Wednesday, August 27, 2008


yesterday i dyed my hair dark brown. this is the colour i normally dye it. it's so dark this time i really look like a goth. this is emphasized by my hair sticking up everywhere crazy when i get up in the morning. i love my new short hair, but i have to make more of an effort to be feminine all of the time. i'm talking makeup and clothes. i don't mind because i am into that kind of stuff.

this morning i made (boiled) a batch of wheatberries. a batch (for me) is 1 cup dry. this time i let them soak overnight, then rinsed this morning, then boiled for an hour with some salt. they are so chewy and tasty but time consuming to cook, which is why i've been putting it off. i like to eat them in yogurt or oatmeal. yummo!

the topic of today's post is fruit. what is your favourite fruit?

i love all berries the best. raspberries, blueberries, blackberries and bloobs.

i also love bananas because they are so filling and feel so substantial.

peaches are so delicious but i hate when they are too juicy. my mouth likes it but my pants (drip drip) do not.

green seedless grapes... the bigger the better. i like to mix vanilla yogurt with a bit of soymilk and then eat grape soup. weird but the grapes taste really good coated in a milky yogurt.

apples are alright. they taste good but are a little boring to me. sorry apples.

clementines... who doesn't love these since they remind you of the christmas season.

i'm trying to think of what other fruits i eat on a regular basis. not melons because i loathe the taste of all melons. yes, even watermelon... gross. kiwis are good. mangos are good too but have the same juicy problem as peaches. anything else to add?

oh, i almost forgot about the movie last night. it was good to see those girls again all in one movie, but it was too confusing. they combined the last three books into one movie and there just wasn't enough time for all of the plots. they left stuff out, added weird stuff... the movie was too long and the actual movie time was wasted. i am a tough movie critic so take that as you will.


Mandy said...

My hair is always super dark the first day after I colour it and people always think I changed my colour. I actually love it that dark! ha

My favourite fruit has got to be fresh raspberries. Also fresh cherries which I cannot bring myself to buy because they are so damn expensive! *sigh* Why are they so expensive? They never used to cost that much.

Mrs Furious said...

" but i have to make more of an effort to be feminine all of the time"
That's exactly how I feel... otherwise I think I can look a little "Peter Pan"... and that's not always a good thing ;)

Erin said...

Love berries and melons! I eat frozen berries in the winter if I can't get fresh ones at a decent price. Your hair colour might fade a bit, like Mandy said. I know mine seems really dark the first few days.

Haley said...

Looks like we have very similar fuit tastes -- I looove berries, and hate melon, too.

I had super short hair in college and remember feeling like I had to wear a lot more makeup to fem myself up a bit. Good excuse to play with makeup. :)

death by chocolate said...

my fav fruits would have to be all berries, peaches, and plums. although i do love a good apple every once and a while...

Shannon said...

i am forsure a berries girl, but not raspberries. I am more of a strawberries, blueberry girl. YUM.

Jen said...

Yay, I love being feminine and makeup and all yay for that!!!

I need to try these wheatberries...I like things that are fun (chewy) to eat...

I actually LOVE apples...but only macintosh...and I love raspberries and blackberries...oh and I HATE bananas!!! (and yay for peaches too...but BOOO to drippings!!)

Crystal said...

I like a good watermelon and kiwi and I'm a bit of an apple eater too. I've never heard of you get those at the health food store?

Vanessa said...

I love berries and I miss my extremely short hair so much!

mimi said...

regarding the wheatberries, do you have a rice cooker? i cook wheatberries in mine, using the same directions (amounts of water) as brown rice. it works brilliantly!

(btw - peaches and nectarines for me, tho any fresh berries in season also rock!)

carla said...

pleasepleaseplease a head pic :)

what can I give you in exchange?

and Id totally forgotten how when I headshaved I felt I NEEEEEDED earrings etc to fem up.

I wonder how Id feel now? if I wouldnt care?