Wednesday, October 1, 2008

wasting time

i am in love with frozen raspberries. and this week my local grocery store has them on sale for $4.00 so i am going back today to stock up. i don't know how much they normally cost but yummo! and a giant serving (140g) is 0 points. can't beat the zero!

last night i tried an eating "experiment." when i got home from work i was feeling the hunger, so i ate 1/2 a banana and then went down to the gym to do day 3 week 2 of the couch to 5k program. it's not that intense - a five minute walk, then six sets of 1.5 minutes running and 2 minutes walking, and then at the end a five minute cool down walk. i managed to make it through pain free which is a huge bonus. i think if i want to do any running, i'm going to have to do it at night time. that's ok with me, because it doesn't take up that much time. i'm not going on any long runs or anything.

my eating experiment was to try and keep my dinner really light. i had a scoop of protein powder (2 points), a cup of unsweetened vanilla almond breeze (1 point), 140g frozen raspberries (0 points) and the other half of my banana (1 point). so 4 points which is substantial, but still a very light meal that doesn't sit heavy in the stomach. and then this morning i am more than 2 pounds lighter. i was definitely still feeling the weekend bloat and water retention!

yesterday randi asked when i started to gain weight, and if it was when i stopped working. well, i'd say probably not when i stopped working, but instead when i stopped running. i was really hardcore and probably burned so many calories running. and i was eating a lot to make up for running so much. a lot of my runs, 4 or so times a week, would be an hour or 6 miles. so my portions were bigger and i was used to eating that much and that's the problem. i am still a volume eater but am trying to cut down on portion size. truthfully i haven't gained that much weight, not even ten pounds, but five becomes ten and then more and more and that's when it becomes a problem. and my business skirt didn't fit, let's not forget that.

today for breakfast i am making an egg and cheese sandwich. 2 slices ezekiel bread (2 points, and truthfully i am not that crazy about this bread. it's *too* fibrous, which i never thought i would hear myself say), 1/4 cup egg whites (0.5 points) and 1 slice kraft fat free cheese (0.5 points). maybe ketchup or a tomato slice too. :)


Jennifer said...

I thought I'd might try some of that "Bible bread" (Ezekiel, Genesis, LOL!) but I thought it looked too fibrous too, haha. I'm not a fan of bread that tastes like too much fibre.

I know what you mean when you gain weight when you stop running... that's happened to me in the past too. Running DOES burn a lot of calories!

Vanessa said...

Glad to hear you made it through pain free!

Jen said...

I am glad that you didn't have any pain too!!!

I am not a huge fan of frozen fruit...but I like them in smoothies!!!

I hope you get back in your "niche" soon!!!

Randi said...

I LOVE berries, especially raspberries.

I really have to try that idea of just eating something small at night. Also have to make sure I'm not starving by the time supper comes!

I'm really clueless about WW, but if you're eating proper points now, and not losing, then something's up with it huh? (I'm always a bit of a skeptic with it.)

SeaBreeze said...

Excellent job sticking to the Couch to 5K plan. I know it can be difficult to take it slow, especially if you used to run a lot. I went through the same process 6 months ago.

As for the smoothie. What do you use for protein powder? I need a new one and was unhappy with the Hemp I had recently and the Rice before that.

Haley said...

Mmmm....frozen raspberries... heaven.