Thursday, January 31, 2008

tappity tap tap

thursday... yahoo! note that i posted a poll - it's on the right side of the page. nothing too exciting but something i want to know.

last night was pretty good. for dinner we had homemade bean and barley soup (delicious), my homemade meatballs (i had 4) from the weekend, and rye bread. surprisingly it was very satisfying all night long. later my boyfriend wanted to make a snack but i refused. the thought of a giant bowl of popcorn and ketchup chips did sound good but i was happy i didn't need to give in. i had some chai tea instead. (he didn't snack either.)

i also put together a night table from ikea. it was a pain in the bumhoolio. why? because there is a door on hinges and i just couldn't get it to fit right for such a long time. and you all know those ikea instructions are hit or miss.

this is what it looks like but in white and much bigger of course. and the door swings open from the left:

let me say, thank you mom for buying me that cordless electric screwdriver/drill a couple of years ago for christmas. it was a lifesaver. the thought of handscrewing (that sounds funny haha) bolts and screws in and out in and out makes me cringe. so i did one and i have another to do, so maybe tonight and maybe not. tonight i am going for a treadmill run, and then i have tap class. tappity tap tap.

today my menu is:

coffee at home
coffee at work
1 and a half packages of pc blue menu multigrain oatmeal (i am trying this because one package is often not filling enough to last until lunch)


turkey sandwich on rye bread with swiss cheese and mustard
raw baby carrots and tomatoes with hummus

fat free yogurt

dinner: not sure yet. :)

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

product review: aveda comforting tea

another post you lucky people. at work in the afternoon i like to drink this aveda comforting tea to relax and because after 4pm i start getting the bored munchies. this tea is SO DAMN GOOD. not joking. i enjoy tea but think herbal tea is only okay, but this tea blows my mind. it has peppermint and licorice, is caffeine free (although i like caffeine myself), and is 100% organic. i have the loose leaf kind and put it in one of those metal balls that sits in your tea, although it also comes in bags. the loose leaves scatter in the mug, even with a tea ball, so don't let this scare you. it doesn't need milk or sweetening or anything. it's perfect just the way it is.

finally a post

so, check out this food:

there is: one mexican casserole, two bags of frozen perogies with some sort of gravy or sauce, one bag of frozen kopytka, two jars of homemade soup, one jar of homemade meat spaghetti sauce, one cucumber (sick), four apples, one tropicana juice container, one giant loaf of rye bread, two types of deli meat, and swiss cheese.

i have never seen so many swiss cheese slices in my life. in one place. actually probably if i combined all the swiss cheese slices i've seen in my entire life it would be more than this. not the point.

and a close-up of the perogies and kopytka.

and how did my boyfriend's mom react to my superclean apartment? well, she didn't come. that's right, you read it right. she didn't even come. she got my boyfriend's brother to drop it off... so all that cleaning, for nothing! well, except my own happiness because i do like a clean apartment. she called me while i was at my friend's house and gave me food storage and cooking instructions and to thank me for taking care of her son while she was gone. very nice but what a european thing to do. lex- they are polish :)

so anyhoo, last night i had swiss chalet at my friend's house. i got the quarter chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy and a multigrain bun. they gave me a regular bun and a multigrain one, so i brought one for lunch today. mmmmm yum. i had a nice cup of starbucks "calm" tea at home (i have the bags) and had a great sleep.

this morning i woke up and walked on the treadmill for 80 minutes switching up the inclines. it's a good workout. i like to read while i'm doing it but nothing heavy. as in, no hardcover books haha. and usually something light and fun as well. it is obscenely early of course. i'm reading "the line of beauty" by alan hollinghurst for my bookclub but it's too heavy (in weight and topic) so this morning i started reading the first book in the gossip girl series. i ordered it from the library. scandalicious. then i was going to do a leg shave... ran the tub... put a foot in... and the water was ice cold! what in the world!? that was a surprise i did not like. something was up with my hot water this morning. so i had a shower and it was barely luke-warm... bleh. and on a windy, frigid morning like today as well.

in other news, when my boyfriend comes over tonight for our regularly scheduled wednesday date, he isn't leaving! testing testing one two three... ;o)

and today's menu:

1/2 fibre one oats and chocolate bar

during workout:
1 giant travel mug of coffee
1 plastic container filled with club soda and low cal grape juice (don't ask - i am trying to make room in the fridge)

post workout:
1/2 fibre one oats and chocolate bar (1)

weight control maple brown sugar oatmeal (2)
clementine (0.5)

grapes (1)
raw baby tomatoes
raw baby carrots
scoop of hummus (0.5)

