Friday, August 29, 2008

so early

sorry for the lack of post yesterday. i went with my boyfriend to one of his schools to set up a classroom and it was a disaster. it was an empty room used for storage a.k.a. a dumping ground but we were there for hours and now it looks like a million dollars. i had a good swim around 10pm. it was weird to exercise so late but nice. the pool was empty which always makes me happy. although the water was soooo hot. it was like a bath. good for old people... not good for people swimming laps.

this morning i am up so early (i can't believe my eyes are open). i am going to the burbs to help my mom at work. she works for a real estate lawyer and the other clerk is on vacation and my sister usually works there too but is an actress with an audition. it is the end of the month and everyone is buying and selling today so i will write cheques and take them to be certified... stuff like that.

friday is weigh-in and i am 120.8 pounds. i secretly weighed in last week and was 120.6 pounds. so no real change from last week but above my maintenance range which is not cool. i am going to start the points counting again in september. yes, i could start now, but it's the weekend and august and it's not out of control yet or anything. besides, september to me always feels like a rebirth. a start to the new year. more so than january which is funny. it's back to school! :)

this weekend should be fun. tonight (after a giant nap of coursezzzzzzz) some friends of mine are having a party (i think in a pub) and then tomorrow my boyfriend is having a small housewarming party for his close friends. i feel like something is happening on monday too but i can't remember. happy weekend!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


yesterday i dyed my hair dark brown. this is the colour i normally dye it. it's so dark this time i really look like a goth. this is emphasized by my hair sticking up everywhere crazy when i get up in the morning. i love my new short hair, but i have to make more of an effort to be feminine all of the time. i'm talking makeup and clothes. i don't mind because i am into that kind of stuff.

this morning i made (boiled) a batch of wheatberries. a batch (for me) is 1 cup dry. this time i let them soak overnight, then rinsed this morning, then boiled for an hour with some salt. they are so chewy and tasty but time consuming to cook, which is why i've been putting it off. i like to eat them in yogurt or oatmeal. yummo!

the topic of today's post is fruit. what is your favourite fruit?

i love all berries the best. raspberries, blueberries, blackberries and bloobs.

i also love bananas because they are so filling and feel so substantial.

peaches are so delicious but i hate when they are too juicy. my mouth likes it but my pants (drip drip) do not.

green seedless grapes... the bigger the better. i like to mix vanilla yogurt with a bit of soymilk and then eat grape soup. weird but the grapes taste really good coated in a milky yogurt.

apples are alright. they taste good but are a little boring to me. sorry apples.

clementines... who doesn't love these since they remind you of the christmas season.

i'm trying to think of what other fruits i eat on a regular basis. not melons because i loathe the taste of all melons. yes, even watermelon... gross. kiwis are good. mangos are good too but have the same juicy problem as peaches. anything else to add?

oh, i almost forgot about the movie last night. it was good to see those girls again all in one movie, but it was too confusing. they combined the last three books into one movie and there just wasn't enough time for all of the plots. they left stuff out, added weird stuff... the movie was too long and the actual movie time was wasted. i am a tough movie critic so take that as you will.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

time flies

i just finished my pilates 50-minute fat burning workout. i always am sweating at the end of it, but i'm not sure just how good of a workout it is. i guess any workout is better than no workout, right?

it's a windsor pilates dvd and on it is the 50-minute cardio style workout, a 20-minute "circle" workout, and a 10-minute boost workout, if you are in a rush or something. i've tried them all. the 20-minute is alright... definitely needs to be paired with some cardio. the 10-minute one is a total joke. but the 50-minute one seems to be worthwhile. the whole package including the circle and a suggested meal and exercise plan only cost $9.95. that's cheep cheap like a little bird.

so i think my bum pain is finally gone. i'm able to jump on that leg without feeling any pain which is amazing to me. i'm going to wait until september before trying to do any running, and i think that i might do the couch to 5K plan again instead of running my usual distance. i'm sure i could just do it, but i don't want to injure my body and easing into it is always the best plan. the bad news is that i think i'm feeling leftover shin splinty pain in my right shin. what gives body?!?! what gives! does anyone know how to combat this annoying pain?

in other news, lately i can't get enough cottage cheese. there is this brand called "dairyland" which i've found in walmart and shoppers drug mart and the fat-free version is suprisingly thick. i've stirred cottage cheese into my oatmeal, and i also like it plain with added chopped fruits. i've heard of making pancakes with cottage cheese but i've yet to try it. maybe tomorrow.

last i went to see "mama mia" the movie. it was really cute, but i didn't think that meryll streep was a good enough singer to sing ABBA songs. ABBA songs are really REALLY good and i cringed a few times, especially during "the winner takes it all" which was painfully long. tonight i am going to the movies again... this time to see "the sisterhood of the travelling pants." i've read all the books so it should be good. and since gilmore girls is over, this is as close as a fix as i can get!

