Friday, November 28, 2008

where is the sun?

it's been forever since i've seen the sun. when i was a teenager i loved gray autumn days (emo), but now i want sunny vitamin E-filled days of warmth. not having sun for so long is depressing. and it's only november! did you know it's not even officially winter yet? we almost went right from summer to winter.

thanks for your gift suggestions yesterday. i'm still at a loss. my boyfriend's mom doesn't really like music, and they don't really sit down to watch dvds, and i could make them something, but it would have to be as a hostess gift, so i'd have to get something else anyway. last year i framed a picture of everyone in las vegas. i don't really have anything to match the "sentimentality" of that gift. it's too early to start fretting about anything yet. christmas is still almost a month away, and i am really close to being done my shopping.

today is friday, my weigh in day, and i stayed the same this week. i thought i would have dropped since i've been eating next to nothing for the past two days (being sick), but no. then again i haven't been exercising and i've mostly been eating carbs. my tastes have been all off and things (like raw veggies and hummus) that i normally crave make me feel like gagging.

the good news is: it's the weekend. almost. let us rejoice! and hope that i feel 80% better by tomorrow so i can go dancing. :)

Thursday, November 27, 2008

another list

1) i am really sick today. i slept for 9 hours last night, which i never do. my nose is all stuffed and i feel like poo. i took some daytime cold medicine which is helping but making me feel a little boozy. i can't wait until i can just go home and read and sleep and relax.

2) my job interview went well but i won't be offered the position because i'm just not qualified enough. but the interviewer really liked me and maybe in the future there will be a position for me or some freelance opportunities. overall a good experience.

3) my boots, shoes, and purse came in from aldo and everything was too small. but they make everything so easy. i brought my stuff to a store on tuesday, and exchanged the boots for the proper size in store. they didn't have the heels in my size but they ordered them for me and they will be delivered to my house in 2 to 4 days. i just returned the purse because it said it had a wrist strap, but it really was a shoulder strap.

4) i am listening to a fab new audiobook: don't eat this book by morgan spurlock. he is the guy who made that movie "super size me" and ate nothing but mcdonalds for a month. his book is great. some of it is about his experience making the movie, but most of it is about fitness and nutrition and the horror that is fast food. everyone should read (or listen to) this book.

5) what should i get for my boyfriend's parents for christmas? they are always so hard to buy for. a) because it's a joint "family" gift b) because they aren't really into the same things c) because they are european and d) they don't need anything. wine or chocolate is kind of a lame gift because it should be more personal than that.

6) i am not exercising today. sick = no energy.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

what is up with this?

what is going on? don't tease me. tell me NOW dammit!

in other news, last night i had the french onion soup (5 points), a small house salad (2 points) with balsamic dressing (1 point). during the movie i had a tea because it was freezing, and when i came home i had a curves bar (1 point) because i was a bit hungry. success!

today i have a job interview. wish me luck! =D

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

a test of wills

today i feel a bit like a fatty mcbutterpants. last night my boyfriend and i went to see the new james bond movie (it was only ho hum compared to the last one) and we shared swedish berries and popcorn. i asked him TEN times not to get butter on the popcorn, and he got butter because he thought i was joking. joking? what kind of joke is that? i can't even wrap my head around it. obviously i still ate some because i'm not going to be a jerk who refuses to eat the popcorn that someone bought for me.

so i got up really early this morning and went for a 30 minute swim. i didn't really feel like swimming, but it's one of my quickest workouts, and i can shower in the pool change room which makes for an even faster time because there are no comforts of a home shower. no choice of body wash or shampoo, no relaxing stream of water from the rainfall shower head... just in and out.

tonight i am going to the movies again. i don't go for six months and then go twice in two days. apparently that's how i roll. some of my girlfriends and i are going to see twilight, and meeting for dinner at shoeless joe's first. i looked at the menu online, and it's really the worst thing ever. luckily the NI is posted, and I've narrowed it down to two options. 1) french onion soup (5 points) with a large house salad (3 points) and balsamic dressing (1 point) or 2) something called a salmon skillet which is salmon with veggies and rice (10) points. both are pretty good options. they have some things that sound yummier like the goat cheese burger, but i'm not compromising on the points after the butterfest of yesterday. it's only shoeless joe's, not a gourmet restaurant, and tomorrow i won't care what i ate for dinner tonight.

