Wednesday, October 15, 2008

midweek already

i really didn’t want to wake up this morning. i mean really! i set my alarm for 6:45am, so i could get up and swim with lots of time to get ready, but i didn’t get out of bed until 7:15. i still went swimming, i was just later getting to the office (where my mom works... so not a huge deal).

i stayed up a bit too late a) watching the election results (no real surprise!) and b) finishing this bad danielle steel book that i got from the library. does anyone else feel the urge to finish every book they start, even when they are crap? this one was called “amazing grace” and about an earthquake in san francisco. too bad really. one of my favourite books is “jewels” by danielle steel, so i know it’s the specific book and not the author. there is just too much describing of feelings and thoughts, and not enough dialogue or scenic descriptions. that’s my big criticism.

yesterday i tried something new. instead of counting points (and eating the most food possible for my amount of points), i decided to just eat when i was hungry, but choose relatively healthy things. it’s only one day. i really ate a significant amount less than i usually do, and i didn’t feel out-of-control-hungry or anything. the only time i was really hungry was 5:30-7:00, but i was driving home, stopping at the grocery store, voting, etc. so there just wasn’t time to eat.

today is a good day. why? because my PB2 peanut butter is coming in the mail. i love UPS. the tracking is always so right on and updated frequently. i know a lot of people are sceptical about powdered peanut butter but it’s really very delicious. i like it anyway. if you are attached to skippy or another super creamy brand then maybe it won’t work for you.

i’m not sure when i’ll hear about the job. hopefully this week! i would really like it because it’s a good one. the location is not the best but beggers (who don’t have jobs and have to work pity jobs with their moms in the burbs) can’t be choosers. ;) i was a bit flustered over a few questions because i let my mouth talk faster than my brain could think, and then my brain would say, “don’t say that idiot!” and i’d get a bit jumbled. bah – interview questions are never fun.

tonight is date night and i am not going to eat any liquorice rainbow twizzers (i didn’t last weekend either – i drank out of one but didn’t eat it). it’s already midweek... woohoo!

oh, one more thing. this morning my body fat was between 16 and 17% and i did definitely NOT see anything resembling an ab. =D


SeaBreeze said...

Nice experiment with the "not counting points". I read about someone trying that for a while and realizing that some things which were only 4 points were WAY more calories than they expected because the idea is that it evens out over time. But what if you're always picking the higher calorie ones, then it doesn't get a chance to skew downwards.

Shirls said...

I ordered some PB to give it a try, got a co-worker to split the 4 pack with me :0) do you every have to pay duty on it?

*keeping fingers crossed* for the job

fittingbackin said...

Good for you - i'm simply incapable of working out in the morning! I recently read Danielle Steele's book sisters... it wasn't bad but same complaint... on and on and on about the context. It's like I get it, they're in Florence, now what happens next dang it?! haha "resembling an ab" haha That seems like a great % - i have no idea what mine is. Oh BTW - You're now officially tagged. Tell us six random facts or interesting tidbits about you. Ready? Go!

Randi said...

Not that I'm saying your not, but that bf% is really low for a woman I think. Athlete level. I bet you could google images and find what other people look like with that number. It should at least be a good tool to see if your going up or down right?

I also feel like I have to read entire books, I keep waiting for them to get better. I HATE reading a bad book, I feel for ya.

Vanessa said...

I absolutely have to finish a book once I pick it up, even if it's terrible!

I don't miss counting points at all. It made me obsessive and crazy! That's just me though :).