NHL chef boyardee pasta cup (2)
multigrain bun (2)
clementine (0.5)

fat free yogurt (1)
1/4 cup all bran (0.5)

i assume perogies and homemade soup.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

super prepared

last night my run was not good. it started out alright, but i tied my right shoelace too tight and it was bothering me, so i pushed pause to re-tie it and all my settings disappeared. i hate that. so i had to restart but then my leg was feeling all weird, excuse excuse etc., i did it (4 miles) but the last ten minutes of my run went like this: three minutes running, two walking, three running, two walking, and so on.

here is my get this: today i had to be super prepared. i cleaned my bathroom last night, and then found out at 10 pm that my boyfriend's mother would be stopping by my apartment tonight. ah! this is a big deal because she has never been there before, and obviously her youngest son spends a lot of time there, so first impressions are very important. she is a stay at home european mom, so things like having a clean, good looking house (meaning that i am a lovely young woman who can take care of this stuff in the future) are vital.

why is she coming? well, she is coming to drop off food, like perogies and homemade soups and stuff. she is going to europe for a couple of weeks and my boyfriend is coming to stay with me... starting tomorrow (at her suggestion!) she drives him to the subway and stuff in the morning (he commutes to the city) and won't be there to do that. do i need her to bring food? no, but 1) who am i do deny delicious homemade (free) food and 2) there is no point in refusing this for other obvious reasons.

so of course i had to clean like a madwoman! thank god i already cleaned the bathroom so it really wasn't that bad. but i have plans after work today and won't be home until after 9pm, so i had to leave the house this morning with everything immaculate. also i had to remember to bring stuff (books and movies) for my friend (ex-roommate) that i am meeting, set the tape for biggest loser, bring my old remote control from my old house to return, feed the cat, etc. i think i remembered it all. i hope, anyway.

so tonight i am going to my ex-roommate's apartment - we used to live together until december and now we both live alone. should be fun. we are going to order swiss chalet or something.

this morning i woke up early (because i am having mad trouble sleeping lately... mind is racing) and did 60 minutes incline intervals on the treadmill. i changed from 80 to 60 because i needed some extra sleep. still a good workout. if i don't get a good sleep tonight i am gonna lose it.

today i'm eating:

post walk:
1 slice of sprouted grains toast with peanut butter

more coffee
maple brown sugar weight control oatmeal

peanut chicken lean cuisine

snacks i brought and may or may not eat:
fibre source bar
red grapes
fat free yogurt

swiss chalet? if so, i'm thinking of a quarter chicken dinner with mashed potatoes and gravy. did you know the mashed potatoes and gravy is less calories than the baked potato? and more delicious? it's true. :)

Monday, January 28, 2008

gonna do it

well. normally i wouldn't make another post in the evening, but i'd like to tell everyone (and myself) that even though it's 8:55pm, and i'd like to curl up in my bed with a book, i'm going to the gym now. i've had a nice big salad, cleaned the bathroom, and now i'm going to the gym. yep. going! mondays are for tcb (takin' care of business) and if i don't go now i'm going to regret it. so here i go...

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Enter to win at MyWoodenSpoonDOTcom

monday again?

yes, it's monday again. i took the weekend off from exercise because i was pooped and needed a break. friday night was my boyfriend's show at the rivoli and that was fun. i tried to take a nap before it started but i couldn't which was really annoying. i don't like taking naps and i hardly ever do. why? because i always lie there like a flopping fish, trying to sleep but thinking about nonsense instead. but the show was good. saturday we slept in (big time) until 1:30pm... can you believe it? i can't. alright i can. we were supposed to go to ikea and exchange these bedroom curtains i got which don't block any light but i was too lazy and we just did nothing.

actually that's not true. i walked to the grocery store and got lots of stuff. my boyfriend made us breakfast (at 4:30pm!!!) while i cleaned the apartment. then i transformed a package of lean ground chicken into two delicious hamburger patties (for dinner) and meatballs (which i have frozen). touching raw ground meat really grosses me out haha but the outcome is rather nice.

this week i am going to try and take care of business. i really need to clean my bathroom... tonight! in terms of eating i am going to try again to only eat when i'm hungry. last week i did a lot of mindless snacking, or just eating because the food was there in front of me, which isn't a good habit to get into.

today i'm eating:

weight control maple brown sugar oatmeal

lean cuisine mushroom something pizza

snacks i brought:
2 fat free yogurts
fiber one peanut butter bar
another clementine

Friday, January 25, 2008

friday good and bad

good: it's friday.

bad: weigh-in, gained one pound.

good: i couldn't give a hooping funt because i'm still in my goal range.

bad: i bought a box of melba rounds at the beginning of the week and kept it at my desk and have been mindlessly snacking on them all week.

good: i had the best run ever last night! 4 miles: 5 minutes walking, 33 minutes running at 6.2 mph, 5 minutes walking. it was so easy!