Monday, November 24, 2008

back in the game

i am back in the game with exercise. on saturday i had a 40 minute swim, yesterday i walked for 40 minutes (2.5 miles) on the treadmill, and this morning i had another 40 minute swim. after my saturday swim, i could really feel the burn in my arms and back muscles. this is great because i know that swimming is really doing something for me. i feel really motivated to keep it up this week. PHEWF. i thought i was becoming a bump on a log.

monday is the only day of the week that i don't go and work for my mother out in the burbs. i still need some time to work on job applications and get everything in order. without this time i would be too stressed. but for some reason, whenever i have something to do at home like applying for jobs, i feel like i can't get down to business until my house is clean and tidy. it's like i can't feel organized and in control in a messy environment. it's always been that way... like in school studying for exams and writing essays - i just couldn't even start until my surroundings felt serene.

time to get down to business. oh but first, a review of those greek yogurts i got in the states. the plain is BY FAR the best yogurt ever, but i could take or leave the mini flavoured ones. the plain is so thick and delicious. i have one container left. ok now time to get down to business.

Friday, November 21, 2008

too much wine

last night at book club i drank too much wine and now i am not feeling so fine. a short one today. i weighed in 0.8 higher than last week which is alright since i pretty much did no exercise at all this week. it's annoying because now i'm back out of my maintenance range, only slightly though.

today i am only working a short day, so i can probably squeeze in a swim or walk.
sometimes i am surprised by how quickly ww points can add up. for example, this morning i had a quaker maple weight control oatmeal (3) and yogurt (2), and brought to work another yogurt (2) and a clif kid z bar (2). i only have the bar left and when i eat that it puts me at 9 points which normally lasts until dinner. crazy but true, crazy but true. i am trying to avoid coffee today since it dehydrates. random!

Thursday, November 20, 2008


the snow has arrived in toronto. it really feels like winter now. i am a very cold person. not cold hearted, just cold in general. every time i go outside, it takes about five minutes before my feet turn into giant ice blocks. i'm finding it really hard to drink cold drinks (water) now that it's cold outside. i am pounding it back right now, but had to get a sweater.

my lazy streak is sort of continuing. last night after sewing i decided enough was enough and went downstairs to the condo gym. i walked on the treadmill for about 35 minutes but my bum pain suddenly returned with a vengeance and i had to stop. after that i did some sit-ups, and some weight machines for about 25 minutes more. this morning i set my alarm to swim but once again it wasn't happening! it must have something to do with the change in weather. i just need a bit of hibernation before i can resume my usual workout schedule.

in other news, this morning i made oatmeal with sugar cookie sleigh ride tea. there is something about this tea that's weird and i can't put my finger on it. maybe it's that it doesn't really taste like a sugar cookie OR a sleigh ride. it's good, but not as good as i expected. for lunch i am having another flat out wrap, this time with PB2 and a banana rolled up inside. i love bananas and peanut butter - what a combo!

last night i spent some money online. i always do this. the internet is responsible for me spending money like a drunken sailor. often i wonder how i can make roughly the same amount of money as my friends and be able to buy more stuff, and it just came to me. i rarely spend my money on "entertainment" like going out to dinner, or buying drinks in a club. i just don't want to. tonight, for example, is my book club. i'm sure some of the girls will be buying dinner, but personally, i don't want to spend $12 on a hamburger and fries. #1 i don't want to eat that stuff and #2 to me it's just a waste of money. i'd rather have things like boots and purses.

speaking of which, here is what i bought last night on aldo online. aldo is great because there is free shipping, and if you don't like what you bought, you can return it to any store.

cute stuff. i have always wanted brown boots, ever since i saw a photo of giselle wearing them online.

in other "beauty" news, i had the opportunity to try this new mascara from lancome, called oscillation. it's special because it has a button that you push that makes the wand vibrate. it sounds crazy but it's really subtle and apparently moves back and forth 7,000 times a minute. it mimics the back and forth motion you would normally use to apply mascara. it really is the best mascara i have ever tried. anyhoo, i think today is the first day you can buy it online. and they are having special sales at the bay in toronto (on yonge street) and montreal (on ste. catherine street) today. ooh la la.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

sewing day!

