Friday, August 29, 2008

so early

sorry for the lack of post yesterday. i went with my boyfriend to one of his schools to set up a classroom and it was a disaster. it was an empty room used for storage a.k.a. a dumping ground but we were there for hours and now it looks like a million dollars. i had a good swim around 10pm. it was weird to exercise so late but nice. the pool was empty which always makes me happy. although the water was soooo hot. it was like a bath. good for old people... not good for people swimming laps.

this morning i am up so early (i can't believe my eyes are open). i am going to the burbs to help my mom at work. she works for a real estate lawyer and the other clerk is on vacation and my sister usually works there too but is an actress with an audition. it is the end of the month and everyone is buying and selling today so i will write cheques and take them to be certified... stuff like that.

friday is weigh-in and i am 120.8 pounds. i secretly weighed in last week and was 120.6 pounds. so no real change from last week but above my maintenance range which is not cool. i am going to start the points counting again in september. yes, i could start now, but it's the weekend and august and it's not out of control yet or anything. besides, september to me always feels like a rebirth. a start to the new year. more so than january which is funny. it's back to school! :)

this weekend should be fun. tonight (after a giant nap of coursezzzzzzz) some friends of mine are having a party (i think in a pub) and then tomorrow my boyfriend is having a small housewarming party for his close friends. i feel like something is happening on monday too but i can't remember. happy weekend!


Shirls said...

I too feel like September is a fresh start somehow, I just love spring and fall not that we had an official summer this year but still they are my favorites..

I use to do residential real estate, I know exactly what you mean by extra help needed at the end of a month, especially a summer month!

Happy long weekend!

Erin said...

I feel that way about September, too!

All day yesterday I went back and forth about counting points again. I don't know what to do! I know that it works for me, and I have to get these 8 pounds off me that I gained. Have a fun weekend!

Vanessa said...

I'm the same way about September :)

Jen said...

I always feel that way in September...I love that feeling!!!

no doubt you are busy today!!! I can't even imagine how busy you would be at a real estate office...if I had REALLy thought about it I wouldn't have sold/bought at the end of August!!!

Anonymous said...

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