Friday, June 13, 2008

you all make me laugh

yes, it's true. you all make me laugh? in a good way of course. but why? all the reasons/excuses why my pants could have felt tight. let's see:

1) maybe i am building muscles in my thighs.

2) perhaps i left my pants in the dryer and they shrunk.

3) swollen legs.

while these could be valid excuses in the land of wishville, i know it's not possible.

1) i have been running for almost a year and can't see muscles just sprouting up this week. and since i have only done two, yes a mere two HIIT sessions, that can't be it either.

2) i would NEVER even put these tighties in the dryer for one second!

3) this actually could be an excuse but i doubt it.

today i weighed in at 121.8. that is a gain of 2.6 pounds from last week. frickity crap mofo! but it's not necessary a bad thing. yes, i am out of my range, but it's good because i need to take a good look at what i'm eating. i am totally in control exercise-wise, but eating-wise... not so much. my portions have been increasing. a packet of oatmeal becomes a packet of oatmeal with flax, with all bran, with pumpkin, with wheat berries, with milk, with a banana. and while these things are all healthy, and adding one or two of these things is a great idea, adding them all and eating a giant beheamoth vat of oatmeal is not.

it's time to trim back the portions people! i can do it. i am not even in a bad mood about gaining. it's all about perspective :o)

in other news, this morning i did a quick 4-miles around my lovely city. and i have to say, even two sessions of HIIT is increasing my regular running speed. instead of a slower jog, i found myself with faster, longer strides this morning... it felt really good. when my alarm went off at 6:45am, i was resetting it for my boyfriend, and he rolled over and mumbled, "you are a real inspiration." hahaha - that is so funny to me.

in more boyfriend news, this sunday is our 1.5 yearaversary. last year for our six-monthaversary, i drew him a picture of a pin-up girl. he invited me to go to vegas with his family. even? i think so! ;o) anyhoo, i decided to carry on the tradition and draw him another pin-up. it's a ballerina because he likes them. i finished it last night and scanned it.

i think you can click on it to make it bigger. i've since signed and framed it. i think he will like it because i spent time on it, and it's from the heart. romance!

today on the menu is:

giant iced coffee

hot coffee
cinnamon oatmeal with flax
source yogurt

ezekiel english muffin
3 slices fake spicy meat
spinach and mustard
source yogurt
1/2 cup blackberries

source yogurt
1 cup popcorn

dinner - ?


Fatinah said...

what a beautiful picture!

Erin said...

As if you did that picture, it is so so beautiful! Wow!

It is all about portion sizes for me lately. They are just way too big, but I am eating healthy stuff! I have to rear them in.

smellyshelley said...

Wow, you are a great artist! Love, love, love the pinup girl.

Aimee said...

WOW you have talent!!!!

Grea attitude towards the gain! And he's right you are an inspiration.

Anonymous said...

love the picture, what a thoughtful idea. have a great weekend girlie.

Bi0nicw0man said...

Shut up! Love it!! Who knew you were so freaking talented? Oh wait, we did...haha. :) You have a very lucky boyfriend.

Happy Anniversary!!

carla said...

LOVE the pinup.

hubby is getting two soon (tats) by a local artist.

been on the waiting list for ages.


Jen said...

UM HOLY MOLY!!!!!!!!!!

You are an AMAZING artist!!!

I like that you guys celebrate half years!!! I remember every single little date for my husband and all he remembers is the wedding (um, which I should AT least be thankful for! Oh and our dating anniversary because it was rememberance day!)

I love your attitude too, you are taking something good out of a situation that might cause people to flip out and reassessing it!

ashley said...

You drew that? Seriously, it is fantastic. Wow! It looks like you! ;)

Robin said...

You are so talented! I love pin up girls.

VeggieGal said...

How many calories/points per day do you target? LOVE the artwork BTW...

Kelly O said...

I can be the same way with healthy food - just wanting to eat too much of it. But you are focused and keeping an eye on things with your body -that's the best thing you can do to ensure continual success!!


Lex said...

Wow, you've got an amazing talent! That picture is beautiful!!!

carla said...

checking in....wanted to letcha know you won the friday freebie!


P.O.M. said...

That is awesome. Maybe the next one will be a runner pin-up girl. Hmmm is there such a thing?

You are very talented!