Thursday, June 19, 2008

i see the light

this week i am very busy. not so much at work but in my home life. i am throwing myself a birthday party on saturday and am really anal about a) having a spotless, immaculate apartment (who am i, my mother?) b) providing drinks and a delicious spread c) looking hot and fabulous and d) being able to accomplish everything without feeling stressed at all. the pressure is on people!

i made myself a to-do list at the beginning of the week and am crossing things off as i go along. the list includes EVERYTHING i have to do... from cleaning the bathroom, to buying plastic cups at the dollar store, to finding a new party dress, to shaving my legs, to windexing the giant window/doors to my balcony, to cutting up veggies for a veggie platter, to losing my above-maintenance extra weight. there are about fifty other things on the list. not kidding.

last night was my sewing class and it was fun. we talked about using patterns and then cut them out and pinned them to the fabric and cut out the fabric. when i got home (at 9:30!) i cleaned my entire bathroom and did an inventory of the party supplies i already have. it doesn't help that on friday i am going to a different birthday party. getting my friend a present is on my list of to-do things!

anyway that's boring. my boyfriend told me last night that he booked our tickets yesterday. we are flying out on the last sunday in july and coming back the next sunday. i am really excited. and i really need a vacation!

this morning i did a 4-mile run around town, then came back to the condo gym for some arm weights and sit-ups. i am still following my plan of breakfast being the biggest meal of the day, then lunch, then dinner. it's working out well for me... since i am so busy in the evenings this week i don't have time to think about making anything exciting for dinner. the protein powder is still working in my favour... this morning i made one with 1/2 banana, unsweetened almond breeze, and frozen mangos and peaches. tropical yum!

now to get on with thursday! (i am actually happy it's thursday not friday, because i need tonight to do more party prep.)


Bi0nicw0man said...

Good lord woman, you are just nutty!! haha, I say this because I too am in the process of writing my mega-list for this weekend's dinner party. :) Good luck with everything!

Jen said...

I agree this week I am glad there is a Thursday before Friday...I don't have NEARLY as much to do as you do, but a little bit!!!

I love having big to do lists...I love adrenaline so much it's scary!!! I think you can pull of a fabulous party while looking oh so gorgeous!!!

P.O.M. said...

You are Miss Motivation these days. I know I've said it before, but you manage to get SO MUCH done.

Have a fantastic party. Do we get to see pics?

And how far down the coast are you driving?

Cara said...

i love how organized you are.

carla said...

you ARE ubermotivated right now!

what are the chances it will rub off on my solely by reading about it?


Lex said...

your party sounds like it's going to be fab! I know you can pull it off, just make sure it remains stress-free!!

have a LOT of fun!!