Thursday, July 30, 2009

last post

it's my last post until i come back from vacation. we leave tomorrow at 4pm, which means we have to be at the airport at 2pm, and we are driving to my boyfriend's parent's house and having lunch there before his mom drives us to the airport, which means i have to leave my house at noon, which doesn't leave too much time for running around like a chicken with my head off, i mean packing.

time for a list!

1) today after work i had a manicure and a pedicure - not full ones (no cuticle work as they say in the biz) but still nice. red toes and french fingers.

2) it took me SO LONG to drive home after work. i didn't realize that the opening caribana festival was happening right down my street!

3) i have not run since my bum-debilitating run on monday. however, i did go swimming on tuesday, wednesday and thursday - just a few minutes ago. it's getting boring but i might try to get in another swim tomorrow morning.

4) i just ate some pickles. and 65g of egg whites with a fat free cheese slice on top, microwaved for 50 seconds and topped with chili lime sauce. yum but now i'll probably have nightmares.

5) did you know that if you eat spicy foods right before bed, you have nightmares? ay carbumba! maybe it's just me.

6) i am so excited to go on vacation. especially to a resort where we can just chillax. last year we drove down the coast of california and it was an adventure vacation. now i really need a nothing but beaches and buffets vacation.

7) today on my long drive home i was starving and then remembered i had a coconut cream pie larabar in my purse. i took a bite and it was DISGUSTING! what gives? i have had this flava flav before and it was my favourite. i just bought it last week or maybe this week - yes - i think it was monday! or tuesday ... anyway, do larabars go bad? bad experience! i want to try that pb and j one that's being tested in the US blogosphere.

8) i am bringing my garmin on vacation. i haven't decided if i'll run or not. depends on bum pain and general laziness. i'm not really a lazy person though - i like to join in the group aerobics, etc. we'll see!

9) you can "madmen" yourself here. here i am:

10) time for the bed. bye bye!


Lex said...

Have a WONDERFUL time!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Chillaxin vacations are my fav! LOL

If you DO go running, I'd recommend a beach run vs an off resort run.....
just a safety precaution, girl!

HaleyBird said...

Bon voyage! Have a great time!

Angie All The Way said...

OMG have a fantastic trip lady!!! YAY!!!!!!!

spicy food gives me nightmares too!

I'm sad to hear about your larabar. Email them and I bet they'll send you a freebie!

pickles and egg? You're a brave woman! lol

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Hope you have an awesome trip, enjoy the sun and drinks!

That is really weird about the Larabar, they probably can go bad though since there's not chemical in them. Try and contact them for sure, you never know what might come out of it!

Vanessa (Last Night's Leftovers) said...

Have an awesome time!

I had an old cashew Larabar from Safeway once. It was gross and I was sad :(.

Jen said...

Haha, you are too cute!!! I love it!!!!

You just reminded me to paint my nails and toes tonight! BLAST one more thing to my list as well!!!

ENJOY your relaxing vacation!!! I loved mine in the winter time!!!

fittingbackin said...

Have fun chillaxing!! Woo! You're making me want a mani/pedi... now! I may go get one later - fun! I had no idea spicy foods = nightmares - eek!

Fatinah said...

have fun and stay safe!

P.O.M. said...

Enjoy your buffets and resort water aerobics :)

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