weekend

that story is over.

first, sheryl asked me to share some motivating tips to stay focused and i will do that ... in tomorrow's post. oh boy, something to look forward to.

so, if you recall my birthday was in june. my boyfriend got me a special something that i didn't want to share until it was confirmed. now it is so i can spill the beans. at the end of july, we are going here:

i am so excited, words cannot even describe it. in terms of tropical getaways i've only been to cuba once, with my girlfriends. it was fun but the food was lackluster, there were cockaroaches in the bathroom and ants invaded my suitcase and everything in it and i spent SIX HOURS picking them all off everything i owned (including inside my umbrella) while they tried to bite me. they wouldn't just fall off either because they were pinchy pinchy. i shudder to remember it.

last night i tried on my sports swimming bikini, and a bikini i've never worn, that my bf bought for me last summer in laguna beach. then i took photos of myself. at first i was blinded by my white skin and then, after my eyesight came back, i decided i need to try a little harder in the food and exercise departments. it's time to really step it up in the gym and cut out processed or junky foods as much as i can.

we are also going for a cottage weekend with TONS of friends not this weekend but the next. one of my friends recently said that she didn't care who saw her in a bathing suit at a resort because it was just a bunch of strangers, but in front of friends it's a different story because they are all judging her more. i sort of see her point, but for me, i kind of group the resort and the cottage weekend in the same way. people (friends or strangers) can judge me all i want, but really it's not their opinions that make any difference. if i think that i don't look my best, i'm not going to feel my best. if i do feel like i look my best, then i am going to have confidence, and really, people who judge other people are intimidated by people with confidence, because they just don't care what they think, taking away all of the judger's power. deep thoughts with yours truly.

there are things about my body i really like and things i don't (obviously).

like: toned arms, slim legs, general appearance (face, smile, etc.), i actually like my pale skin too
dislike: small breasts, cellulite butt, thick waist (compared to my hips), flabby tummy (side handles and back handles) - no handling allowed!

there really was no point whining about it so i went right down to the gym for a double workout.

i walked on the treadmill for 30 minutes, speed of 3.5, for 15 minutes (not all at once) i walked with an incline of 10%. i was sweating SO MUCH i couldn't believe it. it was so intense - way more intense than running for 5-miles (sweat-wise). i also did some sit-ups and push ups before hitting the pool for a 35 minute swim. refreshing.

today i have a run planned after work. i have enough time to tone up before my vacation so i am going to make use of that time! there is no point not to other than laziness and that's a pretty dumb reason!


Lex said...

I know I just came back a few months ago but it seems like FOREVER ago!!! I WANT TO GO BACK TO PUNTA CANA... take me take me!!
you will LOVE it!
Your boyfriend is super nifty!!!

Angie All The Way said...

Firstly lady jane, you are teeny and you are GORGEOUS! It saddens me when I know that beautiful people no matter what their size feel this way about their body :-(

I agree with the not feeling "as" self conscious at a resort. Most of the people there are not the "ideal" body type and seriously no one cares either! That's the greatest part about it!

YOur mister deserves a gigantic SMOOCH! WOW!

Lainey said...

Oooh, lucky you! Hope you have a better time in Punta Cana than you had in Cuba! I hear ya--I didn't have the best time in Jamaica when I went. It was interesting, anyway.

You are funny! You had me chuckling throughout this post. lol. :o)

By the way, you can have some of my boobs if you think yours are too small. With my compliments. LOL

Jen said...

WOW!!!! That is a fantastic vacation!!!!

I agree with Angie, you are GORGEOUS!!! But at least you have parts that you love!!! That just means you only have a few things to work on to make yourself feel as ULTRA fabulous as I think you are!!!

Points Princess said...

Ohh I've been to the Bahia Principe and we LOVED IT! Email the resort and ask for a room with a water view so you get the pool or ocean (ocean are more $$ so not a good chance to get one...hence the pool view).