Monday, August 25, 2008

what to do what to do

i have a dilemma. since i am not working my life is pretty lax. i go to bed late, wake up late, do whatever i want (within reason) and eat whatever i want. this lack of routine kind of has me feeling drained. especially lately. is it allergy season or something? i can't decide if the tickle in my nose is allergies or an oncoming sickness that is threatening me but never comes.

i think i need to eat better. i know it's easier to eat healthily when following a routine (for example, working) but i don't want to wake up two months from now and be a blob or something resembling that. i'm not really gaining weight but since i'm not running i think i'm losing muscle mass and my shape is changing. maybe i'm losing muscle weight and gaining fat weight and since muscle weighs more i'm gaining fat and that's not good. maybe. i need one of those fat scales but at this point in my life that might be an excessive investment!

so what do to what to do? i don't want to be that strict with myself but i want to feel better. maybe an 80 to 20% ratio of good choices? instead of 90 to 10% i mean. not sure. maybe smaller portions? trying different foods? who knows. writing everything down?

that sounds alright. today i will write everything down. maybe later i will look at the canadian food guidelines to see if i'm missing anything.

Friday, August 22, 2008


i sure am tired today. i deliberately woke up early so that i could go swimming downstairs at 10am. the pool is closed for "cleaning" between 11 and 12 (which is an annoying time to be closed and prime swimming hour!) every week day and i want to get going today. i am going back to the sewing studio to finish my summer dress FINALLY. i don't know why i have been putting it off. well, today is the day!

the concert last night was alright. they didn't play that many songs i knew, and when they did, they let the crowd sing for most of the song, instead of singing it themselves. it's fine when it's just a line or two in a popular song, but not the whole song. my friend said, "i am paying to hear you sing, not to sing myself!" to which i reminded her that the tickets were free but the point was still made of course. the best part of the concert was that we could walk there and back from my building. not dealing with traffic is heaven!

last night for dinner i made us the pc blue menu shepherd's pie from loblaws. yummy. i have always likes this one. it's about 290 calories for 1/4 of the pie which isn't too bad. if you put it with some peas and a slice of whole wheat baguette it's quite filling.

it's friday which is weigh-in day but i'm just not feeling it this week. this is unusual for me but everyone deserves a week off. this weekend... not sure what is going on really. i am reading this book called "pillars of the earth" by ken follett. it's about a builder in the twelfth century who longs to build a cathedral. of course it is about more than just that. it's great so far.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

summer concerto

it was a good idea to ride my bike to my boyfriend's apartment yesterday, because this morning i just zipped home (it's mostly downhill on the way home) and i didn't have to wait for any sort of slow delayed transit. it was a good date last night because he made me dinner, but also not that great since we bought a futon (just a few doors down... but still) and then had to carry the massive frame and mattress up 2 flights of super steep narrow stairs. and then put it together... and of course the instructions were ridiculous. there were two lengths of bolts... long and short - and it didn't tell you where to use each one. eventually i figured it out and now he has a really nice futon.

even yesterday i was feeling the effects of getting too much sun the day before. i wasn't really burned since i used sunscreen, but felt really weak and weary. oh woe is me. yesterday at the end of my swim i was beginning to feel a little faint, like if i got out of the pool at that exact moment and tried to walk over to my towel, i might not make it. i was fine though.

in a few moments i am going to do the pilates 50-minute fat burning video. it starts with some basic stretching, then some cardio dance-like moves, then more stretching, and then the last ten minutes or so is actual pilates mat floor exercises. it's a pretty good workout i think.

and then tonight i am going to see blue rodeo at the outside amphitheatre. my friend's boss gave her free tickets... not complaining! finally it's a beautiful summer day! (not raining)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

good morning... oops

it's after noon. i'd like to say that i was awake before noon but that would be a lie. i was feeling kind of sick last night. i had lunch with my friend outside and then we lounged in his pool for a couple of hours. i could hardly keep my eyes open on the drive back downtown (seriously dangerous!)... i think too much sun for sure. but sleeping really helped. and i am a summer girl :) so i might as well enjoy it.

