Wednesday, August 20, 2008

good morning... oops

it's after noon. i'd like to say that i was awake before noon but that would be a lie. i was feeling kind of sick last night. i had lunch with my friend outside and then we lounged in his pool for a couple of hours. i could hardly keep my eyes open on the drive back downtown (seriously dangerous!)... i think too much sun for sure. but sleeping really helped. and i am a summer girl :) so i might as well enjoy it.

thanks for all of the really nice comments about my hair! my favourite one was that i look younger (hehe). people often think i am the younger sister which is so funny to me because my sister is only 22 and i am 27. my sister is so pretty... and for the record if i had long hair it wouldn't look nice and wavy like hers, it would look like a big frizzball instead.

today (in a few moments), i am going for a nice swim downstairs. i might go to the gym first and do some situps. i don't really have to do too much arm lifting when i'm swimming so much because swimming is a really great resistance (as well as cardio) workout. when i am swimming consistently, my arms seem very defined. i like it!

tonight is date night and i am going back to my boyfriend's apartment. on monday i walked there which is 2.5 miles or about 4 km... today i will probably ride my bike, just so coming home is easier. i think that's all i have to say today.

in other news, the company that let me try the zune mp3 player is letter me try another cool product: whitening listerine strips. they are kind of like the crest ones, except they dissolve on your teeth after about ten minutes, so there is way less waste. i've tried them and they definitely work. it was a bit hard to get the strip on my bottom teeth, but after a few days it was much smoother. you can click HERE to get your own free trial pack and an $8 coupon too.


Jen said...

I always thought you looked younger than 27 anyway...the cut is definitely youthful!! I bet it is really soft now too hey...short hair almost always is!!!

It's definitely scary when you get a bit too much sun!!! Glad you got home safe!

P.O.M. said...

Sometimes you just need to sleep in!

Shannon said...

ppl always think i am the younger sister too and my sister is 22 and I am 27. what a coincidence. :)

carla said...

is that how we know we are of a certain age?
when I shaved my head as it grew in I looked younger.
NOW I think if I went short Id look OLDER!