Thursday, January 24, 2008

picture time and another list

today is a busy one, so it calls for another list:

1) my review of dinner is in the comments of the post before this one.

2) here are pictures of my pillow (that i made in my sewing class):
this is the first picture, but i don't think that the table did it justice.

so i took another against this audrey picture i haven't hung up yet

then i wanted to show how well the fabric matched my couch (and it's from the walmart clearance bin too)

3) i am taking another tap class which starts tonight. i love tapping! tippity tap tap *jazz hands*

4) i got home before my boyfriend last night, so thought i would have time to finish my carmen electra strip to fit workout video. for those that are interested there is a "main" part which has cardio and works the whole body, then there are three mini target sections, for legs, arms, and abs - they are about five minutes each. anyway, i wanted to do these mini sections before he got there but he caught me. and then started taking photos of how "cute" it was. (it wasn't.) one benefit of working out to a video in the privacy of your own home, is that you can wear whatever you want, including your fuzzy slippers, striped socks, and napoleon dynamite "liger" shirt.

5) guess what toronto girls? if you look in your dominion/a & p grocery flyer, you'll see that tomorrow (friday) they are going to start selling fiber one bars in canada. i'm excited!

6) today i'm eating:
weight control maple brown sugar oatmeal
all bran honey bar
granny smith apple
leftover dinner (1/4) from last night, but for lunch
and for dinner, i don't know. since i'm tapping i don't know how rushed i'll be.


Cara said...

Nice legs! :-)

And awesome pillow!

I try to workout without the boy around, unless I make him do it with me, so then we both look ridiculous. hahaa.

Vanessa aka Wheebs said...

Your pillow looks great! I absolutely love the colors you choose in furniture/clothing etc. Absolutely brilliant :)

I've got the lap dance video from that series, but not the fit to strip one. I should check it out, sounds like fun!

CaRoLyN said...

Love the pillows!! I want new pillows for my bedroom now!
You did a great job! I can't sew to save my life.

I'm lucky in the way that my hubby is all about working out too. I even bought a Billy Blanks DVD and talked him into doing it with me this weekend!

Sara said...

Love the pillow. And I have the same shorts as you in the same colour as your pillow - too funny!

Again the Rivoli and me aren't going to happen since it is my girls night and they are really not so much anything but top 40 type of girls. I think we are going to Devil's Martini - gawd.

Jennifer said...

Holy sexy! You are hot! The pillow is too cute. Enjoy your tap lessons!

Yes, my brother takes sooo many baths because he's "tired" or "cold". Our parents got into a huge fight with him over it last night.

So running really makes a big difference eh? I definitely feel a lot better since starting, but I have yet to notice any tone in my legs. I've only had 9 runs though since I started.

Anonymous said...

you are just adorable. does your bf live with you?

eurydice said...

cara: i cannot get my bf to work out with me. lucky for him he's naturally slim. i should be so lucky. he is very supportive of me working out though.

vanessa: how is the lap dance video? for some reason i am a giant prude and hesitant to try it... actually i just can't see how stripping is a workout.

carolyn: i have a billy blanks tae bo one too - it's awesome. and lucky he'll do it with you... i imagine you have a lot of room to avoid crashing into each other?

sara: too bad about the rivoli - next one in 2 months lol.

jennifer: running made a HUGE difference. i especially notice it in my stomach. with the elliptical i couldn't lose my last 5-10 pounds and since i started running they've magically disappeared!

shannon: no, he lives with his family in mississauga actually. but works in toronto as well. and is moving out this summer... but i don't know to where ;o) he stays over on weekends and our wednesday date nights though. :)

Lex.D said...

Ok first of all, Great pillow!!!

Second of all, I absolutely adore your outfit... Especially the liger tee!! LOL

Shirls said...

your pillow is awesome, I seriously can't believe this is your first sewing project, totally impressive!

as for your BF, he is right, you do look cute and I have to say super thin and fit, you rock those shorts! even with the striped socks :0)

Comrade GoGo said...

What a cute pic--I like the shorts!

I'm a big fan of the Weight Control oatmeal. In fact, I have the Cinnamon flavor almost every morning for breakfast :).

Congrats on being featured on Back in Skinny Jeans today, also!bab

eurydice said...

shirls: thanks for saying that about the sewing! it turned out really well. now i have to see if the machine i have works... i'm going to take a sewing book out of the library to see if i can self-teach myself how to use patterns.

lex-d: these are things i wear at home only LOL

comrade gogo: cinnamon mmmm! i'll have to try it. i saw on the biggest loser this week they were eating some sort of banana flavoured weight control oatmeal... but i've only seen two flavours!

Anne said...

You're too cute!
I have to try that oatmeal, but they're always sold out!

P.O.M. said...

Wow your really made that? Sheesh. I can barely sew on a flippin button.

And you have a rockin' body sista.