Monday, June 30, 2008

sad or what?

i came to work today even though i had planned to take a vacation day. why? nothing to do. is that sad or what? my boyfriend went home yesterday and is coming back to the city tonight and i could have spent the day at home, hanging around, but it's not really that nice outside (not sunny) and i hate sitting around all day watching tv. that is so boring. now having tomorrow off will feel like a special treat. i am going to a canada day bbq... mmmm... bbqs. that reminds me i will have to pick up food and booze and stuff tonight.

speaking of booze, yesterday i made beer bread. it is soooo easy. here is the recipe:

3 cups flour
3 t sugar
3 t baking powder
1 t basil
12 oz warm beer

i used 2 cups white flour and 1 cup whole wheat flour. i was going to make it all with splenda and whole wheat flour, but i didn't want it to taste gross. not that it necessarily would have, but you know. i used zywiec beer, because my boyfriend is polish and i liked the people dancing on the bottle.

anyway it's so easy to make. you just mix the dry ingredients, then incorporate the beer until just mixed. then you plop it into a prepared bread pan and bake for 50 minutes at 350°F. prepared bread pan means that you grease it/spray it with cooking spray, and then sprinkle it with rough cornmeal (i used whole wheat flour and it was fine) to avoid the sticking. see? easy! the bread it more cake-like than the bread you would purchase in the supermarket.

on saturday it was raining so i went down to the condo gym for a quick workout. i did 20 minutes running, arm weights, 10 minutes running, then decided that was enough for me thank you very much. yesterday i took a rest day. this morning i went back to the gym and did 15 minutes running, arm weights, 15 minutes biking, more arm weights, 10 more minutes running, and situps. the biking was so hard. i was really pushing it for 1 minute (trying to get a rpm of 100 on level 10) and then slowing a bit for 2 minutes (rpm of 85 at level 10). when i got off the bike my legs were like jello.

in other news, i've been really into making spicy hummus wraps lately. i use a whole grain tortilla (about 170 calories), 2 T spicy hummus, cut up about 1/4 yellow pepper, sprinkle some shredded carrots, peel a string cheese, and add baby spinch - then wrap it up and enjoy. it's filling and healthy and sooooooo spicy! it is still substantial because of the tortilla and the hummus, but feels light because of the veggies.

in more other news, i got this book at the bookstore yesterday:

lonely planet coastal california... *sigh of happiness*

Friday, June 27, 2008

guess what?

it's friday! and not just any friday. the beginning of summer hours (which means i leave work at 1pm) and a four day weekend that starts tomorrow. can you believe that tuesday is the actual holiday and some people have to work on monday? i feel sorry for people who aren't allowed to take monday as a vacation day. suckers.

friday is weigh-in day and i am 118 pounds which is up 0.2 from last week which is nothing so a stay the same. congratulations to me. i feel good about it, although last night before bed i was a bit hungry and pushed it aside. yesterday i was talking to my bff who is also a long time weight watcher and i was saying that i never want to feel too full again. i hate hate HATE that feeling. she agreed. she said, she would rather feel ravenously hungry than too full and i agree.

this morning i ran 4 miles around town and i'm happy i did it (when it was over) but i probably should have taken a rest day. but i was already up (mental alarm) so why not put that time to good use? this afternoon i am going shopping. i have a bunch of things to return to h & m... also i need some sort of summer foot ware. i can't wear my keds every day. why not? because i am 27 not thirteen :) my feet are a little gross (from running, not from warts and other unsightly foot problems) but i don't care.

tomorrow morning i am heading to my hometown because my family is burying my uncle who passed away in february. my mom's side of the family is different in that we don't "do" funerals. we attend them of course, but don't have them for ourselves. what's the point? (don't answer that haha... rhetorical.) to each their own. anyway, we are burying his ashes with my grandparents so that's saturday. on tuesday i am going to a canada day bbq which should be fun... and yummy.

and for kicks, here is a friday five of things that make me happy today:

1) i through out the rest of the cake last night. i licked the icing once but i threw it out.

2) i love q-tipping after a shower. it feels really good!

3) that i woke up to a clean condo (it wasn't magic, i did it all last night)

4) berries (this morning was cherries, blackberries, and raspberries... except now i have none left.)

5) my cutie pie oliver :) yes he has blue nails. they are softpaws... for people who are against declawing but also against having scratched, ragged furniture.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

feels like friday

but it's only thursday. starting this week my work has been doing "summer hours" which sounds like a nice idea because on friday you get to go home at 1pm (sweet) but you have to make up the time on the other days which makes for some pretty long, tedious days.

last night was sewing class. trust me people, i am not a good sewer although i am improving and practice is the only thing i can do. last week we didn't do any sewing and this week i was expected to serge my fabric and i forgot how to thread the machine. not the serger, whoever can thread that crazy machine is a genius, but the regular machine. i felt like such a dumb dora. but it turned out okay. i serged around the edges of all my fabric and by the end felt very confident about my serging and then i made darts in the top of the dress, which is basically sewing triangles into the fabric so that it fits around your body. like the pleats on a pant, although who wears pleated pants i don't know!

this morning i ran 3 x 10 minutes at the gym, and did arm weights and sit-ups in between. short but good workout.

i am reading this book about running. "the real woman's guide to running," by liz yelling. it's alright. it talks about how to get started running (if you don't run), and how to go longer and faster if you already run. i like that it is all geared to women. it talks about what you need for summer and winter running, what to eat, what to expect... there are event training programs for 5k, 10k, 1/2 marathon and marathon races, for beginners, and for seasoned runners.

