Monday, September 1, 2008

happy new year

it's september first which is like the new year in my books. it's labour day today and i'm home alone. i actually went to bed at a somewhat reasonable time last night, got about 8 1/2 hours of sleep, and woke up before noon. two hours before noon, in fact. can you believe it? i have made some resolutions for the new year. some of them are september specific.

1) i am taking september off from drinking whiskey. whiskey and diet coke/pepsi/any other fizzy bev is my alcoholic drink of choice. i just read in a book that this combo is the worst and can actually double your blood alcohol levels. lately i've been over-indulging (not alone) and it's wearing me down. i feel like i'm looking older and i don't like it. i'm not going to stop drinking, but i'll drink something nicer (and with more reservation - less of it) like wine.

2) i am going to get LESS sleep. really an adult person only needs about 8 hours of sleep each night... i am probably getting more. i'm going to go to bed and wake up at a more reasonable hour as well. hopefully bed by 12-1 and up by 8-9:30am. i think it's doable. now that most people are not on a summer schedule, it would be depressing to keep weird hours.

3) i am not feeling the healthiest. therefore i am counting points again. i have also taken off my exact weight from the sidebar panel. i was becoming too focused on the numbers and how they would appear to other people, instead of my health which really is the main focus. people with blogs dedicated to health and fitness should provide positive motivation for people... not just feed some weird obsessions. i'm still going to check my weight on fridays, and i'll mention what i've gained/lost and if i'm still in my maintenance range. right now i am over it, but by less than a pound. :o|

so today is a holiday which means that not much is going on... nothing is open. i had plans to go to a girlfriend's house tonight to watch the season premiere of gossip girl but she is out of town and won't get back in time so that fell through. i brought my rollerblades here (from my parent's house) last week so i'm going to go for a skate by the lake. i think. hopefully it won't be too crowded. :)


Bi0nicw0man said...

Sounds like some good and healthy ideas you have there girl!

Gah, whiskey? Really? This is so surprising to me. Dunno why. Just is. Try switching to vodka/soda if you wanna stick with the's cleaner but still has a kick. :)

Haley said...

Totally with you on not posting numbers -- I think it's healthier all around to just focus on health and positive actions, rather than stats.

death by chocolate said...

happy september 1st! i think those goals are great. you'll be feeling better (both physically and mentally) in no time. also, i reallly appreciate your focus on helthy living as opposed to "stats" - after all, living healthfully isn't supposed to be a chore, it's a way of life. i find that when i'm constantly weighing myself or obsessing over the numbers on the scale i forget this. keep up the good work! your blog always inspires me!

Sara said...

Sounds like some great great resolutions!!

Sara said...

Oh btw my drink of choice is usually vodka water with a splash of bar lime!

P.O.M. said...

I took my numbers off too. I was getting obsessed, too. But someone commented that seeing my numbers actually helped motivate them. Who knows.

Anywhoo... great plan. I hope you are feeling healthy & better soon.