bad: my muscles are KILLING me from that carmen electra video. seriously! especially my arms and abs.

good: tap dancing last night.

bad: there was a different teacher who whizzed through the steps too fast and i was a bit confused.

good: getting up this morning and walking 80 minutes interval inclines, burning more than 450 cals - that's a lot!

bad: i have exercised every day this week... healthy or gymorexic? healthy or gymorexic?

good: pop with brains tonight at the rivoli (my boyfriend's event).

bad: my red shoes which were supposed to be ready today, won't be ready until wednesday because they have to order new heels and they aren't in yet.

good: i love watching my boyfriend's band. so cute. and rockin' too.

bad: now what am i going to wear? i had a whole outfit planned around the shoes.

good: i guess i'll have to go shopping at lunch.

bad: spending money whilst shopping at lunch.

good: it's sunny today! and i'm featured on back in skinny jeans! (see below)

bad: it's also freezing.

good: today's menu:

1/2 granola bar before workout
1/2 granola bar & tea after workout

coffee and handful (big) of cinnamon shredded wheat squares

all bran bar

leftover turkey noodle casserole and veggies


check it!

check it out everybody, i'm featured on today's back in skinny jeans thanks stephanie! i have a meeting, but i'll be back later with a real post!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

picture time and another list

today is a busy one, so it calls for another list:

1) my review of dinner is in the comments of the post before this one.

2) here are pictures of my pillow (that i made in my sewing class):
this is the first picture, but i don't think that the table did it justice.

so i took another against this audrey picture i haven't hung up yet

then i wanted to show how well the fabric matched my couch (and it's from the walmart clearance bin too)

3) i am taking another tap class which starts tonight. i love tapping! tippity tap tap *jazz hands*

4) i got home before my boyfriend last night, so thought i would have time to finish my carmen electra strip to fit workout video. for those that are interested there is a "main" part which has cardio and works the whole body, then there are three mini target sections, for legs, arms, and abs - they are about five minutes each. anyway, i wanted to do these mini sections before he got there but he caught me. and then started taking photos of how "cute" it was. (it wasn't.) one benefit of working out to a video in the privacy of your own home, is that you can wear whatever you want, including your fuzzy slippers, striped socks, and napoleon dynamite "liger" shirt.

5) guess what toronto girls? if you look in your dominion/a & p grocery flyer, you'll see that tomorrow (friday) they are going to start selling fiber one bars in canada. i'm excited!

6) today i'm eating:
weight control maple brown sugar oatmeal
all bran honey bar
granny smith apple
leftover dinner (1/4) from last night, but for lunch
and for dinner, i don't know. since i'm tapping i don't know how rushed i'll be.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


ok, i'm armed and ready with a game plan for dinner.

i'm doing a different take on mrs. furious's salmon noodle casserole.

i love baked pasta, but i don't love salmon (hey, it smells funny to me, what can i say?) and i don't think my boyfriend likes tuna (which i will change... in time... but now is not the moment) so i am making turkey sausage noodle casserole.

first i will chop an onion and cut up 2 or 3 schneider's lean turkey grill 'ems, and fry with non-stick cooking spray for a bit.

then i will boil whole wheat rotini, add 1 cup frozen peas and 1/2 cup frozen corn... and then follow the rest of the recipe as is. and i will side it with green and yellow beans, and carrots. the end. i am most excited about the healthy request cream of mushroom soup.

fit but not going to strip

good afternoon to you. here are the latest scoops in a list format:

1) my sewing class was great. i learned how to use different kinds of sewing machines, how to thread a machine, how to wind a bobbin, how to pin things, cut fabric, use a fancy iron, and make a pillow. my pillow looks great and not to boast but i think it was the best in the class. why? well, there were only six of us and also, i took my time. i didn't rush through the stitches. less pressure on the foot people - slow and steady wins the pillow race in the end. so i forgot to take a photo of it this morning, but i will.

2) i walked home, got home and my foot was freezing. i made oatmeal and tea and it was delicious. then i vacuumed my entire apartment. i love having a vacuumed apartment because it's all some sort of fake wood and i hate anything crunching beneath my feet.

3) this morning, as you can see by the new exercise panel on the right hand side of the page, i wanted to get up early and do a long incline switching walk on the treadmill. to do that i have to get up at 6:15 am. but i didn't get up until 7 am. so... i did the only workout video i have. carmen electra fit to strip! before you get too excited i only have the second workout dvd in this series, and it doesn't include any stripping. this is the fitness dvd, that is designed to give you the body you want to strip with. it's actually a good video and a good workout and right now my bum hurts.