apparently it's supposed to snow a lot today. yikes! i hope it doesn't affect traffic because i have to be back to the city by 6pm for my sewing class. we are using the "amy butler barcelona skirt pattern" which looks like this:

i hope i can make it a bit shorter because i don't find that length to be very flattering. i bought a red and black patterned fabric last night at fabricland. i have to say, their selection of cotton fabric was really ho hum. unless you wanted a superlame christmas inspired design. can you imagine? maybe for pajamas or something, but not a skirt.

today i am lazy again. i woke up to swim at 6:30, and then suddenly it was already 7am and too late. what is going on? i went to bed at 11pm last night too, which is quite early for me. i love staying up late. i love sleeping too. what a conundrum, you see. conundrum: do you like that word? i do!

last night we made personal pizzas with multigrain flat out wraps as crust. i also went to the polish grocery store and bought two kinds of delicious salami. i went in to get tomato sauce and then forgot all about it, so we had to use bbq chicken sauce as a base. it turned out extra tasty. my pizza had green pepper, red onion, tomato, zucchini, mushrooms, light mozza cheese, and both kinds of salami. i always thought salami was really bad for you, but it's only 2 points per 1 oz. which isn't that bad because it's not that heavy.

i am having the rest of the salami today for lunch in a flat out wrap with lettuce, tomato, mustard, green pepper, red onions and mushrooms. wrapped up though too. it's huge! longer than my foot! i don't know if that's true or not. ;)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

zzzzzz zombie

do you ever have periods of time, i mean days, where you are just tired? that's how i feel right now. i got home from buffalo and just wanted to veg on the couch. that's not unreasonable, because i didn't get home until 7:30pm, after a long day of shopping and driving. i watched gossip girl and last week's biggest loser. boy, do i ever dislike vicky! not only does she say mean things, but then she smirks about it too! like what she said was a real great jab... it was just mean, not clever! i don't want to think about her anymore or steam might come out of my ears.

this morning i was going to get up and swim but decided to sleep for longer instead. i am tired and lazy. i figure as long as i don't eat over my points, a few days of non-activity isn't going to turn me into a pile of mush. this week is so busy, too. tonight is date night, since tomorrow i have a sewing line (we are making A-line skirts), and thursday is book club. the book is divisadero, by michael ondaatje.

that's all for now. make sure you scroll down to read about all the yummy food i got in the states.

Monday, November 17, 2008

my loot

i am back from the united states, and it was everything i dreamed it would be. first of all, your comments about what to buy made me laugh. i was more thinking specific products, although it was really interesting to learn about what other parts of canada don't have. for example, toronto has a whole foods, and a sephora, and a bath and body works too.

unfortunately there is no trader joe's in buffalo, but i did go to big lots, wegman's grocery store, the fashion outlet mall, and target. here is some of my loot :)

1) oatmeal: country choice organic fit kids (1/2 cinnamon toast and 1/2 chocolate chip), quaker weight control banana bread, and kashi creamy all natural truly vanilla. i have died and gone to oatmeal heaven. by the way, i think you can click on the pics to make them bigger.

2. granola bars: quaker "true delights" granola bars, in toasted coconut banana macadamia nut, and dark chocolate raspberry almond.

3. fiber one complete pancake mix. wowee wowee!

4. clif kid z bars! i got a whole box of honey graham, and individual ones of chocolate chip, peanut butter, spooky smores, blueberry, and chocolate brownie (which was still hiding in the bags when i took this photo).

5. delicious hot beverages: swiss miss 25 calorie hot chocolate and sugar cookie sleigh ride holiday tea.

6. popcorn! jolly time sea salt and cracked pepper, and jolly time sassy salsa. i wonder what sassy tastes like?

7. the wonder food - greek yogurt!!! it was expensive but i didn't care. i just wanted to try it once. i mean twice. i bought 2 of the big 0% tubs, and three little ones: vanilla, blueberry, and honey. the last photo is a size comparison.

