Tuesday, November 11, 2008


last night i was loading my dishwasher and slipped (i am very clumsy) and fell into the cutlery area. a sharp cutting knife poked into me, right between my little and fourth fingers. there was/is a deep hole but it didn't bleed that much and isn't wide so i think i'm going to make it without amputating and fingers... phewf. still annoying though.

i used that as an excuse not to swim this morning. that, and i really didn't feel like it too much. i didn't walk last night either. what is going on? i am trying to stay consistent with the exercise but it's hard. obviously life gets in the way and most people can't work out every day. really, three or four times a week is enough to reap the benefits. i am just going to try and adjust my diet on the days that i am inactive.

but i will probably walk tonight, if i can get down to the gym before biggest loser starts. i missed last week (not last week because it wasn't on, but the week before), but i read about it online. do you want to know what player drives me insane? vicky... she seems so heartless and evil. laughing at other people's misfortunes... and remember when she said she didn't care enough about the prize of a video from home to put her effort into the challenge... because she saw her kids just last week? i mean, come on. i am not a parent but one would assume that you would want to see your kids every chance you got. anyhoo.

yesterday i took care of business in the job application department. i applied for four jobs and wrote personal cover letters for each one. and some of them wanted writing and art samples so i did some scanning and it turned out pretty swell. yep, swell.

that's about all i have to say today. i have a yummy sandwich for lunch. i actually bought a regular loaf of bread (still whole wheat and full of goodness) instead of weight watchers or ezekiel or sprouted grains bread and i am excited to eat it. with fat free turkey and spicy mootard. i mean mustard. :) also, i'm doing the activia 14-day challenge... by that i mean eating one activia fat free yogurt per day, starting yesterday. i need to do some research because i'm not sure (yet) what the point of the challenge, except to turn into a belly dancer or something!


Jen said...

*laughs at belly dancer comment* that's awesome!!!

I can't stand Vicki...I only started watching last season, so I don't know if it's normal to have a character like this...it doesn't seem like she is THAT interested in losing weight, just winning money...and it seems like she is just expecting Brady to carry her along the whole way...she is lucky to still have her loved one there...and I hope Heba (who I can't really stand either) starts to see that soon and joins the others to make an alliance!!!

Sara said...

Ouch - take care of that finger. I get gross out shivers just thinking about it!!

I don't like Vicki either. For the first time ever I don't want anyone on Bob's team to win. Normally he gets the nicest people. Not this time though.

fittingbackin said...

I missed it too - and will not go and read about it. Good idea!

Owwww on the finger... and kinda gross. I would've not swam/walked either! :)

Bi0nicw0man said...

There is something to be said for "real" bread. I often buy a loaf just to enjoy a couple of proper pieces of toast, then throw it in the freezer for the next time I have the craving/points.

I think the Activia challenge is a bit of a "cleansing" challenge. You'll have to tell us how it all "comes out". :) haha, not literally of course.


Fatinah said...

I eat activia every day AND I'm a belly dancer. While I digest my food a lot easier, it hasn't actually helped my dancing!!!

Your incident with the dishwasher made me a bit dizzy just to read about! Hope you're ok!