Tuesday, November 18, 2008

zzzzzz zombie

do you ever have periods of time, i mean days, where you are just tired? that's how i feel right now. i got home from buffalo and just wanted to veg on the couch. that's not unreasonable, because i didn't get home until 7:30pm, after a long day of shopping and driving. i watched gossip girl and last week's biggest loser. boy, do i ever dislike vicky! not only does she say mean things, but then she smirks about it too! like what she said was a real great jab... it was just mean, not clever! i don't want to think about her anymore or steam might come out of my ears.

this morning i was going to get up and swim but decided to sleep for longer instead. i am tired and lazy. i figure as long as i don't eat over my points, a few days of non-activity isn't going to turn me into a pile of mush. this week is so busy, too. tonight is date night, since tomorrow i have a sewing line (we are making A-line skirts), and thursday is book club. the book is divisadero, by michael ondaatje.

that's all for now. make sure you scroll down to read about all the yummy food i got in the states.


Jen said...

I know EXACTLY what you mean!!! I have been feeling extremely zombie like (seriously, the other day I had forgotten that we went to Vegas...THAT is bad!)

I can't get started on Vicky either...but I can't wait to see her shoot herself in the foot tonight...the worst thing she can do in singles is stake revenge on someone...that's just going to bite her in the bum!!!

carla said...

Im in.

for me it is usually allergyrelated.

or Im dehydrated.

or Im freakin tired :)

either way.

Mrs Furious said...

"do you ever have periods of time, i mean days, where you are just tired?"
Do I?!!! I cannot snap out of it!

so jealous of the sewing classes by the way...