Tuesday, July 28, 2009

exercise woes

last thursday night i went swimming. it was late for me - i went around 9:30 pm. the first thing i noticed when i got into the pool was how cloudy it was. i couldn't even see a foot in front of me. gross. but i was already in and wet with my rubber cap on so i decided to stick it out. my swim was pretty good ... except ... when i was almost done the security guard came and told me i couldn't be there. what in the world? he then immediately took it back and said i could be there. what was he talking about? well, he explained later than he thought i was underage because i looked like a little girl in the monitor. i don't know if i should be flattered or weirded out. a little girl? true - i do use a baby blue kickboard with a grimacing shark on it ... but what the hell would a child be doing pumping out laps at 10PM on a thursday night? riddle me that!?

the next time i tried to swim was on saturday morning. i was going to run but wasn't feeling too hot AND it was raining. i went down to the pool area, got changed, wet my hair, put on my rubber cap but when i went to open the final door to the pool, it was locked. what in the world? i went in my bathing attire to the front desk to inquire and they said something was wrong with the pool and that's why it was closed. couldn't they have posted a sign or something?

anyway. i ended up running 2.5 miles to my boyfriend's apartment later that day. i made him carry all my stuff on the transit LOL but i was really itching for activity.

last night i went for a run but it was terrible. it was 5 miles but i started to experience some serious bum pain (sciatic nerve) about 1/2 way through. i kept going because i still was halfway from home and by mile 3.5 i was wincing, had to stop and stretch, walk for a long period and was in serious pain. when i arrived home i stretched a lot and took a hot bath but i was still hobbling around and in serious pain. obviously i am really upset about this. i haven't been pushing it too much, i haven't been running on consecutive days so what gives? why does my bum hate me? WHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYYY?

so the pool is closed and i can't run.

the good news is that i'm leaving on friday for vacation. can anyone recommend some exercises that don't involve running and swimming (that's what i do) or anything else that would aggravate my bum pain? ones that make my stomach look flat and toned are key ;)


fittingbackin said...

a child?! Weirdo! That sucks about the pool - I hope it opens up again soon. That sucks BAD about the bum pain. :( Maybe do pilates??!

Vanessa (Last Night's Leftovers) said...

Booooo :( Bum pain, go away!

P.O.M. said...

Is there any way you can see a therapist to see if they can help you with the pain or give you exercises to help fix the problem?

I forgot...where you vacay too?

Jennifer said...

My mom has the same bum pain you have. It's called ankylosing spondylitis, and it's basically just arthritic inflammation of the spine and sacroiliac joint. I mean, she's 47, and you're 28. Did your doctor confirm that it was just a sciatic nerve?

Mary Sailors said...

I just posted a little workout thing on my blog, you should look, that may help!