8. more delicious yogurt in flavours that blew my mind: orange creme, strawberry shortcake, banana creme pie, boston creme pie, raspberry cheesecake, and weight watchers amaretto cheesecake.

9. delicious "flat out" wraps in three varieties! multigrain, light italian, and light original.

THE END. i also got a few other things non-food related. a new hairdryer (mine had glowing embers... can't be safe), some beauty products for my man, a sweater and lounge pants from the GAP, this stuff, and a baby spoon because i like eating with little bites. to bed!

Friday, November 14, 2008

lazy vs. rest day

yesterday i didn't do any exercise. i didn't get home until 8:30 because i went to the walmart supercentre. i love you walmart supercentre. you are so big and super. i bought: a new tweezer, some dove intense repairing conditioner, three new cheap sports bras (A cup annies can get away with cheap sports bras), a new big bowl for microwaving oatmeal, 4 new drinking glasses (mine have slowly been breaking and i only have two left), some eye make-up remover (i like the rimmel brand), some dairyland fat free vanilla yogurts, and a pomegranate. oh, and a fancy wrapped wine from the wine rack in the walmart. oh, AND i forgot one to mention one of the best things i got. i mean, maybe the best, i have to try it first. here it is:

jolly time healthy pop caramel apple flavour. it's only 120 calories for 1/2 the bag. my box came with 3 packets, not 12. there were two other yummy flavours, like mallow magic, but that one was 360 calories for 1/2 the bag. outrageous! sometimes the walmart supercentre stocks products like this that i would usually only expect to find in the united states. occasionally it has chex mix which is my snack crack. i didn't buy any snack crack... don't want to OD!

i also went to canadian tire which was the main purpose of my trip because i wanted to buy a little (maybe 2 feet) christmas tree for my apartment. but i wanted one with pre-strung lights that didn't look tacky or cheap and it just wasn't my day. there were some nice bigger ones, but i don't want to go overboard. i bought my mom a nice whisk and spatula for christmas. i also got her a membership to costco. she is going to love it. i am going to love it too because i'm going to beg her to take me there. please mum please!

so i got home late, too pooped to work out. and i should mention that i was suffering from bum pain. dammit! so i took a "rest day." it's funny to me to call days when i plan to work out and don't "rest days" instead of just "lazy" or "can't be bothered" days. but it all worked out. normally i "rest" on friday mornings, but today i had a 40 minute swim. today is also weigh-in day and i am down two pounds and barely back in my maintenance range. hooray! i knew my pants were fitting better. even when i am a mere two pounds heavier i can feel the difference in my thighs.

this weekend is going to be fun fun fun until my daddy takes the t-bird away. tonight after work i am going to my bf's parent's house for his dad's birthday dinner (hence the wine). hence: do you like that word? and then tonight a home movie night with friends. tomorrow the ago is free all day (art gallery of ontario) so it would be fun to stop there, and then my bf is having a "november is boring" party. and THEN, on sunday, we are sitting on his roof (third floor street apartment) to watch the toronto santa claus parade! could it get any better? yes it can - by drinking a peppermint latte :) oh, and THEN on monday... i am going shopping in BUFFALO with my bff - it's her birthday.

my question for readers is: what would you buy in the states!?!?! i expect at least 1,000 comments, ha!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

pizza pizza

today is rainy and gray. typical november. it's also that time of year when all media from the united states is bombarding us about thanksgiving. well... been there, done that in october! i don't need to know how to make healthy cranberry sauce and stuffing NOW! not that i make that stuff for canadian thankgiving either ;)

i am feeling pretty great this week. my pants are fitting way better. PHEWF! the feeling of having your pants fit is so much better than the two minute enjoyment i'd get from eating a donut. mmmm donuts. i mean, yay pants! someone actually brought donuts to the office on tuesday. i didn't eat one but i brought one home and put it in my freezer. for as long as i have existed with teeth on this planet, i have loved walnut crunch donuts from tim hortons. i have memories of being a child and going there with my grandparents and getting that. always that one. every other donut was a disappointment in comparison. even kid-friendly ones with sprinkles. of course i have to choose the one with the most fat and calories! isn't that always the way! maybe i'll stop talking about donuts now, sorry! so the donut is in my freezer but i'm not worried. i will split it with my boyfriend on the weekend or something. 1/2 a donut = good times.