i am also reading "remember me?" by sophie kinsella, author of those shopaholic books. i love reading chick lit, especially in the summer. :)

speaking of summer, it seems that this summer i am obsessed with fruit. it's nature's candy and it's sooooo good. i love it all (except melons... bleh). today i am eating raspberries, blackberries, cherries (with my breakfast), a banana and a peach with my lunch, and an apple for a snack. mmmmm fruit.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

blah blah blah

last night was my book club. you can see the book in the posting below. this book was awesome! it was about this young man in the 1920s (i think) who joins the circus. it is very exciting and descriptive... the idea of a traveling circus is really interesting to me. our next book is the 1966 classic "valley of the dolls" and i'm really looking forward to reading it.

last night after my book club i came home and ate leftover birthday cake. why? i don't know. i should just throw it out. i didn't get home until 11:30 (late!) and i hadn't been home all day long, because i had to finish the book in time for the meeting. i had two glasses of wine at the restaurant and maybe that's why i thought the cake was such a good idea. 1) it didn't even taste that good (but i can recall it tasting amazing at the party) and 2) it make me feel too full and like a giant tub of blob which is not a good feeling either. i am going to commit this feeling to memory and the next time i want something like leftover cake, try and remember how it didn't really do it for me.

today is another long day because it's my sewing class after work until 9pm. when will the madness end? just kidding. i don't mind but my apartment is très sale. thankfully i do not care (yet) because i am not having any parties this weekend :). and i can clean tomorrow. or friday. or whenever. who cares? not me.

today i got up and went for a quick 4-mile run. i didn't wear my hrm, but when i do wear it, i assume it's accurate. i mean, why wouldn't it be? the heart rate goes up when i go up hills or work harder, so i assume it's giving me the correct calorie burn (p.o.m.) but maybe it isn't. i guess it's not a bad thing to be burning more calories than i think i am, right? i've heard that people burn roughly 100 calories per mile, but i do have really low blood pressure. does that matter? and you know, to assume makes an "ass" out of "u" and "me." i know, i'm so funny...

i think my body hates extreme amounts of sugar! blah blah blah...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

only tuesday?

ack, it's only tuesday. last night after work i was going to head down to the gym but then i thought the skies were clearing up so i planned a new running route through high park. so off i go, and it begins rain rain raining on my head, but i keep going. sometimes running in the rain is hardcore, other times it is crazy. this might have been a crazy time. so i make it to the park, and am run run running, and enjoying the nature, and it sort of stops raining, and smells great by the way, so i'm having a good time. until i reach this massive hill. there were a lot of runners on this hill running it up... i guess it's a good workout spot. so i make it up the hill and feel great about myself and keep going. then there is this big hill going down! running downhill is not my idea of fun... it's too hard on the knees. but i make it down and then... an even bigger hill going up. people, this hill was so steep that if i stood up straight i would have fallen backwards, arms flailing whoaoaoaoaoaoa! (like that.) but i made it up. from start to finish, i was gone for an hour and 45 minutes, burned 630 calories, and ran almost 8 miles. that is a lot! i was soooooo tired by the end.

my boyfriend had to stay at work late so he stayed over and brought us burritos. i figured since i burned so many calories i could pretty much eat whatever i wanted. i was just saying the other day that we never eat burritos together (and i never eat them alone haha) so he wanted to try them out. i wasn't that impressed. anyway i think it was poisoned because after eating it i passed out on the couch and had to be dragged to bed.

so the summer challenge is over. i wanted to run 15 miles per week and try a new vegetable each week as well. a few weeks in i realized that trying a new vegetable each week was not my idea of fun, so i switched it up to a new food. here are the results of my weeks:

week 1 food: bok choy
week 1 running: 15/15 miles
week 2 food: eggplant
week 2 running: 15/15
week 3 food: red lentils
week 3 running: 19/15
week 4 food: quinoa
week 4 running: 19/15
week 5 food: wheatberries
week 5 running: 19/15
week 6 food: homemade pad thai
week 6 running: 21/15
week 7 food: nutritional yeast
week 7 running: 25.5/15
week 8 food: protein powder
week 8 running: 19/15

overall i am mostly impressed with the running. at the beginning of the challenge, it was difficult to run 15 miles per week, but as you can see, as the weeks passed, it became easier and easier. overall i ran a total of 152.5 miles and averaged 19 miles per week. it is about 100 miles from toronto to buffalo, new york, so i could have run there and halfway back. :o)

in other news, this morning i did 30 minutes of running on the treadmill in 15, 10, and 5 minute segments, as well as some arm weights. there was this girl who took the only set of 5-pound dumbbells on the treadmill while she walked, which annoyed me a little. most of the time she would rest the bells (still holding on to them) on the handlebar! seriously.... a) walking with weights in your hands is not good for you and b) gym equipment hog! oink oink oink!

tonight is my book club and i haven't finished the book yet. i will try to get as much done as i can at lunch and after work. we are reading "water for elephants" by sarah gruen and it's awesome. it's about the circus!

Monday, June 23, 2008

late post today

i didn't exercise this morning because i am all partied out. i'm going to do something tonight... probably a few 10 minute runs on the treadmill with weights and sit-ups in between. i can hear thunder out the window right now so an outside run is probably out of the question.

my party on saturday was a great success. probably the best party i've ever had. i woke up around ten thirty on saturday and cleaned up for a bit, then went on an awesome 5-mile run while my boyfriend made us breakfast. i spent the whole day cooking and cleaning and he went shopping for last-minute additions. we ran out to pick up the cake from one of my good friends who so nicely made it, and stopped at mcdonald's for dinner. i know... you are thinking... mcdonald's? seriously. i have nothing against fast food really. it's ok every once in a while if you usually avoid it. i had a hamburger with no mayo and small fries. yummy.

i made so much food for the party: crackers and cheese, chips, popcorn, cookies, egg salad sandwiches, deli chicken sandwiches, pb and j sandwiches, a veggie platter, bowls of nuts, hershey kisses, mike and ike's, m & m's, fuzzy peaches, meatballs with honey garlic sauce, jello shooters, a vodka punch, fortune cookies... the list goes on and on. surprisingly people ate 90% of all the food which makes me happy.

here is a photo of one spread:

here is a photo of the cake... the fire alarm just went off!

and here is a photo of my orange and black outfit... check the shoes :)

i think you can click on the photos to make them bigger. this morning after i left school i stopped at this cute coffee shop and tried a vegan chocolate chip cookie. i have never had vegan baking before (that i was aware of) and it was really delicious....

