Tuesday, September 30, 2008

more motivated

you know what bothers me about september? socks or no socks?! some days it's warm enough to wear sandals and no socks. but then other days it's too chilly and really it all depends on things like wind and sun or no sun, etc. i think today i will wear socks.

reading so many of your motivational posts for the BLBE challenge is making me more motivated too. especially since yesterday, when i went to put on my "business skirt" for my interview, it didn't fit. well it "fit," but was tight. too tight for me to wear and sit on the streetcar without it riding up and be generally annoying. so - time for some serious action.

i'm eating within my points and that's good, and i'm eating all of my activity points so i'm definitely eating enough. i think my problem is not spreading out the points over the whole day. the thought of not having enough points in the evening and being hungry isn't a good one to me, and i think i am saving too many for the evening. if i am hungry at bedtime, i will just suck it up. hunger is not an emergency! and really, a little bit of hunger never hurt anyone. i like the feeling of hunger over the feeling of being too full.

the interview yesterday was alright. maybe i was tired, but i wasn't really into it. they kept asking me questions about what i would do in certain situations, and i wanted to say, i don't know, i'll deal with it when it comes, stop harassing me, leave me alone! instead of making up lame stuff in my head. and i'm also sick about having to put on an excited face about crappy stuff. like a "high-stress" environment. who thrives in a high-stress environment? and actually likes it? i like a nice, calm environment. i hardly even get stressed. stress! i mean, really! anyway i think the subject matter might be too boring for me. they didn't tell me how much the job pays, so i don't really know if it would be a perk.

this morning i got up early and went swimming in the apartment pool. in a few moments (after coffee), i am heading to the burbs to help out my mom at work. i might do day 3 of week 2 of the couch to 5k after work if my bottom half is pain free.

also this morning i had a giant breakfast.

1 packet of quaker regular oatmeal (2) with 1/2 cup all bran (1) and 1/2 cup 1% cottage cheese (1.5), and on the side 140g of frozen unsweetened raspberries (0). i am so full, for only 4.5 points.

lunch is fat free turkey (1) on a weight watchers bagel (2) with lettuce and tomato and mustard (0), 1/2 cup of 0% vanilla yogurt (1) mixed with 1/2 cup pure pumpkin (0), 200g of baby carrots (1), for a total of 5 points.

snacks are an apple (1) and a chocolate chip all-bran bar (2), for a total of 3 points.


cinemarie said...

ugh... these interview questions are priceless sometimes... You're good for putting up with it and going to so many interviews!
You'll find something good soon, I'm sure!!
I tend to do the same with points- save them all for the evening, or the weekend... you're right it's better if we keep it balanced... but it's hard!! :) Good luck!

carla said...

Ive been there when i simply CAN NOT get myself worked up at an interview...excited enough...feeling any of that SMALL STRESS which is good as it makes me 'perform'

hang in there---the job is coming.

SeaBreeze said...

Good for you for being so motivated in the morning and coming up with some sweet breakfast ideas.

You'd be a GREAT tinkerbell, especially with the newly blonde hair. I've seen it done well and with leggings still in stores these days the hard part of that costume should be easier than years past.

Randi said...

You are too funny. Socks or no socks bothers you!

I hate interviews. My interview for this job was ridiculously easy though, the boss talked the whole time and I just nodded along, then he left with the feeling that I really understand things and we really connected. The secret is nodding.

Did the weight gain start when you lost your job? Did you start doing anything different then?

Anonymous said...

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