4) i have a date tonight and once again, by date i just mean my boyfriend is coming over and we are going to make dinner and do some smooching. i love these dates. except he always wants to eat poutine. he would eat poutine every night if he could. granted, i am not worried about calories or points as we make a very low fat version (low fat mccain fries [the pink package], reduced fat mozzarella, and swiss chalet home style powdered gravy) but still. how much poutine can one person eat? i think i need to work on my chef skillz. skillz with a z.

5) today i'm eating:

before fit stripping:
1/2 banana

got to work:
1/2 banana

and then:
2 melba toast rounds

and then a breakfast snack:
weight control maple brown sugar oatmeal (seriously this is addicting)
fat free source yogurt

and later i will consume...

for lunch:
lean cuisine mango chicken curry

and a snack:
a fat free vanilla source yogurt

and for dinner:
anything but poutine

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


it's quite a snowy snowfest here today. last night i got home and went right down to the gym. good thing because ten minutes later it was packed and there would have been no hope for me getting a treadmill. there are these two girls who work out together all the time and it annoys me a little. why? because i like to work out alone, and it is not a big gym, so two people doing the same thing for an extended period of time means that no one else can do it as well. like two girls chatting while walking on the treadmills for an hour means that no one else can use the machines. there are two floor mats for stretching, so same thing. maybe if i had a workout "buddy" i'd be singing a different tune.

i got up early this morning to walk on the treadmill because tonight is my sewing class. yahoo! it's three hours long, and teaches you the basics of using a sewing machine. we are making pillows. i am very excited to start my new hobby of being a skilled sewer who can make her own clothes. in time in time.

last night after working out i planned to take a shower and then make dinner, but i was so hungry when i came upstairs that i just started grazing. too bad. i didn't eat more than i should have but i like having an actual meal... grazing just is not as satisfying. now time for some serious tcb (taking care of business) at work.

i had to bring all my food to work today, so here goes:

pre workout:
1 slice sprouted grains toast (1)

post workout:
tea (0)
1 slice sprouted grains toast (1)

clementine (0.5)
coffee (0)
maple brown sugar oatmeal (2)

salad (0)
can of tuna (3)
dressing (1)
almonds (1.5)
raisins (1)

early dinner:
weight watchers bagel (2) - yes, i found them in the Longos in the PATH basement BCE place.
rustic veg. and potato soup (3)
clementine (0.5)
yogurt (1)

probably popcorn later. :)

oh, and i brought my shoes to the shoe maker - it's going to cost more than i paid for them to fix them! they have to replace both heels, and they are adding better soles so i don't slip again. $50 for heel replacement alone! gad zooks! the shoe repair man said that the heels were brittle - but the leather is good, so once i get them fixed they will last a long time. it's worth it because they are very unique.

Monday, January 21, 2008

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200th post, blue monday

today is blue monday, according to the news. the associated press reads, "Bad weather, post-Christmas debts and failed New Year's resolutions are all thought to help make Monday the most depressing of 2008, with the highest number of suicides." yikes! but the article also says that by thinking negatively, your day will just get worse and worse, which of course is true. bad vibes.

so on the weekend i got an absolutely wicked pair of shoes at my favourite vintage dress store, which is called "i miss you."

i wore them one time, and look what happened!

it's ok, don't be sad for me. i'll go to the shoe repair man at lunch and see what he can do. i really like them and it would be a shame if they committed suicide on the day before the most depressing day of the year. i had a bit of an accident. i slipped down some stairs while wearing them, fell, while falling took out my boyfriend who fell on top of me, and the rest is history. i have a huge bruise and a swollen ankle. once again, don't cry for me because i'm fine, i just hope that this bruise won't affect my determination to do four yes four midweek workouts this week. one of the treadmills in my gym is out of order. this really is not cool because a) there are only three treadmills and b) there are no time limits which means that some people like to hog the treadmills during peak times. and not to mention c) i pay condo fees for this stuff... not cheap!

today's menu:
slice of sprouted grains toast
weight control oatmeal
1/2 sandwich (leftover)
garden tomato soup to go
spicy bean burger salad

Friday, January 18, 2008

pictures of my pants

my review of ps. i love you (the movie) = depressing! some parts were funny but on the whole it was slow moving and very depressing and i hope to never see it again!

some of you want to see pictures of my high-waisted wide-legged turquoise jordache pants. well, here they are! i didn't get a good shot of the entire pants, but there is a picture of me getting ready, and one of me sitting on a giant light-up tiger. don't ask. yes, it was at the end of the night... so what?

i am really busy at work today, writing stuff about new books for sales reps. i woke up early again this morning at did another 80 minute treadmill incline walk. hardcore! actually it wasn't that hardcore. i started reading this new book called "the cement garden" by ian mcewan. my boss leant it to me. it's short so i am about halfway done. it's bizarre, and the subject matter is kind of... creepy... but worth reading.