thanks for all of the really nice comments about my hair! my favourite one was that i look younger (hehe). people often think i am the younger sister which is so funny to me because my sister is only 22 and i am 27. my sister is so pretty... and for the record if i had long hair it wouldn't look nice and wavy like hers, it would look like a big frizzball instead.

today (in a few moments), i am going for a nice swim downstairs. i might go to the gym first and do some situps. i don't really have to do too much arm lifting when i'm swimming so much because swimming is a really great resistance (as well as cardio) workout. when i am swimming consistently, my arms seem very defined. i like it!

tonight is date night and i am going back to my boyfriend's apartment. on monday i walked there which is 2.5 miles or about 4 km... today i will probably ride my bike, just so coming home is easier. i think that's all i have to say today.

in other news, the company that let me try the zune mp3 player is letter me try another cool product: whitening listerine strips. they are kind of like the crest ones, except they dissolve on your teeth after about ten minutes, so there is way less waste. i've tried them and they definitely work. it was a bit hard to get the strip on my bottom teeth, but after a few days it was much smoother. you can click HERE to get your own free trial pack and an $8 coupon too.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

another busy day and hair

i think my interview went well yesterday. it lasted a long time (2 hours) which is usually a good sign. i think there are two others on the shortlist as well, so now it's just a waiting game. it's nice to feel like i've done everything i can now though... there is no pressure for yet another interview.

today is another busy day. i am driving to the burbs to get the x-ray results from my doctor. hopefully she can refer me to a chiropractor or something like that. i am feeling much better but there is still a bit of pain when i put pressure on my left leg.

after the doctor i am meeting up with one of my very oldest friends for lunch, and then we are going swimming in his backyard pool. fun! and then... tonight is book club. busy!

today i probably won't have time for working out... maybe i can swim after book club... that doesn't sound very appealing.

here are some hair photos from the wedding on saturday. actually this is at my cousin's house between the wedding ceremony and reception. first is my sister and i:

second is a closer photo of the hair:

Monday, August 18, 2008


this will have to be a shorty post, because i am heading off to another job interview - this one i am on the "shortlist" for. cross your fingers for me.

the weekend was pretty good. fake prom was fun, although we didn't get enough sleep and saturday (at the wedding) dragged and dragged. and we were with my parents (and rest of family) so i didn't want to drink that much.

my hair looks amazing! i will post a photo tomorrow. not today because i want a few more people (who maybe read the blog... who knows?) to see it before i reveal it to the world. it is taking some getting used to for sure but already the time i'm saving (styling and vacuuming the bathroom) is outrageous.

that's all party people. yesterday i did the fat-burning 50 minute pilates video, and today i think i will go for a swim in the afternoon. i am meeting some girlfriends for dinner and want to get in some activity so i can eat more. :)

Friday, August 15, 2008

i'm doing it

TODAY. i'm cutting off all my hair. this morning actually, which is why i'm up early. i was so excited/nervous i could hardly sleep. i got up in the middle of the night and had to take some "herbal insomnia" pills. i think they are psychological. anyway, very exciting. my boyfriend tried to convince me to slow it down yesterday... give it some more thought, ask a few people, etc. but i don't want to do that. if i do, there is a possibility that i'll chicken out and continue life with a boring do.

today is friday, weigh-in day, and today i am... 119.2 which is a 2.4 loss and puts me back in the maintenance range. hooray! that wasn't too hard at all.

and i have a fun weekend planned. tonight is the fake prom which is always more fun than your lame high school prom. it's "robot" themed but my boyfriend and i are going "nautical." don't ask me why... i think it's because his parent's just got him a captain's hat while they were on a cruise and he wants an opportunity to wear it. fine by me... fun :)

and then tomorrow we are going to my parent's house, hopping in the family car (oh boy) and driving to hamilton for one of my cousin's weddings. i love weddings. yesterday at the mall i bought a new strapless dress from le chateau. it's really cute but after re-trying it on at home i confirmed it's the wrong size. it's a S and i need an XS. it pretty much fits everywhere, until i relax and it almost falls off of my small chest. there are a few other le chateaus near my house so i might ride around this afternoon (on my bike) looking for the right size. i could call, but there are a million dresses in that store and it's usually teenagers working there, how are they going to know which dress i am even talking about? i hope i can find one, anyway, otherwise i'll just have to return it.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

