Tuesday, August 5, 2008

oh... hello :)

i'm back from vacation. it feels great to be back. i got in yesterday morning at 6:30 a.m. (3:30 california time) and we took a cab to my bf's house, slept until 4 p.m., then i went to my parent's house to get my cat, drove back to the city, did all my laundry, and prepped for...

the job interview (yep another one) i had this morning at 9 a.m. i am really being thrust back into life :) it went ok (i think) so now it's just the waiting game.

my trip was awesome. it was not a "relaxing" vacation by any means, but it was amazing. california is a beautiful, beautiful place... just breathtaking. people are lucky to live there. although there was an earthquake in LA one day before i got there... that's not so lucky (for LA residents... not for me).

i forgot my camera in my boyfriend's bag, so i can't upload any photos until tomorrow night or thursday. i will save the details of the trip until i can post pics to go with it. however i will say this:

favourite city by far: laguna beach (heaven on earth)

least favourite city: san francisco

fun memorable moments:

  • putting my hands in marilyn monroe's handprints at the chinese theatre in hollywood
  • surfing in santa cruz
  • driving through big sur (where the sky meets the sea...) scary scary driving!

i am happy to be back not living out of a suitcase anymore. and i am craving vegetables like nothing else! i wasn't going to weigh myself until friday but thought i might as well. i gained about 5 pounds - now i am 124.2. not a number i like but could be much worse.

in other news, on my trip my sciatic pain was out of control. i could hardly get out of bed (although i did obviously... and surfed... which did not help the problem!) and i couldn't walk like a normal person. my x-rays should be at the doctor's but she is away this week. i have not been running now for 2 weeks and 2 days... the horror!


meredi said...

wow, it's so amazing how different people like different things. SF is pretty much my favourite city that I've visited! what didn't you like about it?

anyway, so glad you had a good time!

eurydice said...

ah... i will explain in more detail in another post - but here are my basic reasons for not liking san francisco:

1) it was FREEZING

2) the people there were SO RUDE (seriously i couldn't believe it!)

3) the hills were hard to walk (extra hard with my bum pain) and drive on

P.O.M. said...

Can't wait to hear the Laguna details. I love it too. San Fran is too big city for me. I'm a beach girl at heart.

Jen said...

welcome back!!!!!

Talk about throwing yourself back into life head first hey???

Look forward to hearing more and more about it (and WOW Marilyn Monroe's handprints! that's awesome!)

Bi0nicw0man said...

Welcome back girl. I missed you!

Thanks for your comments on my blog. It's been a tough week for sure.

Crystal said...

Glad to hear you had a great vacation and welcome back! I haven't had the chance to travel that far north in CA but I do love San Diego-so beautiful.

Can't wait to see your photos. Hope the pain subsides :(

Erin said...

So cool about the handprints! I always crave veggies and fruits after being away - eating out for a while does a number on the fruit and veggie servings! I know the 5 pounds sucks, but that is not too bad for a vacation! I hope your sciatica gets better soon.

carla said...

welcome HOME!

now, what can we---the royal----do about that pain!?


Vanessa said...

Your vacay sounds great! Sorry to hear you were in so much pain though :(.