Tuesday, October 14, 2008

a tuesday list

a list format:

1. exercise was great this weekend. a 40 minute swim and 25 minute bike ride on saturday, on sunday day 3 week 3 of the couch to 5k, and monday another 40 minute swim.

2. unfortunately the running on sunday caused some pretty bad bum pain, and i was limping around on sunday and monday. frustrating!!!

3. i think i've figured out that i can only run in the evenings, on pain free days. for some reason running in the morning or early afternoon hurts me. :(

4. food was not so great this weekend. but it's over, and i'm over it.

5. i had a job interview this morning and i think it went pretty well. :)

6. i forgot my make-up case at my parent's house last night and thus had no make-up (foundation) for this morning and had to go to shopper's drug mart at 8am to buy some.

7. yes, i am one of those girls who doesn't leave the house without makeup. except this morning going to buy make-up of course!

8. i bought a new scale that measures body fat and hydration levels because my other scale is starting to be on the fritz. i don't know how i feel about it. a) the scale reads one pound lower than my other digital scale. b) at first it said i had 12.6% body fat which is ridiculous. but then i read online that you aren't supposed to check that stuff when you first wake up or right after exercising. so later in the day it read 16% which is still pretty weird. i don't know. i was expecting around 20% but maybe i'm more buff than i thought? does anybody know more about this?

9. i am drinking a pumpkin spice tea from tim hortons. sooooooo tasty!

10. i'm not sure if i will exercise tonight. maybe. i really want to get into the elliptical again because they burn a lot of calories and are right in front of the tvs, but the ones in my condo gym are so stiff. and the bar for magazines is so weirdly placed. anyhoo.

11. i really feel like i'm getting out of shape. i don't know why. i feel like things are a bit out of control. maybe it's because i don't have a steady job yet or because my apartment always seems to get messy so fast. i need a better routine dammit!


Randi said...

I bet you feel out of shape because you can't just run whenever you want no problem, now it's a big deal when you run. (you used to do a whole lot, plus biking and stuff, it's hard when it gets colder).

I heard somewhere that below 18% body fat women will start to see their 6-pack. I'm sure it's different for everybody depending where you store fat. I know that body fat readers like that do vary a LOT based on your hydration, I was listed as 30% bf, which hasn't changed even when I lost 20 lbs so they basically don't work on me. (I refuse to buy the 30%!)

Haley said...

Wow, if I had a scale like that I would make out with it.

fittingbackin said...

Wow - good for you! I'd love to do that much exercise on a weekend! Where do you swim? I'm sorry your run caused you problems - random that it seems to be a time thing! I'm glad your interview went well - when do you hear back? I know nothing about scales or body fat - eek! I HATE poorly mounted magazine racks. My office's treadmills have them mounted way on top. Unless the font is huge you have to hold it while you walk - defeats the purpose...

Cara said...

I can't wait to hear how the interview worked out ;-)

I hope the bum pain goes away soon!

Crystal said...

Looks like you did a pretty good job exercising this weekend. I bet you're feeling out of shape since you can't run as much as you want and have to limit yourself.

Hope you get some good feedback on your job interview.

Shirls said...

sorry to hear about your pain coming back again, that is so frustrating!

I totally get the ellpitical thing, they gotta be comfy..

I wish my scale told me my body fat was that low, mine jumps all over the place and I'm never sure its really accurate, although according to the reviews its suppose to be a really accurate scale. I've heard that body fat should be measured at the end of the day.. don't know why but I keep finding that info