Friday, June 27, 2008

guess what?

it's friday! and not just any friday. the beginning of summer hours (which means i leave work at 1pm) and a four day weekend that starts tomorrow. can you believe that tuesday is the actual holiday and some people have to work on monday? i feel sorry for people who aren't allowed to take monday as a vacation day. suckers.

friday is weigh-in day and i am 118 pounds which is up 0.2 from last week which is nothing so a stay the same. congratulations to me. i feel good about it, although last night before bed i was a bit hungry and pushed it aside. yesterday i was talking to my bff who is also a long time weight watcher and i was saying that i never want to feel too full again. i hate hate HATE that feeling. she agreed. she said, she would rather feel ravenously hungry than too full and i agree.

this morning i ran 4 miles around town and i'm happy i did it (when it was over) but i probably should have taken a rest day. but i was already up (mental alarm) so why not put that time to good use? this afternoon i am going shopping. i have a bunch of things to return to h & m... also i need some sort of summer foot ware. i can't wear my keds every day. why not? because i am 27 not thirteen :) my feet are a little gross (from running, not from warts and other unsightly foot problems) but i don't care.

tomorrow morning i am heading to my hometown because my family is burying my uncle who passed away in february. my mom's side of the family is different in that we don't "do" funerals. we attend them of course, but don't have them for ourselves. what's the point? (don't answer that haha... rhetorical.) to each their own. anyway, we are burying his ashes with my grandparents so that's saturday. on tuesday i am going to a canada day bbq which should be fun... and yummy.

and for kicks, here is a friday five of things that make me happy today:

1) i through out the rest of the cake last night. i licked the icing once but i threw it out.

2) i love q-tipping after a shower. it feels really good!

3) that i woke up to a clean condo (it wasn't magic, i did it all last night)

4) berries (this morning was cherries, blackberries, and raspberries... except now i have none left.)

5) my cutie pie oliver :) yes he has blue nails. they are softpaws... for people who are against declawing but also against having scratched, ragged furniture.


Anonymous said...

Friday at last. I am one of those suckers working Monday. I could take it off but I love when the office is empty and it will be nice knowing i just have to work monday and then have tuesday off. YAY. HAPPY WEEKEND.

Haley said...

Aaaaaack -- you have reawakened the desire for a cat in me!! Noooo!

Have a great weekend! :)

N.D. said...

I love berries too! Nice job on the 118, I know it is a number but my goal weight of life has always been 119 and the closest I got was 121 but now I'm 133. Annoying!!! Would love to hear tips, I started to get too obsessed and trying to lighten up.

Jennifer said...

Aww your kitty is SO cute! I didn't know you could do those blue claws as an alternative to declawing... both my cats are declawed anyways. Hope you have a fun weekend! :D I'm jealous!

Jen said...

I am a sucker too!!! But I CHOSE to be...eek! My husband has Tuesday so I opted to spend time with him....

I wish my place magically cleaned itself!!!

I saw the pics of your cat on FB and I was like how cute she painted his nails, but then I realized that cats nails retract and I was SO smart and figured it all out...that's right, i am brilliant!!!

Have a great weekend!!!

Aimee said...

OOOO cute kitty! I had pink ones for my lil baby. She's all white. She was scratching my new couch. So before I wanted to kill her I did that. Now she doesn't need them. No more scratching. But now BF and his kitty moved in about a yr ago, and they fight. Maybe I should give them all the plastic claws...hmmmm....

Mandy said...


Crystal said...

Such cute pictures! Enjoy your nice long weekend with the family. I must admit I'm a bit jealous of your summer hours. Wish my job liked us enough to do something like that!

carla said...

hope you had a great weekend and KUDOS on the maintaining.

IMO that's the hardest part.

(love the cat. many need to link the cat :) too much dog love on my blog I think...)