Tuesday, January 29, 2008

super prepared

last night my run was not good. it started out alright, but i tied my right shoelace too tight and it was bothering me, so i pushed pause to re-tie it and all my settings disappeared. i hate that. so i had to restart but then my leg was feeling all weird, excuse excuse etc., i did it (4 miles) but the last ten minutes of my run went like this: three minutes running, two walking, three running, two walking, and so on.

here is my get this: today i had to be super prepared. i cleaned my bathroom last night, and then found out at 10 pm that my boyfriend's mother would be stopping by my apartment tonight. ah! this is a big deal because she has never been there before, and obviously her youngest son spends a lot of time there, so first impressions are very important. she is a stay at home european mom, so things like having a clean, good looking house (meaning that i am a lovely young woman who can take care of this stuff in the future) are vital.

why is she coming? well, she is coming to drop off food, like perogies and homemade soups and stuff. she is going to europe for a couple of weeks and my boyfriend is coming to stay with me... starting tomorrow (at her suggestion!) she drives him to the subway and stuff in the morning (he commutes to the city) and won't be there to do that. do i need her to bring food? no, but 1) who am i do deny delicious homemade (free) food and 2) there is no point in refusing this for other obvious reasons.

so of course i had to clean like a madwoman! thank god i already cleaned the bathroom so it really wasn't that bad. but i have plans after work today and won't be home until after 9pm, so i had to leave the house this morning with everything immaculate. also i had to remember to bring stuff (books and movies) for my friend (ex-roommate) that i am meeting, set the tape for biggest loser, bring my old remote control from my old house to return, feed the cat, etc. i think i remembered it all. i hope, anyway.

so tonight i am going to my ex-roommate's apartment - we used to live together until december and now we both live alone. should be fun. we are going to order swiss chalet or something.

this morning i woke up early (because i am having mad trouble sleeping lately... mind is racing) and did 60 minutes incline intervals on the treadmill. i changed from 80 to 60 because i needed some extra sleep. still a good workout. if i don't get a good sleep tonight i am gonna lose it.

today i'm eating:

post walk:
1 slice of sprouted grains toast with peanut butter

more coffee
maple brown sugar weight control oatmeal

peanut chicken lean cuisine

snacks i brought and may or may not eat:
fibre source bar
red grapes
fat free yogurt

swiss chalet? if so, i'm thinking of a quarter chicken dinner with mashed potatoes and gravy. did you know the mashed potatoes and gravy is less calories than the baked potato? and more delicious? it's true. :)


Sarah said...

That's with REAL gravy, or Swiss Chalet sauce?

BTW I love Swiss Chalet sauce, and you probably know this, but it's super low cal!

Jennifer said...

Sorry your run didn't go as expected! It happens sometimes to me too, and I hate it when you lose your settings -- it's sooo annoying! I hopped on this treadmill last night and couldn't even run for 30 seconds because it was so shaky. So I had to get off and use another one.

And I am loving Swiss Chalet lately! I've been 3 times in the past few weeks! :P

Claudia said...

I posted the other day on Back In Skinny Jeans in response to your post over there -- I hadn't realized that you're up to running 4 miles a few times a week. I think I've gotten lazy the last few months since finishing C25k and sort of have topped out at 3 miles... SO, with you as inspiration, I'm gonna get up to 4 miles a few times a week. I started on Sunday and got in my 4 miles. :o)

Anyway, just wanted to say a quick hi, good luck with your busy day (I know exactly how you feel about the BF's mother coming over -- I did the same crazy cleaning in November before my BF's whole family showed up at our place for Thanksgiving). And good work on trudging out 4 miles yesterday!


Cara said...

My boyfriend's mom might be coming over too this week but I have no idea which day! Eek! She has been here before, but every time it has been clean. haha.

Sara said...

hmm home made pierogies - you are one lucky lady!!

Have fun tonight and the next few weeks living with the boy!!

P.O.M. said...

Bad runs suck, but it will make you appreciate a good run next time :)

I would freak if my BF's mom came to my crappy dinky apartment. Good luck!

Vanessa aka Wheebs said...

Good job pushing through the run! It sucks when a workout doesn't go according to plan.

Enjoy your free food!

eurydice said...

sarah: the real gravy is just made from powder so it's like nothing... i often get this for home as well.

jennifer: mmm swiss chalet. so delicious! what do you normally get

claudia: thanks for reading my blog! my 4 miles includes .31 mile (5 minutes) walking warm up and cool down, so i'm really only running 33 minutes... but it's a nice round number.

cara: lol my house is generally clean but i just don't want anything gross like food in the sink, etc.

sara: these perogies are unbelievable!

p.o.m.: i think it's because my last run was SO EASY and i was boasting about it - somebody up there is punishing me.

vanessa: thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

i have a date with new boy tomorrow and now i want to go here for dinner. do you think it is a weird place to go to dinner on a date? hmmmm.

Lex.D said...

Mmmmmmmm gotta love swiss chalet!!

Ok, so Is your boyfriend's mom Ukrainian? Perogies, homemade soups (borsht, perhaps?)

I'm Ukrainian, and you have me drooling already over the talk of perogies!

I made some this summer, but froze them. I can only eat a few at a time or else my hips and arse will balloon out!

Enjoy! hope it goes/went well!

Jennifer said...

Hi there! I just wanted to let you know that I have changed my Blogger address. It is now http://jennifers--journey.blogspot.com. Thanks! :0)

eurydice said...

shannon: at first i thought you wanted to have dinner at my house... cuz i have all this food and it's so clean haha.

lex.d: polish!

jennifer: changed on my links :)