Wednesday, October 29, 2008

another blog?

i'm thinking about starting another blog, one that isn't so personal but rather based on health and beauty in general. nothing to do with my own health, fitness, and weight goals but something more helpful to others. thoughts? of course i would continue this blog... just putting it out there.

i am feeling really good about myself today. i swam for 30 minutes this morning even though i had to convince myself not to go back to bed instead about five times. i had a great swim though. it was just getting down there and in the pool that was the hard part.

also, i'm really hungry today. instead of oatmeal for breakfast, i had an english muffin with peanut butter, yogurt and fresh cranberries. maybe it wasn't as filling? does anyone like fresh cranberries? they are so tart and delicious. and did you know that they are white on the inside? i wasn't expecting that at all! i think they are high in fibre, too. can't go wrong!

for lunch i brought a whole wheat bun, veggies and hummus, and a ready-to-go campbell's healthy request italian wedding soup. italian wedding soup is sooooo good. all of those little balls of pasta! i'm excited.

tonight i am taking one of my oldest friends to see "sharon jones and the dap kings" live in concert. i have seen them once before and they are amazing!

now i need to get a coffee to distract myself from this raging hunger.


Sarah said...

I LOVE italian wedding soup!! I didn't know they made it in ready to go containers! I will have to look for that.

Jen said...

Thats a cool idea for another blog! I understand the whole personal thing and wanting one a little more informational/conversational???

I find my oatmeal isn't holding me as much as it was before...and I am really looking forward to my PB and toast mornings...but that's because I love PB and toast...

And now I also need to try fresh cranberries!!! Way to give me so much to think about!!!

SeaBreeze said...

Congrats on getting down there and getting your swim in.

Shirls said...

I love wedding soup too but I'd a snob and prefer my own over any can brand, too much freaking salt :0)

I can't wait to start swimming for exercise! Friday I think will be my first chance, woooo hooooooo!! feel free to share some tips with the newbie

Vanessa said...

If you start another blog I'll read it :)

fittingbackin said...

I agree - another blog is a great idea! You're such a good writer - count me in as a reader if you go that route! :)