hair cut idea

i need a change big time. i am thinking about cutting my long hair into a pixie cut. why not? i could do it. why am i holding onto this long hair? because it took so long to grow it out? it's sort of a good reason but also a ridiculous one because i could use it forever and waste my pixie cut years away. i think now is the time. well, next week. i have to do some research about where to get it done. i am just so sick of blow drying and straightening my super long hair. and it's wavy so i have to put all of this work into it, otherwise it is a big, poufy, half-wavy crazy mess of hair. also, it's hard when you have bangs to come up with a new style, unless it's shorter. the more i think about it the more i like it.

it's thursday already? when you are living the life of leisure like me all the days blend into each other. today i am going to go swimming or do a pilates video, and go shopping. i really shouldn't be shopping but i need to "get out" if you know what i mean. there are only so many things a girl can do around the house before going crazy. i am downloading season one of heroes (i've seen some of season two on tv) but it's taking forever. i also have to finish my latest book club book. it's "a complicated kindness" by miriam toews.

it's a really good read but hard to read all at once because the plot is very loose. it's more like a bunch of ideas centering around a central thought.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

guten morgan

first things first:

sara: what kind of treatment are you using on your hair? i've tried the "ultra swim" shampoos, but i really don't like them - they make my hair feel funny.


shirls asked if i was not running due to sciatic pain. the answer is yes! the sciatica is most definitely a result of running. i can pinpoint the exact run that made it happen, or sent it over the edge if you will. i agree that movement helps, which is why i'm swimming and doing "fun" workout videos that are low-impact. but i can't run (yet) because it might put me back at square one with the pain. and there really is no way i could run with the pain... i could barely walk... or limp. :( but the good news is, it's already feeling much better - although not gone for sure. i have an appointment next week to get my x-ray results, and i'm hoping that my doctor will recommend going to a chiropractor or something.

the move last night went well. the apartment is on the third floor above a store. the stairs are so narrow and steep. i didn't lift anything heavy because there were some strong men there... phewf. mainly i just guarded the van so shadies wouldn't steal anything out of it. :)

today i am taking oliver (my chat) to the vet. he is having an issue with his soft paws which i won't get into but needs to be looked at. poor little guy. i don't think he is in any pain though because he is acting like his normal crazy self: jumping on everything, playing with everything, cuddling and head-butting everything (my face). but it's good to have things looked at.

after i write this post i am going swimming. i think i will try to swim every other day. i really enjoy swimming while i'm doing it, but i hate getting into the pool initially. and being cold and wet. i was a swimming teacher for years and years and have horrible memories of teaching four hour shifts in the water, twice daily (in the summer)... pruney and freezing. but for the greater good (fitness) i'll do it.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

moving in and santa cruz

not much is going on. last night i met up with a girlfriend for drinks. it was fun because we had so much catching up to do. this morning i decided not to go swimming because my hair is beginning to feel like straw. i need a haircut really badly anyway but i'm waiting because i might decide to change my hair style and want to grow my bangs out more just to have that option. instead i did a 50-minute fat burning windsor pilates video and the additional 10-minute sculpting video, which was not very intense.

i am making a point of NOT wearing my heart rate monitor until i can run again. i'm positive i am not working out as hard as before, and that's fine, i just don't want to see the actual number and become unmotivated. once i tried my HRM on my mom's tony gazelle and it was pathetic. hardly a workout at all.

tonight my boyfriend is moving into his new pad - moving some stuff anyway, so i am going over to help. very exciting!

and even more exciting... more vacation stuff. this time - santa cruz! santa cruz is the perfect family vacation spot because of the oceanfront amusement park boardwalk - the oldest one in california. it's also where the movie "lost boys" was filmed. we also took surfing lessons which was so much fun. it was hard to stand up but i caught a few waves. here i am on the wharf pier - there were sea lions at the bottom barking and swimming:

here i am with a giant bird (pelican?):

here is a sea lion below:

Monday, August 11, 2008

boring weekend

wow, what a boring weekend! except for the olympics of course. did anyone else see Michael Phelps win his first gold? i am not american but i found myself cheering for him anyway. what a great story... raised by a single mom... now the best swimmer in the world, etc. i love swimming and used to teach which is probably why i'm so into it. i also like to watch gymnastics.

