Thursday, October 9, 2008

shopping, and water

i didn’t go running last night. i had every intention of doing it, but then i didn’t get home until 9pm. why? shopping :) i left my mom’s office around 6pm, and stopped in H & M to return a skirt, and ended up buying 2 pairs of dress pants, 3 sweaters, and a pair of jeans. i like how things at H & M are usually regularly sized and not vanity sized. for example, in pants and skirts there, i am a size 6, not something ridiculous like a 0-2. in tops, usually a 4 but that depends on the button situation. i’m sure you all know what i’m talking about. anyway, i have to go back there tonight because one of the pants i brought home is a 4, so i must have put back the wrong size. i also like H & M because i can buy jeans from the kids section. and they are only $22. that’s cheap for jeans! they size is for 14-15 year olds, and only works if you have no hips like moi. i am afraid to give birth. my mom had 3 caesarean sections because of this problem. good thing it’s not the olden days or we’d both be dust!

moving on, i also went to globo shoes. i bought the cutest pair of booties but when i brought them home i decided they were too small. i got an 8 and normally am 8.5. so i went back to make the exchange and they were $10 off, on sale. here they are for your viewing pleasure.

and then i went to loblaws and picked up giant cans of pumpkin (love thanksgiving), cottage cheese, strawberries, a coconut cream pie larabar (new!), and some high protein pitas.

i made the mistake of weighing myself this morning and i am way up. what gives? i have been doing everything right except.... drinking enough water! drinking 4 cups of coffee a day doesn’t count as water! today i am going to chug a lug at least 3 litres. that is my lofty goal.
this morning i swam for 30 minutes and i am definitely running tonight. here is today’s menu:

quaker regular oatmeal (2)
½ cup all bran (1)
(in gingerbread spice tea)
½ cup fat free vanilla yogurt (1)
142g strawberries (0)

½ cup 1% cottage cheese (1.5)
142g strawberries (0)

couscous cup (3)
½ high protein pita (1)
hummus (1)
red pepper strips (0)
baby carrots (0.5)

cocoa coconut larabar (4)

protein powder (2)
unsweetened almond breeze (1)
140g frozen berries (0)


Shirls said...

you are a busy little bee! love the boots, what colour did you go for?

eurydice said...

black of course :o)

Haley said...

Isn't it crazy how much of a difference water makes? I wasn't drinking water the way I should for the past couple days, and I felt like absolute crap and my clothes got tighter. Once U started downing water again things got back to normal.

BTW, I'm going to have to track down this magical peanut butter...god, I hope it's not just a canadian thing -- you guys have the best stuff!

fittingbackin said...

I hear you! I'm a HUGE H&M and Forever 21 fan! (to me they're kind of the same) You have to work a little hard to get the good stuff but it's worth it with the savings! I've been doing lots of shopping lately (and of course posting about it) - fall is making me SO happy!! Good luck drinking more water!! I'm a diet pepsi gal... eek!

Vanessa said...

I friggin hate vanity sizing! Cute booties :)

Cara said...

you make me want to go shopping at h&m soo bad. Too bad there is no h&m near me anymore. boo.

glad you could get some fun things ;-)

Mrs Furious said...

"good thing it’s not the olden days or we’d both be dust!"

you and me both ;)

PS I am having the hardest freaking time getting back down to the bottom of my range... I just don't know how to snap out of it.

Jen said...

OOH I love the booties!!! Super cute!!!