last night was wednesday date night, and so we ordered pizza. i didn't really want to but he was starving and said i could order "that gross multigrain crust" if i wanted. ha! we got a thin crust pizza (not multigrain) with mushrooms, red onion, green pepper, pepperoni, and spicy italian sausage. i had three small pieces... and i mean small. it was like 1.5 of the bigger ones total. i really was so impressed with myself for stopping when i was satisfied and not too full. it helped that i was using a knife and fork to slow me down. my boyfriend finished three pieces in the time it took me to consume one. do you like that word: consume?

i didn't exercise today (yet!!!) but hopefully i can do something tonight. not running because my inner thighs are a bit ouchy, but either a long walk (i have some new magazines) or a swim. probably a walk.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

good times

i didn't get back from the burbs until 7pm last night, and as soon as i got home i changed into my gym outfit and jumped on the treadmill (down in the condo gym). i was going to walk, but THEN the guy next to me was running, and i could see our reflections in the window, and thought, wouldn't it be funny (in my mind) to pretend we were running together. and so i ran for 20 minutes without stopping.

20 minutes!!! without stopping! i could hardly believe it. i thought about going for 30, but i was pretty pooped and it was getting to the point where i felt that if i pushed it more, i would be encroaching on bum pain territory. still, it felt great to run again. i am going to poo-poo doing the couch to 5k again when obviously i don't need to. i am just going to run when i feel confident and pain-free.

i'm tired today because i stayed up until 1:30am finishing the fourth twilight book. the fourth one is definitely the worst. still good, but by the end i could take it or leave it. but what do you expect? the magic to continue forever? it's like this with any good series... take the outlander series, by diana gabaldan. same thing.

this morning i went for a 30 minute swim. i'm feeling pretty good because i am on top of job applications, have been exercising and eating within my points, and my apartment is clean. also i hung up some new pictures. i got the frames from ikea and then bought a cheap marilyn monroe calendar from chapters, and used some of the photos from that as art. see for yourself. the middle is colour and her lips match the couch, and the two on the outside are black and white. ooh la la.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


last night i was loading my dishwasher and slipped (i am very clumsy) and fell into the cutlery area. a sharp cutting knife poked into me, right between my little and fourth fingers. there was/is a deep hole but it didn't bleed that much and isn't wide so i think i'm going to make it without amputating and fingers... phewf. still annoying though.

i used that as an excuse not to swim this morning. that, and i really didn't feel like it too much. i didn't walk last night either. what is going on? i am trying to stay consistent with the exercise but it's hard. obviously life gets in the way and most people can't work out every day. really, three or four times a week is enough to reap the benefits. i am just going to try and adjust my diet on the days that i am inactive.

but i will probably walk tonight, if i can get down to the gym before biggest loser starts. i missed last week (not last week because it wasn't on, but the week before), but i read about it online. do you want to know what player drives me insane? vicky... she seems so heartless and evil. laughing at other people's misfortunes... and remember when she said she didn't care enough about the prize of a video from home to put her effort into the challenge... because she saw her kids just last week? i mean, come on. i am not a parent but one would assume that you would want to see your kids every chance you got. anyhoo.

yesterday i took care of business in the job application department. i applied for four jobs and wrote personal cover letters for each one. and some of them wanted writing and art samples so i did some scanning and it turned out pretty swell. yep, swell.

that's about all i have to say today. i have a yummy sandwich for lunch. i actually bought a regular loaf of bread (still whole wheat and full of goodness) instead of weight watchers or ezekiel or sprouted grains bread and i am excited to eat it. with fat free turkey and spicy mootard. i mean mustard. :) also, i'm doing the activia 14-day challenge... by that i mean eating one activia fat free yogurt per day, starting yesterday. i need to do some research because i'm not sure (yet) what the point of the challenge, except to turn into a belly dancer or something!