this weekend should be good. tonight i am staying in with my lovely boyfriend (who i forgot to say sent me a dozen long stemmed roses at work this week!) and watching borat (again) and tomorrow maybe some dancing. i am looking forward to relaxing with a capital R.

today i'm eating:

some honey nut all bran with silk soy (before workout)
some almonds and dried apricots (post)
weight control maple brown sugar oatmeal

and for lunch
a fat free turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread with a processed mozzarella cheese slice
an apple
a cup of instant soup

and for dinner... je ne sais pas!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

you're the reason i'm leaving

that's just a line from a franz ferdinand song. they are a great band to work out to and so hip it hurts me a little.

last night i went to the gym and ran 4 miles, did weights, lunges, ab work, and then rode the stationary bike for 5.7 miles. i was finishing a book (the fourth sisterhood of the traveling pants - don't judge me, i like to read all sorts of books) and just kept going. then i made a big spinach salad which consisted of spinach, balsamic vinigrette spray, frozen corn (thawed), a sol cuisine spicy bean veggie burger (cut up), some green onion, chopped carrots, and 2 slices of weight watchers bread (toasted and chopped like healthy croutons). it was good and pretty filling.

this morning i got up early to hit the gym again. i like to get in three weekday workouts and one on the weekend. i tried a mrs. furious cardio session. i walked for 80 minutes at 3.5 mph, changing my incline from 0 to 9% every 1.5 minutes. it was a pretty good workout. i can feel it in my bum for sure. since i am taller than she, i upped the speed. i probably should have upped the incline more, but it was early in the morning and i didn't want to push it so hard that it might deter me from doing it again. i liked it though. i read almost an entire issue of chatelaine, and learned about rrsp's, women who regret their "compromise" not to have babies, and the sex canadian women aren't having. fascinating!

tonight i am going to the movies with my best girlfriend. i have to meet her in mississauga which sucks because a) i have to drive and b) its 30-40 minutes away. damn it, i hate driving. i like riding my bike, walking, and taking the transit in that particular order. we are going to see "ps i love you" which i am pretty pumped about. girl movies? hell ya!

here is today's menu:

brown sugar maple weight control oatmeal (2)
small banana (1)

yogurt (1)
strawberries (0.5)
honey all bran flakes (0.5)

lean cuisine pizza (7)

yogurt (1)
strawberries (0.5)
all bran flakes (0.5)

dinner (?)
popcorn at movie (4) i'm bringing my own because a) i'm cheap cheap and b) movie popcorn is a weekend treat. one more day until the weekend.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

boring but tired

i know it's boring but i'm tired today. i had book club last night and went, even though i didn't finish the book. i drank a "mulled wine" which tasted like a winter holiday. mmmmm. it is red wine with spices, served hot. it came in a little clay decanter. i just wanted to say decanter.

afterwards my boyfriend came over and brought me.... wait for it... a sewing machine! yippee! i have always wanted one. it is his mom's old one from 1982 (not joking) but it looks good to me. there is something to be said for older machines and their quality as well. i am taking a learn to sew course next week - it's just one day and the basics... like how to thread the machine, making a pillow, spooling (whatever that is), etc., so i should be on project runway by next season or so, showcasing my fab designs.

tonight i am going to the gym and watching biggest loser, which i taped. already the ending was spoiled for me. although, i really couldn't care who gets the boot at this point. i heard there was a big fight and house drama. don't tell me!

today's menu:

pc blue menu cinnamon multigrain oatmeal (2.5)
small banana (1)
yogurt (1)

fruit (1)

turkey sandwich (6)
soup (1)

apple (1)
peanut butter (1)
yogurt (1)

sol cuisine burger (2)
spinach (1)
cheese (1)

and a snack too maybe baby.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


i am feeling much better today, thanks everybody. =D

but for the record, yesterday's post wasn't about sharing a problem or making some sort of giant confession. i just can link eating too much cookie dough to feeling upset about something. and the truth is, the cookie dough did help. it was pretty delicious. it's weird. when i feel upset in an outraged sort of way i can eat through the problem, but if i was upset about a personal problem and felt sad or guilty, my appetite would be non-existent.

but today is a new day. i went to the gym last night and did 4 miles on the treadmill. it was hard because i felt so exhausted in an emo way but i pushed through it. i had to walk a few times but got in 30 minutes total of running which is my goal. i also did some weights and 4 miles on the stationary bike. and today i brought 75% of the cookies to work for my coworkers to eat. evil? maybe.

i made another big salad (this tends to be a monday trend) which consisted of spinach, roasted cauliflower and onion, carrots, almonds, raisins, dried apricots, baby tomatoes, and two chicken wieners cut up. now that i list all the ingredients it sounds pretty gross but it was good. i also went grocery shopping and stocked up on lean cuisines - they are on sale for $1.99. a little bird was saying "cheap cheap" in my ear.

today's menu is:

quaker weight control oatmeal (2)
strawberries (0.5)

clementine (0.5)
yogurt (1)

2 slices ww toast (1)
campbell's chunky beef soup (5)

yogurt (1)
all bran mixed in (0.5)

maybe another spinach salad with a sol cuisine veggie burger chopped into it. (?)

