Friday, January 4, 2008

friday i'm in love

today i'm feeling good about life and i'm being productive at work. it's nice to be organized. yesterday i brought home some old magazines and books that were littering my desk. i have hardly any space so i have to keep it very neat to stay focused. keep in mind "very neat" to me would be "moderately messy" to some.

last night i took care of some errands. i went to the library, to return my old television remote, and to the grocery store. i got lots of delicious items including clementines, granny smith apples, dried apricots, chicken bacon, eggs, egg whites in a carton, a cauliflower, peppermint chocolate soy, hollynog soy (before they run out...), light silk soy, whole wheat bread, cat food, cat litter, tomato paste, and three mccain international pizzas. i love them - they are all thin crust and under 300 calories for 1/4 pizza. rad! and delicious. i got sicilian, canadian, and texas chicken. after looking on the website i see they have multigrain which i didn't see in the store. ripoff!

exercising is going well. last night i did 4 miles on the treadmill and it was TOUGH. i had to stop and walk a bunch of times but so it goes.

today is friday weigh in and it's all fine and good. tonight my boyfriend is coming over and we are a) staying in and playing wii (it's not mine, i am not that lucky) or b) going to the movies because i got a gift card from his brother for christmas. tomorrow night we are GOIN' STEADY. sunday i am going to see whistle down the wind with my mom and sister. i have never ever heard of it but who doesn't love a musical? don't answer that, haters!

today's menu (at work) is:

some dried apricots, i only like them chilled
reduced sugar quaker instant cinnamon apple oatmeal
a clementine
fat free mixed berries cottage cheese
another clementine
2 slices of whole wheat toast with PB2 peanut butter
another clementine
a fibresource bar if i'm still hungry.


CaRoLyN said...

Sound slike you have a great weekend planned! Have fun!

I LOVE chicken bacon, it's less points than turkey bacon and it still tastes yummy. I love it on BLT's or other sandwiches too! I've never tried soy milk but the flavors sound so yummy! What's the NI like?

Have a great one!

Mrs. Furious said...

"hollynog soy"

Every time I see this at the store I think of you.

Anne said...

Have a great weekend, Goin' Steady looks like fun.

Cara said...

Sounds like a pretty eventful weekend! Have fun!!