Friday, June 20, 2008

my plan worked

yes that's a pogo stick a.k.a. corn dog. it has been a very long week and it's almost over... hallelujah! last night i got a lot of stuff done. it's true, i am very organized. but i have to be because i know myself and i tend to get really flapped out about not having enough time to get everything i want done. i used to have a problem with anxiety and i think the main reason that i'm cool as a cucumber all the time now is because i burn off all my energy at the gym. seriously, like my dad says, if i were any calmer, i'd be dead!

i almost freaked out last night. i got home from work, and decided to clean the inside of the fridge before i went shopping for any party foods. so i cleaned it, and then was taking a coffee break on my balcony, when i realized how much i had left to do. too bad i wasn't wearing my heart rate monitor, because i'm sure my bpm was going up and up. it ended up alright though. i went to the dollar store and the cheap ass no frills for party supplies. then i came home and cleaned until 2am!

the only things i didn't do are a) wash the floors b) sew/fix this tiny hole in my couch and c) windex the balcony doors - there are doors in the living room and the bedroom. i figure why bother washing the floors now when i can do it on saturday, and my boyfriend can windex the doors. "is there anything i can do to help?" why yes, yes there is!

so. all clean, laundry is done, speakers set up and songs uploaded, food and decorations bought. now i need booze. BOOZE.

obviously i didn't work out this morning because i was up so late. but my internal alarm woke me up at 6:45. stupid internal alarm. i tossed and turned for a while and then got up. friday is weigh-in day. last friday i was 121.8, on saturday 123, on monday 122.8 and today.... 117.8! yes people, that's a 5-pound drop from monday to today. i really stopped the madness.

today on the menu is:

more coffee


protein oatmeal:
1 scoop protein powder (vanilla)
1 packet pc blue menu multigrain oatmeal
1 T flax
1/2 banana

carrots with hummus
peanut butter and 1/2 banana sandwich on whole wheat
source yogurt and grapes

granny smith apple (why is called "granny smith" anyway?)

dinner ?
have a great weekend everybody :o)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

i see the light

this week i am very busy. not so much at work but in my home life. i am throwing myself a birthday party on saturday and am really anal about a) having a spotless, immaculate apartment (who am i, my mother?) b) providing drinks and a delicious spread c) looking hot and fabulous and d) being able to accomplish everything without feeling stressed at all. the pressure is on people!

i made myself a to-do list at the beginning of the week and am crossing things off as i go along. the list includes EVERYTHING i have to do... from cleaning the bathroom, to buying plastic cups at the dollar store, to finding a new party dress, to shaving my legs, to windexing the giant window/doors to my balcony, to cutting up veggies for a veggie platter, to losing my above-maintenance extra weight. there are about fifty other things on the list. not kidding.

last night was my sewing class and it was fun. we talked about using patterns and then cut them out and pinned them to the fabric and cut out the fabric. when i got home (at 9:30!) i cleaned my entire bathroom and did an inventory of the party supplies i already have. it doesn't help that on friday i am going to a different birthday party. getting my friend a present is on my list of to-do things!

anyway that's boring. my boyfriend told me last night that he booked our tickets yesterday. we are flying out on the last sunday in july and coming back the next sunday. i am really excited. and i really need a vacation!

this morning i did a 4-mile run around town, then came back to the condo gym for some arm weights and sit-ups. i am still following my plan of breakfast being the biggest meal of the day, then lunch, then dinner. it's working out well for me... since i am so busy in the evenings this week i don't have time to think about making anything exciting for dinner. the protein powder is still working in my favour... this morning i made one with 1/2 banana, unsweetened almond breeze, and frozen mangos and peaches. tropical yum!

now to get on with thursday! (i am actually happy it's thursday not friday, because i need tonight to do more party prep.)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

best present ever

thanks everybody for your nice birthday wishes yesterday. i didn't stay on plan but i'm fine with it. and i said i wasn't going to eat cake but i did anyway. it had a sparkler on top, how could i resist?

i can't believe that i actually thought my boyfriend forgot my birthday. he really is very sweet and thoughtful and it would be very unlike him. he made me dinner and we had fast fry steaks, sweetened cooked carrots, and this rice that was flavoured like chicken. then he brought out this little round cake (like the size of a baseball) with a sparkler on top. it was chocolate but had orange mousse inside... yummy. we didn't finish the whole thing but i still ate a pretty decent portion.

and he gave me the best present ever. wrapped in paper was a rice a roni box (that's when i realized we had rice a roni for dinner.) and i said, "ah, rice a roni, the san francisco treat." and then i opened the box, and inside was a card that said he is taking me...

on a roadtrip vacation...

down the coast of california...

from san francisco to LA. AMAZING! i'm soooooooo lucky!

california! the land of dreams haha. see? best present ever. we'll be at the corner of haight and ashbury soon enough!

i drank WAY too much wine last night and am feeling the effects today. but i still got up and did 30 minutes of fast running on the treadmill. why? because i am back on the plan today... and it includes exercising everyday. i didn't think it was strange to exercise on my birthday. i really love exercising, especially in the morning. it makes my body feel charged up and puts me in a great mood (most of the time anyway).

i got this email this morning about why exercising in the morning is tops. here are the reasons:

1) Exercising early in the morning "jump starts" your metabolism, keeping it elevated for hours, sometimes for up to 24 hours! As a result, you'll be burning more calories all day long--just because you exercised in the morning.