Monday, January 14, 2008

emotional eating

for once i'm happy that the weekend was over. it was really terrible in a lot of ways, although good in some as well.

the good: i had fun dancing with my friends, my bf made me a nice breakfast, i ran 4 miles on the treadmill saturday morning even though i *really* didn't want to, i got curtains for my condo and put them up so now i feel like my every move isn't on view to the world.

the bad: extreme family drama, drinking way too much, overcrowded bars and ikeas, very bad food choices including poutine (twice), burger king (whopper... what was i thinking although it was tasty), making cookies and eating 1/2 the dough, nachos with cheese melted, and probably more i'm blocking from my memory.

i definitely fall into the category of "emotional eater" which bothers me but what can i do about it? not do it? not that easy. i have started reading this book and it basically says that recovering from an eating disorder is very unlikely and symptoms in adults (as opposed to adolescents and young women) tend to be ignored because they assume that adult women a) have "recovered" whatever that means or b) grow out of their problems. binge eating and emotional eating should be considered eating disorders as well. it's like alcoholism. you wouldn't expect a recovering alcoholic to walk into a bar every day and have one drink and be satisfied and happy. but those who have/had a problem with overeating in the past still have to deal with food and reasonable portion sizes at every meal. sucks! i know i'm a negative nancy today but it really is the pits.

here is today's menu:
brown sugar cinnamon weight control quaker oatmeal.
lean cuisine pizza
spinach salad
chicken hot dogs

and i am going to the gym after work even though i don't want to. exercise = happy. happy = no more negative nancy. maybe some sunshine would help too.

Friday, January 11, 2008

friday menu

i was originally going to write a post about goal weights, and how i'm actually below my ww goal range and not too thin, but decided against it. maybe later!

today's menu includes:

pc blue menu multigrain oatmeal with milk and frozen berries
all bran bar
latte from starbucks
whole wheat crackers
apple with PB2 peanut butter
cheese string

and then dinner... ?

Thursday, January 10, 2008

thursday madness

today there was a bit of trouble getting to work because of the wind yesterday. apparently it blew the C of of the CIBC building (a bank tower) and some of it was dangling and had to be removed. anyway my king streetcar was diverted off of it's normal route so it took longer to get to work today. i guess it's better than someone being crushed by falling debris... i guess... ;o)

yesterday i bought some awesome pants. better than the shiny pants? it's debatable. they are turquoise high-waisted bell bottoms, by jordache. remember that brand from the 80s? i look like i'm out of that dazed and confused movie. i have to get them hemmed though, because they are too long.

i didn't do any closet cleaning yet, but perhaps i'll have some time tonight after going to the gym. i *have to get to bed early tonight because i am going dancing on friday and saturday of this weekend.

last night for dinner my boyfriend and i made this recipe from the kraft "what's cooking" magazine. it wasn't terribly healthy but it was interesting. here is what we did:

brown 1 lb of extra lean ground beef (we added onions too) and drain. add 2 cups water, 1 cup salsa, and the noodles from 1 package of kraft mac and cheese. bring to a boil then cover and simmer for 10 minutes. then add 2 cups frozen corn, the powdered cheese from the kraft mac and cheese box, some chopped tomatoes, and cook for 2 more minutes. top with chopped green onions and cheddar cheese (we didn't add this cheese) and voila. apparently this makes 4 servings. we each had a huge portion and i'm pretty sure more than 1/2 is leftover.

here is today's menu:

pc blue menu multigrain oatmeal with 1/2 banana
all bran bar and 1/2 banana
lean cuisine ravioli
reheated green and yellow beans
2 clementines

dinner - i'll worry about that later.

