Monday, November 3, 2008

my apologies

for not posting on friday. it was a really busy day. i was helping my mom (as usual) at the office and there were way too many closings (real estate law) so i didn't have time to post.

halloween was good and bad. we went to this party that we bought tickets for, but the ticket holders had to stand in this giant line outside for more than an hour, and people who bought their tickets at the door got in right away. the line up was hundreds of people long. just a really poorly organized event. we ended up just going home after waiting for way too long. on saturday night we went to a house halloween party which was much more fun. we won third place in the costume contest. :) pics to come after i upload them.

i did weigh in on friday and was up 2.4 pounds and out of my maintenance range again. i don't even get it and i am not going to try to. today is another day and i'm moving on.

this morning i went for a 40 minute swim which was nice. i didn't exercise all weekend, although i did walk about 3 miles yesterday. today my big plans are 1) reading pride and prejudice 2) walking to the library 3) seeing if i can get a refund for that halloween party 4) going to the bookstore to see if they have any helpful writing books and 5) possibly going to the olympium pool - it is a pool double the length of standard community centre pools (50 metres instead of 25). i want to go there because they have a swim shop and sell a wide variety of polyester swimsuits. polyester is less comfortable to swim in, but doesn't stretch and become see through and flimsy like your regular speedo lycra swimsuit would. i have had the same one since high school (long time!) and it's time for a new one.


Bi0nicw0man said...

well that's lame about that Halloween party. I'd definitely be raising a stink! Glad you had another one to make up for it the next night. :)

Vanessa said...

That sucks about the party! Seriously, you buy your tickets in advance for a reason.

Weird about the gain. Hopefully it's gone next week!

I love Pride and Prejudice :). Have fun swimsuit shopping!

SeaBreeze said...

Good luck with the Poly suit. I used to work in a bathing suit shop and swear by them, but I have 3 already and cant justify a new one.

P.O.M. said...

Can't wait to see your costume. I was totally afraid to step on the scale this morning, so I didn't. I will just wait until I get a few really good workouts in.

Sara said...

I have polyester too and love it!

That totally blows about the party on Friday but it sounds like Sat totally made up for it though!

Jen said...

no need to apologize!!!

That really sucks about the party!! I hope you can get a refund!!!

I like that you aren't dwelling on the's probably something stupid anyway!!!

fittingbackin said...

That sucks so bad about the party. There are truly few things I hate more than poorly organized events! Boo.

Great attitude about the gain - you'll be back in maintenance before you know it!

Erin said...

I love Pride and Prejudice! I read it in grade 12, and now I watch the BBC version of it on DVD once a year. So good!

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