Wednesday, January 23, 2008

fit but not going to strip

good afternoon to you. here are the latest scoops in a list format:

1) my sewing class was great. i learned how to use different kinds of sewing machines, how to thread a machine, how to wind a bobbin, how to pin things, cut fabric, use a fancy iron, and make a pillow. my pillow looks great and not to boast but i think it was the best in the class. why? well, there were only six of us and also, i took my time. i didn't rush through the stitches. less pressure on the foot people - slow and steady wins the pillow race in the end. so i forgot to take a photo of it this morning, but i will.

2) i walked home, got home and my foot was freezing. i made oatmeal and tea and it was delicious. then i vacuumed my entire apartment. i love having a vacuumed apartment because it's all some sort of fake wood and i hate anything crunching beneath my feet.

3) this morning, as you can see by the new exercise panel on the right hand side of the page, i wanted to get up early and do a long incline switching walk on the treadmill. to do that i have to get up at 6:15 am. but i didn't get up until 7 am. so... i did the only workout video i have. carmen electra fit to strip! before you get too excited i only have the second workout dvd in this series, and it doesn't include any stripping. this is the fitness dvd, that is designed to give you the body you want to strip with. it's actually a good video and a good workout and right now my bum hurts.

4) i have a date tonight and once again, by date i just mean my boyfriend is coming over and we are going to make dinner and do some smooching. i love these dates. except he always wants to eat poutine. he would eat poutine every night if he could. granted, i am not worried about calories or points as we make a very low fat version (low fat mccain fries [the pink package], reduced fat mozzarella, and swiss chalet home style powdered gravy) but still. how much poutine can one person eat? i think i need to work on my chef skillz. skillz with a z.

5) today i'm eating:

before fit stripping:
1/2 banana

got to work:
1/2 banana

and then:
2 melba toast rounds

and then a breakfast snack:
weight control maple brown sugar oatmeal (seriously this is addicting)
fat free source yogurt

and later i will consume...

for lunch:
lean cuisine mango chicken curry

and a snack:
a fat free vanilla source yogurt

and for dinner:
anything but poutine


Shirls said...

bum hurts? for some reason that just cracked me up!

I use to sew a lot and really enjoyed it, then it turned into mending, I hate mending.. I should really get back to creating :0) I'm glad you enjoyed your class!

Jennifer said...

Hope you have a nice date night! Maybe get your DBF to take care of that sore bum? ;o)

eat like a caveman said...

thank you for your comment! i truly enjoy reading your blog as well...and you're totally right about sugar...YES it should be indulged once in a while (I do it!), but not after every meal, I think. Have a fun night tonight! So jealous you have someone to cuddle with!

Sarah said...

Oh I have looked at that workout series for a long time and almost bought it a few times! Looks like a lot of fun.

That is a great poutine idea! I love poutine, I don't think I've had it in a couple years though! Your way may be a 'safe' way to indulge!

Cara said...

I tried that exercise dvd once on Exercise TV on Demand. I was disappointed that there were absolutely no strip moves to make me laugh. Oh well. Hahha. it still worked the muscles out really well.

And did you mean to say only ONE foot was cold after your walk?

Mrs. Furious said...

" that is designed to give you the body you want to strip with"

P.O.M. said...

I love those kinds of dates. My bf and I do that at least once a week - but HE cooks!!!

Have fun.

Lex.D said...

Oooh I've always wondered how the Carmen Electra video was. I've been sticking with Windsor Pilates, which works, but I'm going insane since Mari can't keep a beat when she's counting.

I may just have to try Carmen's video, even if just for fun!

eurydice said...

cara: yes, one foot. i don't get it!

i see some new people commenting - welcome everybody, i hope you enjoy my blog.