*never happens

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

windy day

today is very windy. you know you don't have anything exciting to say when you talk about a) the weather and b) how tired you are. people talking about how tired they are is very boring. why? because everybody is tired! nobody wants to wake up at 5:30 or 6:00 or 7:00 or even 7:30 like me. ok, today it was 8:00. i kept hitting the snooze.

thanks everybody for all of your nice comments yesterday. big head growing... vanity rising... haha just kidding. my arms are quite buff - i'd like to thank my 5 to 15 pound dumb bells, various protein sources, complex carbs, my mom, my cat, and um.... also the swimming pool.

this is my cat, oliver:

i blew up these happy face balloons for the new year's party and he was fascinated by them. yes, he has blue nails but they are soft paws!

tonight i have a date with my boyfriend, and by "date" i mean making dinner and smooching at my house. i suckered him into seeing atonement last weekend so he deserves a break. atonement was good by the way, although not as good as the book (of course).

last night for dinner i made a giant spinach salad which had - spinach, cooked green and yellow beans, 2 slices peppercorn chicken bacon (chopped), roasted cauliflower, edamame beans out of the shell, almonds, raisins, carrots, and raspberry dressing. yum. i couldn't eat it all so i brought some for lunch today, minus the spinach because soggy spinach = bleh!

so i'm eating:
reduced sugar oatmeal with 1/2 banana
all bran bar and 1/2 banana
that leftover salad mixture
a ravioli lean cuisine
green and yellow beans

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

shiny pants

one of my friends recently told me that my personal style had really changed, and i don't think it really has, except that now i am wearing the clothes i always wanted to wear but couldn't (wouldn't) before. and it made me think about all the things i didn't do, or rather, wouldn't let myself do, when i was heavier.

for example, when i was heavier:

i hated summer because i didn't want to wear tank tops or shorts. instead i overdressed and made myself hot and uncomfortable.

i wore a t-shirt over my bathing suit. in retrospect this probably just increased my blobby middle-section.

i didn't want to take group exercise classes because i was ashamed at how out of shape i was.

i was appalled at the idea of daily exercise, like riding my bike to work.

i didn't want people to look at me, because i didn't like looking at myself.

anyway, now i do like looking at myself, and i wear interesting clothes. like these shiny tight leggings i wore for new years:

this is before the party (no guests yet) and dancing by the snack table

and this is post party

last night i ran outside! finally. it was a bit wet but warm enough. i thought i was going for 4 miles, and today when i mapped it online, i realized that's 6.7 km. impressive! this coming from a girl who couldn't even go two minutes without stopping not that many months ago.

yesterday for lunch i went to wendy's and had a jr. hamburger deluxe with no mayo and a side salad. the hamburger was like heaven. mmmmmmm.

today i am eating:
reduced sugar apple cinnamon oatmeal
all bran bar
pc blue menu vegetable lasagna
fat free vanilla yogurt
1/4 cup all bran
and for dinner, mystery! although probably edamame because i have some leftover from last night.

Monday, January 7, 2008

good morning

i am always such a tired zombie on mondays. why? because i stay up late on friday and saturday and sleep until noon like a teenager, even though i am in my mid-twenties, and then i don't go to bed on sundays until after midnight. it's my own fault though. i keep telling myself to go to bed earlier, but then staying up is so seductive.

i had a good run on saturday, and i will hit the gym again tonight. i don't really have much to say today, except i have to go through my closet this week and get rid of stuff that a) doesn't fit (because it's too big - hallelujah) b) is hideous or worn out. i'm sure it's most of the items since i never can find anything to wear. maybe i can sell some of it. or donate it. or something.

today i'm eating:
pc blue menu oatmeal with strawberries
a sandwich or something out - fast food because i'm meeting a frendido for lunch, there are always healthy options though
an all-bran bar
dried apricots

and for dinner not sure, although i have an abundance of green and yellow beans my mom gave me yesterday.
let's all hope this week goes by fast!

Friday, January 4, 2008

plateau shmateau

i'm reading a lot in other blogs lately about being stuck in a plateau.

THIS came in my email this morning and it looks helpful.

friday i'm in love

today i'm feeling good about life and i'm being productive at work. it's nice to be organized. yesterday i brought home some old magazines and books that were littering my desk. i have hardly any space so i have to keep it very neat to stay focused. keep in mind "very neat" to me would be "moderately messy" to some.

last night i took care of some errands. i went to the library, to return my old television remote, and to the grocery store. i got lots of delicious items including clementines, granny smith apples, dried apricots, chicken bacon, eggs, egg whites in a carton, a cauliflower, peppermint chocolate soy, hollynog soy (before they run out...), light silk soy, whole wheat bread, cat food, cat litter, tomato paste, and three mccain international pizzas. i love them - they are all thin crust and under 300 calories for 1/4 pizza. rad! and delicious. i got sicilian, canadian, and texas chicken. after looking on the website i see they have multigrain which i didn't see in the store. ripoff!

exercising is going well. last night i did 4 miles on the treadmill and it was TOUGH. i had to stop and walk a bunch of times but so it goes.

today is friday weigh in and it's all fine and good. tonight my boyfriend is coming over and we are a) staying in and playing wii (it's not mine, i am not that lucky) or b) going to the movies because i got a gift card from his brother for christmas. tomorrow night we are GOIN' STEADY. sunday i am going to see whistle down the wind with my mom and sister. i have never ever heard of it but who doesn't love a musical? don't answer that, haters!