2) Exercising in the morning energizes you for the day--not to mention that gratifying feeling of virtue you have knowing you've done something disciplined and good for you. (Much better than a worm!)

3) Studies have shown that exercise significantly increases mental acuity--a benefit that lasts four to ten hours after your workout ends. Exercising in the a.m. means you get to harness that brainpower, instead of wasting it while you're snoozing.

4) Assuming you make exercise a true priority, it shouldn't be a major problem to get up 30 to 60 minutes earlier--especially since regular exercise generally means a higher quality of sleep, which in turn means you'll probably require less sleep. (If getting up 30 to 60 minutes earlier each day seems too daunting, you can ease into it with 10 to 20 minutes at first.)

5) When you exercise at about the same time every morning--especially if you wake up regularly at about the same time--you're regulating your body's endocrine system and circadian rhythms. Your body learns that you do the same thing just about every day, and it begins to prepare for waking and exercise several hours before you actually open your eyes.

and 6) Exercise Extra: More than 90% of those who exercise consistently have a morning fitness routine. If you want to exercise on a regular basis, the odds are in your favor if you squeeze your workout into the a.m.

so there you have it. i have my first dress sewing class tonight until 9 so i had to bring all my food to work, which is kind of annoying but alright. for breakfast i am trying something new: pumpkin carrot oatmeal. i'm mixing 1 packet of quaker regular instant oatmeal, with 1/3 cup shredded carrots, 1/4 cup pure pumpkin, splenda and cinnamon. hopefully this will be a good combo!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

birthday willpower

good morning everyone. today is my birthday. i am now 27 years old. whoo-pa-dee-do!

i didn't do any HIIT last night. i was too pooped and had too much to do. i painted my old desk pink, did blue paint touch-ups in the bathroom, dyed my hair (it is medium brown naturally and i dye it dark brown but it always fades... nothing too exciting), and washed and dried the fabric i bought for my summer-dress sewing class, which starts tomorrow.

this morning i did 3 x 10 minute running on the treadmill, with arm weights in between, and then some stretches and sit-ups after. i am still following my plan (see yesterday) even though it's my birthday. i am not doing anything anyway so there is no point eating cake and other fatty stuff alone. already the plan is working and i'm excited to see what will happen after two days... then three... then four! (then stopping... )

the protein powder really helped to keep me full yesterday. i mixed it with some unsweetened almond breeze, ice, and banana. you don't have to worry about gaining weight from drinking it because it's an isolate which means it's the purest form of protein they can make into powder (or at least i think that's what that means...), and because it's only 110 calories and 1g of fat per serving. also, it doesn't really have a texture. it is not grainy or anything like that. i mixed mine with my blender on a stick and it just tasted creamy and yummy.

i am having a party on saturday and made a giant to-do list of all the things i have to get done. seriously it's very very long. tonight i have to do some cleaning, and maybe make a trip to the dollar store for party supplies (like plastic cups and forks, and tablecloths). that's really all i have to say today.

EDIT: all that talk about staying on plan probably won't happen... i thought my bf "forgot" about my birthday but he didn't (he was joking... hahaha... funny... hmmmm) and now we have plans tonight. i will keep in check though... and i don't need cake because there will be some at the party on saturday.

Monday, June 16, 2008

protein powder

i never thought i would use protein powder but i got some on the weekend and it's very yummy. i got whey isolate, which is apparently the best for you, and vanilla flavour. i had a banana vanilla smoothie as part of my breakfast this morning and it was deee-lish.

i really need to buckle down this week and focus. i am up even more (despite good choices this weekend... i was very aware of everything i ate and felt good about it) and hovering around 123 pounds. this is 3 pounds above my maintenance range people... unacceptable. it's time to STOP THE MADNESS!

i have decided to combat it by 1) exercising every day (not a problem) 2) having breakfast be my biggest meal of the day, then lunch, and dinner the smallest 3) no carbs at dinner (but def. carbs at breakfast and lunch... i am not crazy - i need energy for the exercise) 4) drinking distilled water to flush out the salt 5) more protein than normal to increase satiety.

on saturday i had a great run. it was about 6 1/2 miles or 10 1/2 km... i chose a new route through this polish part of town. it was fun seeing a different part of the city. cute bakeries and shops and lots of people out enjoying their saturdays. yesterday i took a rest day and went home to visit my parents for father's day. i got my dad a book about golf... boring to me but that's what he wanted!

this morning i went for a 4-mile run and i was a lot faster than normal. there is something to be said about HIIT improving speed. if i feel up to it i might do 20 minutes of HIIT tonight after work. maybe... that would be hardcore. :)

Friday, June 13, 2008

you all make me laugh

yes, it's true. you all make me laugh? in a good way of course. but why? all the reasons/excuses why my pants could have felt tight. let's see:

1) maybe i am building muscles in my thighs.

2) perhaps i left my pants in the dryer and they shrunk.

3) swollen legs.

while these could be valid excuses in the land of wishville, i know it's not possible.

1) i have been running for almost a year and can't see muscles just sprouting up this week. and since i have only done two, yes a mere two HIIT sessions, that can't be it either.

2) i would NEVER even put these tighties in the dryer for one second!