Monday, November 10, 2008

monday mania

good morning. there are still two minutes until noon so it's still morning! welcome to monday... bleh!

i had a great weekend. on friday i watched across the universe which was pretty good. how can anything made entirely of beatles songs be bad? the first half was better than the second half.

on saturday i had a 40 minute swim, and also walked to the library and back. i had some resume and cover letter books on hold to pick up, and i got two new amazing audio books for the car. i also got a book by madeleine wickham called the gatecrasher. did you know that is sophie kinsella, author of the shopaholic series? pretty *wild* ;)

on sunday, i went with my family to see jersey boys, which is a musical about the four seasons. amazing!

this morning i did some reading, and then went for a 40 minute swim. i am going to try and get some walking in later.

and finally, here is a photo from halloween (i am slow to upload things!) - my boyfriend and i were 70s olympians. i made the medals and the shirts... crafty!

Friday, November 7, 2008

yippity skippity!

hooray, it's friday! doesn't that make you happy? there is nothing quite like the good mood of a friday. happy happy joy joy. i'm so enthusiastic i'm beginning to sound sarcastic! but i'm not.

first things first, today is friday.... dreaded weigh in day. i am 0.4 higher than last week but that's ok for several reasons: 1) last weekend was halloween... candy... etc. enough said. 2) i was an exercise queen this week and i'm sure the scale will reflect that next week. and 3) i'm just going with the flow. it's not that bad. i am still less than two pounds over my maintenance range, which really is nothing but annoying that i haven't been able to get everything in check and then keep it there.

last night after i got home, i walked for four miles on the treadmill, and THEN swam for 40 minutes as well. i wasn't going to walk for so long, but i was absorbed in my book. swimming was hard after my grueling walk (ha) and it kind of felt like i was swimming uphill, but i stuck with it.

i decided to give my body a break and take this morning, and probably today, off from exercise. i will be back in the pool tomorrow, and i'm not going to take sunday off either. maybe a good schedule for me is four days on, one day off.

i'm wearing a new sweater today. it's from smart set - here is a picture:

have a great weekend everyone :)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

i have a question

my question is: in that new pussycat dolls song, do they really sing "i want to have boobies"? i keep think i hear it, but then i think there's no way something so ridiculous would be in a song... right? maybe i shouldn't put it past them.

i didn't walk to my bf's last night. 1) i forgot that it gets dark at 4:30 and 2) the highway going into the city was still closed because of the accident and it took me almost two hours to get home.

i did walk home from his place this morning, and i plan on swimming tonight. swimming at night is weird for me. i think it's because i like to get wet and have to dry my hair only once per day, and i am a morning showerer.

in terms of my goals from yesterday, i did some thinking about them. i decided to really jazz up my cover letters in order to stand out more. resumes are usually just pretty standard, so it's the cover letter that needs to grab attention.

i also thought about how i could fit my hobbies into my time. right now, not having a job isn't giving me tons of spare time, because technically, i am working (just at my mom's office). i am a single girl with a mortgage, so i have to find money somewhere! and then at home my "free" time is spent applying for jobs.

i think i need to spend more short bursts of time cleaning up after myself. i can be very messy. i am always throwing stuff on the floor and everywhere, and then it takes so long to pick up after myself, because i wait until it gets crazy and then do it all at once. but, if i spent 20 minutes a day just getting things organized, that would free up a lot of other time. i think.

last night we went to tim horton's for dinner and they were out of buns for sandwiches, buns for soup, and only had chicken noodle soup. i like chicken soup, but it's so generic and i must have ten cans of it in my cupboard. so we decided to save our giftcard for another day, and instead made cream of mushroom soup and sandwiches at home. out of buns! can you imagine? no wonder i never eat there.

my audio book this week is a short history of progress by ronald wright. it's neat because i'm actually listening to a series of lectures that were read at universities across canada in 2004. they are very interesting. and finally i'm on the fourth twilight book... exciting!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

some thoughts

since the new year is only 8 weeks away, i think it's time to set some goals that i want to accomplish. i don't want to go into the holiday season feeling unfit or frumpy, and there is still time to change things. i don't want to start 2009 with any regrets. without further ado:

1) it's time to get back into my maintenance range and stay there. no hovering around the top and going over at the end of the weekend.

2) i would like to strengthen my core considerably. abs and lower back. i heard that people with strong core muscles have better posture. do you think this is true? i am slouching right now, while i type this.