today's menu (at work) is:

some dried apricots, i only like them chilled
reduced sugar quaker instant cinnamon apple oatmeal
a clementine
fat free mixed berries cottage cheese
another clementine
2 slices of whole wheat toast with PB2 peanut butter
another clementine
a fibresource bar if i'm still hungry.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

new year, new goals

yesterday's weigh-in must have been a fluke, since today i am back to my normal weight. huzzah! of course, i did drink tons of water yesterday and stayed on plan all day, and did not eat one piece of chocolate or one cookie or even one little potato chip or maltese ball. yes, i have maltese balls. they are in the fridge. however, i did not eat any. no sir ee.

for dinner i made this delicious salad. it consisted of baby spinach, cooked green beans, some almonds i threw in, some raisins i threw in, some baby tomatoes, a grilled chicken breast (sliced) and organic raspberry dressing. this dressing is new and comes in a glass bottle. my bf had an accident over the holidays when it "jumped" out of the fridge and shattered all over the whole kitchen. and then last night, it almost happened to me but i made the save at the last second. i think it is cursed so watch out if you are buying these new dressings.

i also went down to the condo gym and ran on the treadmill. it was so easy i couldn't believe it. i walked for 5 minutes, ran for 32 minutes, then walked for about 6 more minutes for a total distance of 4 miles. i also did some sit-ups and upper body strength training. and some lunges with weights. this move is killing me. i hold 5 pound dumb bells in each hand, then do the walking lunges, 10 at a time, 3 sets. every time i do this i can barely move the next day, so i know these muscles need to be worked.

at first i wasn't going to make any new year's resolutions. this is because every year my resolution is to lose weight and become more physically fit. and now, i don't need to lose weight and i am physically fit. so there you have it. then i thought, there are tons of other ways i can better myself that don't include diet and exercise, and so here are my resolutions.

this year, in 2008, i will:

1) learn photoshop. (better than i already do, which is pretty much not very well.)

2) learn how to sew, or be craftier with clothes. this includes using a sewing machine, or silkscreening fabrics.

3) work harder at work. strive to be the best i can be.

4) not take anyone in my life for granted. show unconditional love to people (and pets) who deserve it, for example my mom, my boyfriend, my sister, my cat.)

5) ween myself off artificial sweeteners. (i just cut back from two to one in my coffee and tea...)

6) live in the NOW and not for the future.

7) become more thrifty or try to save more money.

and then of course there should be a few to do with health:

8) continue my fab workout habits and increase the length of my runs.

9) not stress about occasional overindulges. it happens!

and finally...

10) ride my bicycle to work everyday that it is not too cold or raining. (that is like resolution #7 and #8 in one haha.)

i will also continue to write in this blog and find motivation in reading all of yours. i look forward to it every day :o)

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

popcorn contest

i love popcorn so here goes nothing. Roni on her blog Weight Watchen has teamed up with Orville Redenbacher to announce some new natural popcorn. looks good to me. you can look on her page for contest details. :)

back to life, back to reality

let's start the new year off with a list:

1) well, the holidays are OVER and i'm back at work. boo hoo hoo. i am really out of it today. i couldn't sleep last night until 2am and i had to wake up at quarter to eight. also it's very cold today - harsh reality! i also tripped on my purse, which i keep beside my desk on the floor, and fell like a big WHAMMO onto the ground. it's also the first day of not a good time of the month.

2) my weigh in last friday was good. i was up a bit over 2 pounds, but still within my maintaining range so i wasn't too worried. weird because i felt a lot heavier. probably just the crappy food i was eating. i weighed in again this morning and was up 2 MORE pounds so i'm going to drop the maintenance points for a few days and get back to where i am most comfortable.

3) i got some photos from the photo shoot but am not allowed to post them until the cd is released, so who knows when that will be!

4) i had a new year's party and it went pretty well. i ate a cookie that i probably shouldn't have, but didn't do any drinking as a result so thankfully had no hangover yesterday. edit: the cookie was special, which is why i shouldn't have eaten it. cookies in general, especially on ny, should be eaten!

5) not sure if i'm feeling the biggest loser, couples edition. that crabby dad was too crabby for me.

6) i think i'm going to follow some of your leads and do the sticker-calendar-exercise thing. it will be motivating to see how many times a month i can go.

since i'm counting points, here is today's menu:

reduced sugar oatmeal (2)
frozen berries (0)

fruit-to-go squiggle (1)

pc blue menu whole wheat penne with vegetables (6)

all bran bar (2)

green beans (0)
cheese (2)
whole wheat toast (4)
tomato soup (2)