3) this actually could be an excuse but i doubt it.

today i weighed in at 121.8. that is a gain of 2.6 pounds from last week. frickity crap mofo! but it's not necessary a bad thing. yes, i am out of my range, but it's good because i need to take a good look at what i'm eating. i am totally in control exercise-wise, but eating-wise... not so much. my portions have been increasing. a packet of oatmeal becomes a packet of oatmeal with flax, with all bran, with pumpkin, with wheat berries, with milk, with a banana. and while these things are all healthy, and adding one or two of these things is a great idea, adding them all and eating a giant beheamoth vat of oatmeal is not.

it's time to trim back the portions people! i can do it. i am not even in a bad mood about gaining. it's all about perspective :o)

in other news, this morning i did a quick 4-miles around my lovely city. and i have to say, even two sessions of HIIT is increasing my regular running speed. instead of a slower jog, i found myself with faster, longer strides this morning... it felt really good. when my alarm went off at 6:45am, i was resetting it for my boyfriend, and he rolled over and mumbled, "you are a real inspiration." hahaha - that is so funny to me.

in more boyfriend news, this sunday is our 1.5 yearaversary. last year for our six-monthaversary, i drew him a picture of a pin-up girl. he invited me to go to vegas with his family. even? i think so! ;o) anyhoo, i decided to carry on the tradition and draw him another pin-up. it's a ballerina because he likes them. i finished it last night and scanned it.

i think you can click on it to make it bigger. i've since signed and framed it. i think he will like it because i spent time on it, and it's from the heart. romance!

today on the menu is:

giant iced coffee

hot coffee
cinnamon oatmeal with flax
source yogurt

ezekiel english muffin
3 slices fake spicy meat
spinach and mustard
source yogurt
1/2 cup blackberries

source yogurt
1 cup popcorn

dinner - ?

Thursday, June 12, 2008

too tight

my fuel belt is awesome. yesterday i went for a long run on the lakeshore by lake ontario. it was so beautiful and different from my normal city runs. instead of looking at dresses in the windows of shops, i was looking out at the calm waters, at birds and boats and waves... nice. i don't know how far i went but i decided to turn around when i hit 250 calories on my HRM. it was a very long run! probably between 7 and 8 miles... my longest run yet.

on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being really annoying and 10 being the greatest thing of all time, i would rate my fuel belt a 9. it's wonderful. i really couldn't feel any difference in weight on my back or around my waist. the velcro was really strong and i didn't have any doubts that it would stay on during my run. i made sure to only drink 4 oz. of water at a time and spread it out over my run (which took about an hour and 20 minutes) and i felt hydrated and motivated to keep going the entire time. the fuel belt is worth $50 for sure.

this morning i got up early and did 20 minutes of HIIT on the treadmill, with a 5-minute warm up and cool down as well. it didn't feel as intense as the first time i tried it (on monday) so for the last half i upped my intense runs from 8.5 mph to 9.0 mph. it's tougher, but doable, so i might as well be doing that instead. then i did some arm weights, lunges, and sit-ups.

for some reason i am feeling like a real fatty mcbutterpants today. the reason is that i am wearing jeans that i have not worn in awhile (due to heat) and they are tight. not in my stomach but in my thighs. i can't remember if they always feel like this and maybe i am just used to the loosey-goosey clothes of summer, or if they shouldn't feel like this and i've gained weight. needless to say i am not looking forward to weighing in tomorrow. of course i'll do it, but still.

these tight pants put me in a poo mood today. i rode my bike to work, and the whole way, i couldn't help but think nasty thoughts about people who are naturally thin, and who eat things like chocolate chip muffins from tim hortons for breakfast, and don't exercise. if i had a "cheat" day, i would definitely eat a chocolate chip muffin from tim hortons for breakfast. maybe some peanut thai curry for lunch, and some alfredo pasta for dinner. carbolicious.

i have since calmed down. i am a firm believer that you can turn your mood around by "choosing" to do so... i am happy and in a good mood. yes, so happy. :o)

today i'm eating:

pre workout:
all bran bar

post workout:
big iced coffee with sugar-free caramel syrup

1/3 cup rolled oats
1/4 cup wheat berries
1 T splenda
1 t cinnamon
1 banana
1 T flax
2 T PB2

1/2 cup blackberries
1 source yogurt

big spinach salad with
sun-dried tomatoes
wheat berries
thai sesame dressing
1 can white chunk tuna

nature valley pb crunch granola bar (pack of 2)
source yogurt


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

don't waste your money

i know getting an iced latte from starbucks is a great treat on a hot day, but you don't have to waste your money everyday. nor do you have to keep cold coffee in your fridge people. nor? the secret to having a delicious iced coffee whenever, not wherever (only at home) is INSTANT coffee!

if you think it tastes bad, maybe you are thinking of your parent's instant coffee. instant coffee, like any modern food, is just one of those things that scientists strive to improve on... like the seedless watermelon. not that i would know much about that because i detest all melons. it's true.

here is how to make a great iced coffee - no waiting.

1) get a 500 mL glass. i like to use a pint glass that somehow made its way from the pub into my cabinet. (don't ask me how it got there, i didn't take it for real!)

2) instant coffee is 1 rounded teaspoon per cup, so i scoop in 2 teaspoons.

3) the trick is now to add a very small amount of boiling water, just enough to dissolve the coffee.

4) now is the time to add your flavour, maybe some sugar free vanilla syrup, or sweeteners, or real sugar if you're wild and crazy.

5) add milk, soy milk, almond breeze... whatever floats your boat. about 1/3 of the glass should be full.

6) fill up the rest of the glass with cold water.

