Tuesday, June 24, 2008

only tuesday?

ack, it's only tuesday. last night after work i was going to head down to the gym but then i thought the skies were clearing up so i planned a new running route through high park. so off i go, and it begins rain rain raining on my head, but i keep going. sometimes running in the rain is hardcore, other times it is crazy. this might have been a crazy time. so i make it to the park, and am run run running, and enjoying the nature, and it sort of stops raining, and smells great by the way, so i'm having a good time. until i reach this massive hill. there were a lot of runners on this hill running it up... i guess it's a good workout spot. so i make it up the hill and feel great about myself and keep going. then there is this big hill going down! running downhill is not my idea of fun... it's too hard on the knees. but i make it down and then... an even bigger hill going up. people, this hill was so steep that if i stood up straight i would have fallen backwards, arms flailing whoaoaoaoaoaoa! (like that.) but i made it up. from start to finish, i was gone for an hour and 45 minutes, burned 630 calories, and ran almost 8 miles. that is a lot! i was soooooo tired by the end.

my boyfriend had to stay at work late so he stayed over and brought us burritos. i figured since i burned so many calories i could pretty much eat whatever i wanted. i was just saying the other day that we never eat burritos together (and i never eat them alone haha) so he wanted to try them out. i wasn't that impressed. anyway i think it was poisoned because after eating it i passed out on the couch and had to be dragged to bed.

so the summer challenge is over. i wanted to run 15 miles per week and try a new vegetable each week as well. a few weeks in i realized that trying a new vegetable each week was not my idea of fun, so i switched it up to a new food. here are the results of my weeks:

week 1 food: bok choy
week 1 running: 15/15 miles
week 2 food: eggplant
week 2 running: 15/15
week 3 food: red lentils
week 3 running: 19/15
week 4 food: quinoa
week 4 running: 19/15
week 5 food: wheatberries
week 5 running: 19/15
week 6 food: homemade pad thai
week 6 running: 21/15
week 7 food: nutritional yeast
week 7 running: 25.5/15
week 8 food: protein powder
week 8 running: 19/15

overall i am mostly impressed with the running. at the beginning of the challenge, it was difficult to run 15 miles per week, but as you can see, as the weeks passed, it became easier and easier. overall i ran a total of 152.5 miles and averaged 19 miles per week. it is about 100 miles from toronto to buffalo, new york, so i could have run there and halfway back. :o)

in other news, this morning i did 30 minutes of running on the treadmill in 15, 10, and 5 minute segments, as well as some arm weights. there was this girl who took the only set of 5-pound dumbbells on the treadmill while she walked, which annoyed me a little. most of the time she would rest the bells (still holding on to them) on the handlebar! seriously.... a) walking with weights in your hands is not good for you and b) gym equipment hog! oink oink oink!

tonight is my book club and i haven't finished the book yet. i will try to get as much done as i can at lunch and after work. we are reading "water for elephants" by sarah gruen and it's awesome. it's about the circus!


Erin said...

I remember once when I ran in a MASSIVE rainstorm, I was pelted so hard that my skin was RED, red, red from it! It was not such a fun run.

SeaBreeze said...

That's fantastic progress on your running! And I know the feeling with the gym hogs. There is one at my gym that sets up this whole area for herself and if you even look her way you get the death glare.

Jen said...

I like your story from yesterday, that made me smile!

I can't believe you ran that far (well that many miles) that is insane!!!

and boo to poison burritos...you are like a modern day Snow White!

Bi0nicw0man said...

Holy running machine, woman!! Good job on your challenge!!

CaRoLyN said...

TRES Impressed with the rain running. That IS hardcore & I love it!

Points Princess said...

I loved that book!!

Jennifer said...

Wow, you did awesome on the summer challenge! Congrats! That is a LOT of running :)

P.O.M. said...

Oh, I really want to read that book. Let us know how it is.

Are you getting your calories from your heart rate monitor? I think it might be off a bit. Typically you burn a little less than 100 calories per mile for a girl your size. Check out this link:


Your running is getting so awesome. Way to challenge yourself with some hills. Hills are scary, but it's exhilerating when you're done with them.

Crystal said...

Wow, I am so impressed with all your running! You did a great job and added several miles to each week. Very nice.

I was just in the book store yesterday and saw that book and passed it up. I've heard it's pretty good by a couple other people as well so I think I'm going to have to pick it up.

Cara said...

you are kicking butt. good job on the hills!!

carla said...

I love your try new veggie/new food plan.

Im thinking I need to incorporate that here-----for me AND my daughter so she doesnt turn out picky like I am.