Thursday, September 4, 2008

another good one

yesterday was another good day. i went for an hour walk in the morning, stayed on plan all day, enjoyed TWO hours of top model, and had sushi for dinner. this is a big deal because i've always really hated sushi. i've tried it a few times and each time the outcome was not good. in fact, the last two times i've had it at a restaurant i vomited during the night.

last night i went to my boyfriend's house and we decided to get sushi. we got one vegetarian avocado roll, one chicken something roll (fried, but tiny pieces and delicious), and one order of bulgogi to share, which is a lean prime beef dish with veggies. after eating half of that i was soooo stuffed. perhaps it was the 10,000 litres of water i drank... i was just so thirsty. i must have refilled his brita filter 15 times over the course of the night. it was so hot in there, which is probably why. it made sleeping really difficult and i woke up to a nightmare about being chased by a swarm of bees!

yesterday i also made chocobran muffins mmmmmmm. forgot how delicious these are. i was at the grocery store yesterday and saw weight watchers cookies and was almost tempted to buy them when i realized how silly that was. i could make mandy's chocobrans for cheaper and they would be tastier with more substance. i ate one yesterday right away (of course) and then had another one this morning crumbled into my oatmeal... chocolatey and delicious.

this morning i walked home from which was about 2.5 miles. not too bad. i might go swimming if the pool has cooled down. i emailed the building manager and he was playing up the situation like it had just happened last weekend, but the pool has been getting hotter and hotter all summer.

here is my planned menu for today so far:

source yogurt with sprinkle special k yogurt something (2)

walk home (-2)

oats (3)
chocobran (1)
1/2 banana (1)
coffee (0)

2 slices ww bread (1)
1/4 cup egg whites (0.5)
1 slice ff cheese (0.5)

1 cup grapes (1)
yogurt (2)

that's all i know so far.


Shannon said...

i know those weight watchers cookies are ridic. so expensive like $5 for 9 cookies????

Jen said...

no good puking after sushi!!! I love love love sushi!!!

Good call on making the chocobrans! I love those things!

I missed top model too!! I am going to need a week to catch up on everything!!!! (I plan on watching 90210 tonight, thanks for that!)

Sara said...

I know 2 hours of Top Model - that like never happens!!

I forgot about chocobrans - may need to make those again!!

carla said...

glad it was a good day.
I could live on the sushi---THATS why I wanna be a bazillionaire.

and TiVo'd Top Model. Cant wait to watch and kill my last remaining braincells.


Crystal said...

Glad you liked the sushi. I can live quite happily without it, myself. I think it might be an acquired taste and my tastes do not wish to acquire it!

Good luck with your pool situation-hope you get some coolage real soon.