7) pop in some ice cubes, and a straw if you so desire, and you are good to go.


i took shelley's advice and got a fuel belt. it was $50 at the running room which is $$$ in my world, but it's worth it. the other belts just had one giant bottle at the back and i was not into it. after i bought it, i looked to see if i could get one for cheaper online, but shipping included, not possible. if anyone finds a cheaper one... keep it to yourself haha. i didn't want pink necessarily, but it's pretty cute.

the man at the store said the bottles go at the back.

i am at home today, so instead of doing more HIIT as planned, i'm going for a run outside (after i enjoy my iced coffee of course). it's nice and sunny. oh, and i must have been hugging the wrong side of my spare pillow in the night, because i have these insane, deep indentations in my face! i've had sleep marks before, but never like this.

i am reading the year of fog by michelle richmond so i'm going to go back to bed and do that while i finish my iced coffee. it's so good! it's about this child who goes missing... i can't put it down.

last night before bed i had a candy attack. i ate tootsie rolls and candy corn from my halloween stash. is it weirder that these are the candies i like or that i STILL have a candy stash from halloween? i still have candy corns from when i made vampire cookies for my boyfriend's students. this post is too full of links. i don't know what i'm eating today yet. maybe just iced coffee all day!

oops - one more thing. i found this superfun link (for fitness nerds!) women, click on either the "bulking" or "cutting"... i don't know anyone that would choose bulking hahaha. anyway it opens an excel sheet and you put your stats in and it tells you what your resting metabolic rate is, and how many calories (of protein, carbs, and fat) you should eat per day to "cut." i couldn't eat with such rigidity (i can't believe that's a word!) but it's still very interesting! bye for now.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

party prep

thanks everyone for all of your recommendations. i am going to go to the running room and see what they have to offer. probably better than ordering something online, because who would know if it fit or was comfortable, etc. and then i will probably go to mountain equipment co-op for a hat. i also want some new running shorts. by shorts i mean something little that just covers my bum. i have no shame... i just don't want to be in overheated ;) if it looks gruesome i'll get something with more coverage, but i'm sure it will be fine.

in other news, last night i tried the HIIT (high intensity interval training) that everyone is talking about these days. i wanted a short but effective workout so here is what i did:

warm up
0:00-1:00 3.5 mph walking
1:00-2:00 3.8 mph walking
2:00-3:00 4.0 mph walking
3:00-4:00 4.2 mph walking
4:00-5:00 5.0 light jogging

intensity time
30 seconds 8.5 mph (fast running!)
60 seconds 5.0 mph (light jogging)
i did this for 20 minutes... tiring!

cool down
5 minutes walking slowing down from 4.0 mph to 3.0 mph.

let me tell you... i was SO SWEATY. sweat was dripping off of my face and body. my head was soaked. my breathing was really laboured... in a good way of course. i read all about HIIT here and how it's really efficient for fat loss without muscle loss. maybe it is, maybe it isn't, but why not give it a try. i am always looking for shorter workouts to do on days that i'm not running (for pleasure) so maybe this is the way to go.

so it's my birthday coming up in june, and i'm having a birthday party in my condo. the thing is... i don't have bedding. i have sheets and stuff, but my old duvet cover was red and black and i painted my bedroom walls this colour (for the record, this image is not my bedroom, just a screen capture of the paint online):

i can't have a bedroom that is green and red, that's crazy! my bedroom furniture is white, and i've been holding off for bedding that is black, yellow, and white. but i can't find any. and it would be embarrassing to have a party with a naked duvet (no cover)... so i bought this "bed-in-a-bag" today from sears. it is for "youths" but i love the colours, especially the yellow.

i will not have a bedskirt (hate them), those giant flower pillows, or the mosquito net. but everything else. yes... it's kind of crazy but i like it that way. and it's just for the mean time, while i continue to search for the perfect bedding.

today on the menu is:

1/2 banana with natural PB

smoothie made from:
skim milk
2 t PB2
1/2 banana
splash of unsweetened almond breeze
1 equal
a few scoops of plain 2% yogurt

quaker high fibre berry oatmeal with:
1 T flax
1/3 cup all-bran
1/2 cup blackberries

big salad with:
2 cups spinach
chopped cauliflower
orange pepper
carrot slices
baby tomatoes
1/2 cup lima beans
1/3 cup wheat berries
1 T sun dried tomatoes
newman's own thai sesame dressing

1 serving kashi TLC crackers (if hungry)

and for dinner... not sure. :)

Monday, June 9, 2008

runners? help me.

what a weekend. there was so much debauchery involved i don't even want to get into it. nothing too scandalous... just too much of everything. too much sun, too much booze, too much food... too much! not enough sleep and not enough water. i need to take it easy.

last night i slept over at my parent's house because i had a doctor's appointment this morning in the burbs. i am back in the city now.... phewf!

i have some questions for the runners out there. on saturday, i went for a 5-mile run. it was HOT outside. at least 32°C... more like 40°C with the humidex. we are talking 90°F to 104°F for the americans out there. HOT.

so i put on sunscreen, and drank some water before i went... but am seriously overheating. thank goodness i found two parks along the way with water fountains... i glugged it down and put some on the top of my head, but i need to buy some summer running things.... and soon, if i don't want to go back to the dreadmill.

1) i need some sort of portable water. i do NOT want to hold a water bottle while i'm running... so i guess a belt? does anyone have any recommendations?

i found this belt online - the ultimate direction thunderbolt belt.

what a stupid name haha. i can't really find anything else that evenly distributes the water around the waist. online reviews at mountain equipment co-op said that it's ok, but that the belt stretches when it gets wet from the water and from sweat.

