Tuesday, September 16, 2008

to-do list for tuesday

i've decided that today i really need to take care of business. yesterday i 1) didn't leave my apartment and 2) didn't put on any makeup or get fully dressed outside of comfy clothes. how depressing! actually it wasn't that bad. i went swimming, finished a book, went through the copy of "veganomicon" that i took out of the library that is due today and copied a few recipes i wanted to try, cleaned up a bit, etc.

but today is a different story. today i am going to:

1) apply for at least 5 more jobs.

2) walk to the library (to return books and get one or two on hold).

3) do day one week one of the couch to 5k program.

yes, it's true. i am going to try running again. for the most part my bum pain is gone. i feel really stiff in the mornings but by the end of the day fine. i could probably run for longer but i don't want to give my body a shock. i want to ease into it. i am really nervous because my bum pain was really the worst pain i have ever experienced in my whole life and i don't want it to happen again. it was worse than fracturing my elbow, worse than piercing my tongue, worse than having an operation on my jaw and having it wired shut. yes, bad! i would gladly do all of those things again to avoid the bum pain. maybe not "gladly" actually.

the biggest loser starts tonight, doesn't it? i am not sure how i feel about the "family" aspect of it. why can't it just be individuals competing? that's still interesting enough for me! who is excited?

i just had a delicous egg muffin for breakfast. one whole wheat english muffin, with 1/4 cup egg whites microwaved in a small bowl for 45 sections, one slice of fat free cheese (kraft) and ketchup. 3 points and very filling :)


Anonymous said...

that sounds delishioso. i had breakfast for dinner last night and it was YUMMAY.

Laura said...

I love your to-do lists. They are inspirational and optimistic.

I make a similar english muffin for breakfast except I use light swiss cheese and some ff ham or turkey in addition to the egg whites.

Jen said...

I had an egg muffin for breakfast too!!! I had an M&M turkey sausage on mine though....YUM!

Any news on the job front?? Or are you enjoying being a lady of leisure??? (aside from the not going anywhere!!! sometimes you just need those days though!!)

I hope your bum pain doesn't come back!!! All of those things you named sounded painful! I wouldn't want to go through ANY of those things...let alone something MORE painful!

smellyshelley said...

Biggest Loser! Woot! I like the individual competitions better than the couples or families...but hopefully there is some good drama there...and I love me some Bob.

Shirls said...

keeping my fingers crossed for the intro of running again, without paing :0)

breakky sounds yum!

Sara said...

I love making mockmuffins so so yummy!!

Good sounding to do list, I always need those to keep me on track!!

I'm excited about BL (even though I know I said I would stop watching it) but I'm taping it to watch later on in the week!!

Erin said...

I have that same sandwich for dinner sometimes. Yum! I wish the biggest loser was just one person.