Tuesday, June 3, 2008

home today

i am at home today. since i am at home today, i am going to do my entry "food blog style."

i woke up at 8:30am and made a coffee, and small bowl of cherries and cheerios. ch ch ch champion foods. :) i was reading in bed, eating them, when i fell back asleep and didn't wake up until 11:30am. am i lazy or what?

now it's noon! i have some stuff i want to do today (on the computer), so hopefully i can get it all done. if i do, i'm going to reward myself with a trip to whole foods. (i have to drive there... bleh!) i was hoping to get outside for a run, but it's pouring rain... it might stop by 2pm or so for a couple of hours, so i'm going to postpone my workout until then and make something more substantial to eat.

for brunch or lunch i made my favourite... oatmeal:

1/4 cup steel cut oats
1/2 cup water
1/2 cup unsweetened almond breeze
1/2 small banana
1/4 cup wheatberries
1 T flax
1 t splenda
1/2 t vanilla
some thawed frozen berries on top. :)

i went for a long run... 6 miles. it was easy and my heart rate stayed about 140 the whole time. i think my monitor is working fine now... phewf. i was running for over an hour and burned 430 calories or so.

when i got home i thought about what to have for dinner. i looked in my vegetable drawer and saw a sweet potato that was almost ready to bite the dust, so i made a big batch of mashed potatoes.

i used:
1 giant sweet potato
4 cloves garlic, chopped (2 were really mini)
3/4 head of cauliflower
splash of unsweetened almond breeze

i steamed everything and then used my blender on a stick (what is that called?) to puree everything. yum yum. i love mixing cauliflower into mashed potatoes because it really increases the volume and not the calories.

i ate a small bowl right away:

i had a bath/shower afterwards and then made dinner. i had a sun-dried tomato gardenburger on an ezekiel english muffin, with some greens and mustard, leftover steamed veggies and some mashed potatoes. now i am very very full.

i have never tried ezekiel english muffins before ($4.99 for 6!) and i have to say, they are really delicious. way better than any other english muffin i've tried. i still have some work to do on the computer so i better get cracking. i am not going anywhere tonight because it's still raining and i just can't be bothered. that's how much i hate driving. why do i even have a car?

i hope you enjoyed looking at my food today. =D tomorrow will be back to regular posting (no pics), although i do have to say, posting my food for the day really inspired me to make the most of my food (variety, somewhat nice presentation) and really curbed the mindless snacking and little bites of things i would usually take but wasn't hungry for. interesting...


Shannon said...

i hate driving too. arggg. have a nice day girlie.

CaRoLyN said...

Mmm I LOVE cherries!

Bi0nicw0man said...

cherries!! OMG, are they finally going down in price for the season.

**heads off to Sobeys...haha

Jen said...

mm, yummy!!

sucks that you have to drive today...not fun!

Lex said...

ok so i'm a fruitoholic, and your photos with the cherries & berries made me drool!!!

hk said...

oooh, pictures are a fun treat :) hope the rain clears up, have a nice day home...boo to driving, I agree!

Crystal said...

that oatmeal looks so yummy...and now I want some cherries!

Robin said...

Thanks for the complement and for answering my question. I think you look great! Lean, but definitely not bony. We are the same height, and I can't imagine weighing less than 120. In high school, I was 123. I am very interested to see where my weight ends up because until after my first baby, I had not eaten a healthy diet or exercised. I don't think having kids necessarily makes your body want to be heavier, I think it just makes it harder to find the time to eat right and exercise. :) And you do definitely have to make a conscious effort to lose the baby weight. It doesn't just melt off (for most people.)

Anyway, I joined Mrs. F's food diary group, so I will see you there. Maybe I'll just start eating what you eat, and I'll get down to 125! :)

reetuashwin said...

Sure... Ur entry looks colorful today..

Thanks for the Oatmeal recipe :)

reetuashwin said...

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I have been a frequent visitor of ur Blog for few months...
Find it interesting.

Mandy said...

'Blender on a stick' - too frickin' cute!!! :) It's an immersion blender. :) But I like your name for it better! :) heheh

Vanessa said...

I love your mustard happy face :). I also love my blender on a stick!

Julie said...

Hey, it was fun to see your food diary rather than read it:)

Sara said...

Love the pics - the food looks super yummy!!

P.S. I'll ask my aunt tonight!