2) i also need a good running hat. any tips or recommendations? i want something that isn't heavy, isn't annoying (because i'm not a hat wearer) and that also protects my delicate features from the sun. anyone?

today on the menu is:

small peach
granny smith apple

pc blue menu multigrain oatmeal with flax, wheatberries, splenda, cinnamon
1 t natural peanut butter

fat free vanilla yogurt

ezekiel english muffin with
3 slices spicy fake chicken
mustard and a bit of bbq sauce


salad with breaded chicken breasts, tomatoes, quinoa or wheatberries

Friday, June 6, 2008


it would be a lie to say that i'm not feeling the effects of drinking too much wine last night. yikes. and right now i'm sooooo hungry - i think my stomach is eating itself. hungry like a hippo!

i was so close to going to tim horton's and getting a big chocolate chip muffin but instead i will get an iced cap with chocolate milk and eat my berry oatmeal with a peach instead. i'll save the debauchery for the weekend.

i'm feeling very incoherent today. ummmmm the movie was good although there were some parts i wasn't that impressed with. just too cheesy. but i still would recommend it to anyone. very cute.

today i'm taking a rest day from exercise. i still rode my bike to work so it's some activity. and it's such a nice day. it's going to be sooooooo hot. i love it. finally i love hot weather.

today i'm eating:

berry oatmeal with flax
chocolate milk iced cap
ezekiel english muffin with peanut butter
and a mystery dinner.

oh, weigh in 119.2 down 0.4 from last week.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

finally the day has arrived

what day is that? the day i am going to see sex and the city with my girlyfriends, that's what. i wanted to avoid the crowds in the theatres on opening weekend because i can be easily bothered at the movies. and in life. people doing things like talking too loudly or hitting the back of my seat really puts me into a rage. food noises don't really bother me (at the movies haha).

i brought my dinner to work (to avoid eating a giant popcorn) and then i'm going to walk to the theatre. the show starts at 6:50, which is good because we are going to my friend's house to have a few drinks after, and i heard that the movie is 2 and a half hours long. that's long! but good... almost like 5 episodes of the show. :)

i got new running shoes in the mail yesterday. yahoo! the bad part is i had to pay $25 duty tax on them... crap! but still, even with the duty they are less than $50 than what i would have paid in store. i got the mizuno wave inspire 4's.

aren't they pretty? they are just like my mizuno wave inspire 3's, but the blue is less teal-like, and more of a dim aqua. at first i was put off by this but then i realized i was put off by the colour of my old shoes when i first got them. i love my running shoes and i have grown to think they are pretty, but really, i think running shoes in general are ugly. they are so big and bulky and not fashion. if i could give anyone fashion tips i would say (to start) the following two things: 1) unless you are doing physical activities (for example, running, any sports, even walking to work...) there is no need to wear your big, bulky, running shoes. i know they are comfortable but still, come on. what would stacey and clinton say? i know what they would say... she would be appalled and he would be horrified. and please don't wear them with jeans... oh, the horror! (it's like every dad's style... along with the jean tuxedo) and 2) no khaki pants. if i went on a date with a man who was wearing khaki pants, it would be a deal breaker. harsh? maybe.

now that i have that out of my system... this morning i went on a 4-mile run around town. it wasn't hot out but it must have been humid because when i came back i was a sweaty betty. i then turn on the tap to take a shower and realize that there is NO HOT WATER... ahhhhhhhh! this is very rare since i live in a condo and there is always hot water. i could be running the dishwasher, the laundry machine, and taking a bath and there would still be hot water. not that i wash my clothes in hot... just saying. i stuck my head under the tub tap to wash my hair... brrrr.... talk about brain freeze. i wash my hair everyday anyway, so the thought of not washing it after it's soaked with sweat isn't that appealing to me. then i did a wash-cloth wipe down everywhere else. i hope the hot water comes back soon...! although it is supposed to be 30°C tomorrow and all this weekend so maybe i need some cool refreshing showers.

yesterday i bought peanut butter and co. natural peanut butter. i've never bought natural peanut butter before. it's amazing. the only ingredients are peanuts, and salt. it's all oily at the top so it has to be stirred. for the past year or two i was using PB2 because it is only 50 calories for 2 T and regular peanut butter is 200 cals for 2 T... big difference. but i think now that i am at a pretty stable weight i can "live it up" with regular peanut butter. also i'm trying to incorporate more healthy fats into my diet. filling fats... so that i can eat less but feel more satisfied overall. and isn't the jar so cute? those kraft bears have nothing on this jar!

enough blabbing! today's menu is:

1/2 small banana with 1t natural pb

1/4 cup cheerios with 1/2 small banana and 1/4 cup unsweetened almond breeze

1/2 cup cherries

quaker weight control cinnamon oatmeal
with 1 T ground flax
1/2 pack regular oatmeal
1/4 cup wheatberries

1/2 cup plain 2% yogurt
1 t no sugar added raspberry jam
1/4 cup wheatberries

3/4 cup quinoa
1 serving red lentil curry with spinach and tomatoes
1/2 cup mashed sweet potato/cauliflower mix

and i'm bringing a rebar to the movies just in case. a rebar is " a blend of 20 different fruits and vegetables with no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives - each bar is made with 2 cups organic fruit and 2 cups organic vegetables to make for the most nutritious pocket-sized snack available." and 160 calories, 6 g fibre, 2 g protein. i have never tried this before... but it sounds great!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

wednesday book review

the title of my post suggests that every wednesday i make book reviews, however, that just isn't the case. i am today though!

what have i read lately? well... in the past couple of days i read losing it: and gaining my life back one pound at a time by valerie bertinelli.

i liked it, although it's more of a life-story than a weight-loss memoir. it goes into details about her personal life, and then mentions in a by-the-way kind of way, i weighed such-and-such at this period of my life and felt like crap. i would recommend it, because it's a really fast and easy read, it's cute, and neat if you want to know any details of the sordid life of eddie van halen.

this morning i did a quick workout at the gym. 3 x 10 minutes running, and arm weights in between, finishing with sit-ups and stretches. i have decided to continue working out almost every day because it makes me feel really good all day. however, i'm not going to push it too hard every day. like today for example, i had a nice workout, burned about 300 calories, and feel energized and optimistic about life in general. great success :)

tonight is date night, yippee! i am thinking about making pasta for dinner. mmmm pasta, the gluttony of it.

today on the menu is:

1/2 cup shreddies

berry medley high fibre oatmeal
1 T flax
1/3 cup all-bran
1/4 cup wheatberries
1/2 small banana

1/2 can chunky chicken gumbo soup
ezekiel english muffin
1/2 cup plain 2% yogurt with no sugar added jam mixed in

dinner - pasta?

