Monday, October 6, 2008

monday morning

my weekend was good. on friday night my bf and i stayed in and watched the sex and the city movie. i had seen it (come on) but he hadn't and wanted to. we ordered swiss chalet for dinner and it was delicious. :)

on saturday we did some shopping and for dinner i made this bruschetta chicken bake that i saw in the kraft magazine. while online it got good reviews, i wouldn't make it again. i think i mixed the can of tomatoes with the stove top stuffing too soon... anyway it was kind of mushy. and the chicken, being the bottom layer, was kind of flavourless except for the basil. and i wasn't completely convinced that the chicken had baked for long enough (only 30 minutes!)... so kind of bleh.

at night we went to a concert (brazilian girls) and then to a party. the next morning i woke up feeling like DEATH. seriously, it felt like someone slipped a roofie into my drink. i had sort of a lot to drink but really not enough to feel so crappy. i'm sure nothing funny like that happened but still. didn't feel good.

today is monday and i'm at home today. i'm going to go swimming for 30 minutes in a few, and then maybe try week three day one of the couch to 5k tonight since my bum pain isn't bothering me today. also a protein smoothie for dinner!


Carolyn said...

Too bad about the recipe. I read on someone else's blog that it came out kind of mushy. I love anything with tomatoes and garlic though but the thought of mushy bread is icky.

Hope your feelin gback to your old self this morning!

Shirls said...

I really like the bruschetta chicken bake, been making it for years (kraft recycles recipes big time) but I don't find it blah, or mushy.. like Carolyn said that is the second time recently I've heard mushy, less liquid next time?

Bi0nicw0man said...

Ya Amy made that brushetta bake and said her hubby liked it but she found it mushy. I'm not down with Stove Top anyway. Maybe drain the hell outta the toms next time?

Glad the BF watched SATC with you. Mine won't touch it with a 10-foot pole. Thankfully he just left for a month so I can watch it whenever I want. (OK...not really thankfully!)

Jen said...

I LOVE ordering in and watching movies!!!

I think I tried that but "modified" it a bit...I don't like stove top!!! My sister loves it but I would rather make my own stuffing!!!

Vanessa said...

I hate it when I don't drink that much and still wake up feeling bad! Too bad about your recipe :(