it was raining for most of the weekend. and really nothing was going on. just hanging out. saturday i watched tv (sports) all day, and fell asleep TWICE on the couch. how boring! i don't like doing that at all. there were plans to go to this greek festival here in toronto, called taste of the danforth, but it was pouring rain ALL day. i am not into standing outside eating souvlaki on a stick in the rain, that's for sure.

i did get in some ab work and a swim on saturday. i tried to swim on friday, but as soon as i dunked my head in the pool, the condo maintenance people said i had to get out so they could clean the pool. so i showered and stuff and didn't want to re-wet later and then have to go through all the hair-doing motions again.

my sciatic pain is feeling A LOT better, although i am still limping a little bit and am not going to try any strenuous activity until i'm positive nothing will happen. does anyone have any good low-impact exercises i can try. i have been swimming, and doing one or two (lame) exercise videos at home. i can't really do pilates or anything that involves rolling or too much floor work at the moment. any suggestions? i'd say walking is a bit too high-impact at this point as well.

today in my inbox i got an email from women's health that detailed some workouts female olympic athlete's are doing. here it is... very cool.

Friday, August 8, 2008


first things first - today is friday, my weigh-in day, and i am 121.6 pounds. that is 2.6 less than tuesday, and probably not a "loss" but a better idea of how much i actually gained while on vacation. so really not that bad, although not good considering i can't really exercise. i am going to try swimming again this morning.

my doctor told me to take advil liquigels for the pain. but then my dad was going on and on about how tylenol is for pain and advil is an anti-inflammatory and that's not what i need at all. he has had sciatic pain before and says he knows what he's talking about. i don't know. i took advil my whole vacation and i was far from being pain-free. i just took some tylenol now and am hoping it will let me swim like a normal fish.

yesterday i went to see "the dark knight" with my boyfriend. he actually wants to see mama mia too, but only because he really loves abba. who doesn't? the dark knight was good - action packed, yada yada yada. batman's voice was really breathy and weird though. not the actual voice, but his choice of word timing. and there was too much he's a hero, you're a hero, i'm not a hero, it's you mumbo jumbo going on. and my boyfriend thought maggie gyllenhaal was the worst heroine ever. i like her, but i was more familiar with her from previous movies.

ok and now some vacation stuff:

we left toronto early sunday morning and arrived in SF pretty early (3 hours back) around 11:30 a.m. i had figured out how to take the transit from the airport to the city, and when we poked our heads out of the ground it was ghetto-central - the mission district. lots of homeless crackheads. someone tried to sell us an i-pod nano on the sly within the first five minutes. i realize not all of SF is like this - this is just the first impression.

also it's freezing! i was not expecting california to be so chilly. i knew it was not going to be hot like the south, but it was a bone-chilling, damp cold. we checked into our hotel which was alright but the smallest room i have ever been in (we had to stack our suitcases on top of each other on the floor because there was no room to put them side by side). we were really tired but didn't want to snooze the day away, so we got coffees at this nice place called "cafe trieste" and walked to haight and ashbury, a popular spot for hippies in the 60s.

SF is very, very hilly. normally this wouldn't bother me expect i was already limping and could hardly walk. i preferred to walk uphill because the hills were SO steep, walking downhill put too much pressure on my leg. do i sound like an old man yet? anyway, we saw a man with elf ears... yes, elf ears, and regular clothes, just walking down the street. and then this scene: 045

out of nowhere these people dressed like this were setting up a bubble wrap slide down the hill, rolling down it, and blowing bubbles at each other while they did it. hehehe. here i am laughing about it:049

haight and ashbury was fun but uneventful. later that night (after a nap) we went looking for dinner and finally found a thai place that was open. it's surprising to me how early things closed. then we went to a bar called zeitgeist. i can't believe it's sunny in this photo. our drinks were soooo strong. we asked for two whiskey and diets and 1) they didn't have diet coke... 2) it didn't matter because our pint glasses were filled with 3/4 whiskey and 1/4 coke. it was the strongest drink of my life. i drank half of it and was really tipsy. that's about it for SF! (we went back there at the end of the trip, so i'll have more to say about it later.) happy weekend. :)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

where the sky meets the sea


i haven't really sorted through the photos yet, but here is a nice one. it's somewhere on the road between san francisco and santa cruz. it doesn't look like a real photo because the ocean and beach shouldn't connect like that... i'm actually standing on the edge of a giant cliff (scary). it was so windy but beautiful. this is the just after we drove away from the san francisco fog and gloom. it was so weird how the division between fog and sun was so drastic and obvious. i got these purple pants in san francisco... love them!