3) i would like to eat to live, not live to eat. will this ever be possible? do any of you eat to live?

4) i would like to have my closet organized - i have too many clothes that i don't wear. maybe i can sell some and donate the rest. or donate them all.

5) i NEED to get a job. in my career. i could get any job, true, but i am on a career path and don't want to stray off of it with an admin job or something that i dislike. i've had mundane jobs before and they really suck the life out of you.

6) i would like to evaluate my hobbies and have a plan to do more with them. for example, book writing, or sewing. i just can't find the time but i know it's there. it's not like i'm watching a lot of tv so i need to figure that out.

today there was a major crash on the route i would normally take to my mom's office in the suburbs. (i took a different one.) the big trailer of a truck fell off an overpass and crushed five cars below. people are in critical condition. very scary. i hope they are alright.

this morning i swam another 40 minutes, and last night i walked four miles on the treadmill while reading "eclipse," the third book in the twilight series. i am almost done and then on to the fourth. these books are like crack. i need to get them out of the way so i can get on with my regular life and pay attention to real people and not just edward cullen the vampire. ;)

tonight is date night and we are eating at tim horton's. only because we won a gift card at the halloween party last weekend. what is low point and not chili? a sandwich or something? i never eat there so i need some tips. i will walk to my boyfriend's house which is about 2 1/2 miles. i am kicking up the exercise this week if you didn't notice.

have a great wednesday, and congratulations to obama. i wanted him to win :)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

absolutely disgusting

if you have a weak stomach, please skip this paragraph. this morning i decided to actually take the multitudes of vitamins i keep buying - iron, b6, multivitamin, c, zinc, and a fish oil pill. i should be taking this stuff every day (apparently). however, this morning, every time i cough or burp (in a delicate, feminine way of course) i am burping up this absolutely disgusting fish taste. it's so gross. it's not even like a yummy piece of grilled halibut or whatever, it's like the smell of chinatown put into a taste. BLEH!!!!

moving on. yesterday i had a great day! i had a 40 minute swim and then went to the swimming store and bought two polyester suits. one is a black speedo and one is a really cute bikini. it is like the one below but the main part is brown and the tubing on top is a light blue.

after the swim store, i went to the main office of the people who put on the halloween party and got the ticket money back for me and all of my friends (six of us!). i'm really happy they refunded the tickets. then i went to chapters and spent a long time browsing and reading all sorts of books. i bought a book on writing and a marilyn monroe calendar - i am using a few of the images in frames i already bought.

and THEN, when i got home, the third and fourth books in the twilight series had come in the mail, so i read 1/2 of the third. i also walked for 4 miles on the treadmill while reading... great way to pass the time.

in terms of food, the whole day was healthy and on plan and i'm feeling really great. this morning i had another 40 minute swim (in my new suit).


Monday, November 3, 2008

my apologies

for not posting on friday. it was a really busy day. i was helping my mom (as usual) at the office and there were way too many closings (real estate law) so i didn't have time to post.

halloween was good and bad. we went to this party that we bought tickets for, but the ticket holders had to stand in this giant line outside for more than an hour, and people who bought their tickets at the door got in right away. the line up was hundreds of people long. just a really poorly organized event. we ended up just going home after waiting for way too long. on saturday night we went to a house halloween party which was much more fun. we won third place in the costume contest. :) pics to come after i upload them.

i did weigh in on friday and was up 2.4 pounds and out of my maintenance range again. i don't even get it and i am not going to try to. today is another day and i'm moving on.

this morning i went for a 40 minute swim which was nice. i didn't exercise all weekend, although i did walk about 3 miles yesterday. today my big plans are 1) reading pride and prejudice 2) walking to the library 3) seeing if i can get a refund for that halloween party 4) going to the bookstore to see if they have any helpful writing books and 5) possibly going to the olympium pool - it is a pool double the length of standard community centre pools (50 metres instead of 25). i want to go there because they have a swim shop and sell a wide variety of polyester swimsuits. polyester is less comfortable to swim in, but doesn't stretch and become see through and flimsy like your regular speedo lycra swimsuit would. i have had the same one since high school (long time!) and it's time for a new one.