Friday, November 28, 2008

where is the sun?

it's been forever since i've seen the sun. when i was a teenager i loved gray autumn days (emo), but now i want sunny vitamin E-filled days of warmth. not having sun for so long is depressing. and it's only november! did you know it's not even officially winter yet? we almost went right from summer to winter.

thanks for your gift suggestions yesterday. i'm still at a loss. my boyfriend's mom doesn't really like music, and they don't really sit down to watch dvds, and i could make them something, but it would have to be as a hostess gift, so i'd have to get something else anyway. last year i framed a picture of everyone in las vegas. i don't really have anything to match the "sentimentality" of that gift. it's too early to start fretting about anything yet. christmas is still almost a month away, and i am really close to being done my shopping.

today is friday, my weigh in day, and i stayed the same this week. i thought i would have dropped since i've been eating next to nothing for the past two days (being sick), but no. then again i haven't been exercising and i've mostly been eating carbs. my tastes have been all off and things (like raw veggies and hummus) that i normally crave make me feel like gagging.

the good news is: it's the weekend. almost. let us rejoice! and hope that i feel 80% better by tomorrow so i can go dancing. :)


Jen said...

I hear ya...we haven't had much sun in my neck of the woods either...I am freezing ALL the time!! And we aren't even really cold here yet (unseasonably warm actually...)

It's never too early for Christmas won't catch me in a store about 2.5 weeks from now...I can't STAND the "Christmas rush"!!!

Vanessa said...

I'm not anywhere near finishing my Christmas shopping. Booo!

Hope you feel better soon!

Sara said...

Well I hope that you get lots of rest these next couple of days so you can dance away the night tomorrow!

Erin said...

Argh! In-law (or boyfriend's parent's gifts) are SO hard!!