yesterday i tried swimming but my leg was really hurting so i had to stop. my mom wants me to visit a chiropractor and i am seriously considering it. my boyfriend and i cleaned his apartment pretty much all afternoon - until about 7. i did the whole bathroom and under the stove elements. we might go back today... i'd rather just get it over with. he is so excited about it and so am i because it's in my old neighbourhood which i miss a lot. it's a bustling area... people are always out doing things on the street.

so i have the choice to see two movies. 1) mama mia and 2) the dark knight. what should i choose?

even with no exercise, my weight is going back down. thank you fibre :) i hate not being able to do hard core exercise. maybe this injury is my body's way of saying it was too much. when i feel better again i will definitely ease into something. being hardcore was fun while it lasted.

i also wanted to mention that the egg on oatmeal was totally delicious. people eat eggs on toast - toast is a grain like oatmeal... what's the difference? it wasn't flavoured or instant oatmeal people - i am not crazy! ;o)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

sleep in

i finally slept in today (until 11) and it feels good. actually i still feel a bit "out of it" but i'm sure that will pass.

yesterday i had a pretty relaxing day after my interview. i just hung around, caught up on blogs, watched "the last kiss" while i ate dinner (and after) and cleaned the grout between half of my kitchen tiles. yes, only half... it's a big job with all of that scrubbing. it involves vim which i ran out of, and a brush with super hard bristles. and lots of rinsing because vim residue is gross and chalky and surely not good for humans or animals. i can't believe how good one side of the kitchen looks now. vacation one week - kitchen grout the next... the joys of life. i am going to finish the kitchen and do the bathroom... why not? although not today.

today i am meeting my boyfriend at his new apartment and we are going to clean it since it's empty. more cleaning? wah wah wee wah! the good news is he is bringing my camera so i will finally have pictures to show! :o)

yesterday i tried my new pilates video, the 50-minute fat burning part. it is more like aerobics to jamaican drum beats with some pilates at the end. i had to do the modified moves (for seniors and people with bum pain) but it was still alright. today i am going swimming, and i better get moving if i am going to get the cleaning party on time.

yesterday for dinner i made oatmeal with a runny sunny side up egg on it. i was inspired by something i saw on Kath Eats. here is the recipe:

1/2 cup dry oats
1 egg
1 string cheese
hot sauce (to taste)
1 T fat free sour cream

make the oats as normal. while they are cooking, cut the string cheese into tiny pieces. i like to peel it into four pieces, then chop with a knife. when the oats are almost done, make the egg and leave the yoke runny (unless you are opposed to this). serve the egg on the oats (in a bowl), sprinkle the cheese and top with sour cream and hot sauce.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

oh... hello :)

i'm back from vacation. it feels great to be back. i got in yesterday morning at 6:30 a.m. (3:30 california time) and we took a cab to my bf's house, slept until 4 p.m., then i went to my parent's house to get my cat, drove back to the city, did all my laundry, and prepped for...

the job interview (yep another one) i had this morning at 9 a.m. i am really being thrust back into life :) it went ok (i think) so now it's just the waiting game.

my trip was awesome. it was not a "relaxing" vacation by any means, but it was amazing. california is a beautiful, beautiful place... just breathtaking. people are lucky to live there. although there was an earthquake in LA one day before i got there... that's not so lucky (for LA residents... not for me).

i forgot my camera in my boyfriend's bag, so i can't upload any photos until tomorrow night or thursday. i will save the details of the trip until i can post pics to go with it. however i will say this:

favourite city by far: laguna beach (heaven on earth)

least favourite city: san francisco

fun memorable moments:

  • putting my hands in marilyn monroe's handprints at the chinese theatre in hollywood
  • surfing in santa cruz
  • driving through big sur (where the sky meets the sea...) scary scary driving!

i am happy to be back not living out of a suitcase anymore. and i am craving vegetables like nothing else! i wasn't going to weigh myself until friday but thought i might as well. i gained about 5 pounds - now i am 124.2. not a number i like but could be much worse.

in other news, on my trip my sciatic pain was out of control. i could hardly get out of bed (although i did obviously... and surfed... which did not help the problem!) and i couldn't walk like a normal person. my x-rays should be at the doctor's but she is away this week. i have not been running now for 2 weeks and 2 days... the horror!