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

home today

i am at home today. since i am at home today, i am going to do my entry "food blog style."

i woke up at 8:30am and made a coffee, and small bowl of cherries and cheerios. ch ch ch champion foods. :) i was reading in bed, eating them, when i fell back asleep and didn't wake up until 11:30am. am i lazy or what?

now it's noon! i have some stuff i want to do today (on the computer), so hopefully i can get it all done. if i do, i'm going to reward myself with a trip to whole foods. (i have to drive there... bleh!) i was hoping to get outside for a run, but it's pouring rain... it might stop by 2pm or so for a couple of hours, so i'm going to postpone my workout until then and make something more substantial to eat.

for brunch or lunch i made my favourite... oatmeal:

1/4 cup steel cut oats
1/2 cup water
1/2 cup unsweetened almond breeze
1/2 small banana
1/4 cup wheatberries
1 T flax
1 t splenda
1/2 t vanilla
some thawed frozen berries on top. :)

i went for a long run... 6 miles. it was easy and my heart rate stayed about 140 the whole time. i think my monitor is working fine now... phewf. i was running for over an hour and burned 430 calories or so.

when i got home i thought about what to have for dinner. i looked in my vegetable drawer and saw a sweet potato that was almost ready to bite the dust, so i made a big batch of mashed potatoes.

i used:
1 giant sweet potato
4 cloves garlic, chopped (2 were really mini)
3/4 head of cauliflower
splash of unsweetened almond breeze

i steamed everything and then used my blender on a stick (what is that called?) to puree everything. yum yum. i love mixing cauliflower into mashed potatoes because it really increases the volume and not the calories.

i ate a small bowl right away:

i had a bath/shower afterwards and then made dinner. i had a sun-dried tomato gardenburger on an ezekiel english muffin, with some greens and mustard, leftover steamed veggies and some mashed potatoes. now i am very very full.

i have never tried ezekiel english muffins before ($4.99 for 6!) and i have to say, they are really delicious. way better than any other english muffin i've tried. i still have some work to do on the computer so i better get cracking. i am not going anywhere tonight because it's still raining and i just can't be bothered. that's how much i hate driving. why do i even have a car?

i hope you enjoyed looking at my food today. =D tomorrow will be back to regular posting (no pics), although i do have to say, posting my food for the day really inspired me to make the most of my food (variety, somewhat nice presentation) and really curbed the mindless snacking and little bites of things i would usually take but wasn't hungry for. interesting...

Monday, June 2, 2008

eating new stuff

the title is what's going on, i'm eating new stuff. i've heard a lot about two different super-grains. the first is quinoa and the second is the wheatberry.

A recently rediscovered ancient "grain" native to South America, quinoa was once called "the gold of the Incas," who recognized its value in increasing the stamina of their warriors. Not only is quinoa high in protein, but the protein it supplies is complete protein, meaning that it includes all nine essential amino acids. Not only is quinoa's amino acid profile well balanced, making it a good choice for vegans concerned about adequate protein intake, but quinoa is especially well-endowed with the amino acid lysine, which is essential for tissue growth and repair. In addition to protein, quinoa features a host of other health-building nutrients. Because quinoa is a very good source of manganese as well as a good source of magnesium, iron, copper and phosphorous, this "grain" may be especially valuable for persons with migraine headaches, diabetes and atherosclerosis.

The term wheatberry or wheat berry refers to the entire wheat kernel (except for the hull), comprising the bran, germ, and endosperm. Wheatberries have a tan to reddish brown color and are available as either a hard or soft processed grain. They are often added to salads or baked into bread to add a crunchy texture; as a whole grain, they also provide nutritional benefits since they are an excellent source of dietary fiber.

last night i made a bunch of quinoa and a bunch of wheatberries. the wheatberries took a whole hour to cook on the stove. that's a long time in my world. they are pretty good though. i am going to add some to oatmeal and yogurt. the quinoa is alright... i used it until red lentil curry in place of brown rice. it wasn't bad but i prefer the rice. i am going to look into cooking it a few different ways, which might help as well.

my weekend was pretty good, but too short. exercise-wise, on saturday i went for a 5-mile run, and on sunday i swam lengths for about half an hour. i wore my HRM in the pool (i checked online if i could do this first) and it was pointless. i only wore it for about 5 minutes, but it said my heart rate was about 69 bpm. obviously that's a false reading. i stood up and it shot up to 126 or so. i just wanted to look at my heart rate in the pool. even though the polar website said i could wear it in the pool, today it was acting all funky and stupid, giving me inaccurate readings. i am going to clean it with soap and water and see what's up. otherwise i'll have to cause a scene and nobody likes that.

this morning i just did a quick workout. 3 x 10 minutes running on the treadmill, with some arm-weights in between. it's monday and i'm kinda pooped. today on the menu is:

4 organic animal crackers

cinnamon oatmeal
1 T flax
1/2 cup all bran
2 T pumpkin
1/4 cup wheatberries
fat free strawberry yogurt

1 cup plain 2% yogurt
carrots with hummus
regular oatmeal

red lentil curry on quinoa with mixed veggies