Monday, November 17, 2008

my loot

i am back from the united states, and it was everything i dreamed it would be. first of all, your comments about what to buy made me laugh. i was more thinking specific products, although it was really interesting to learn about what other parts of canada don't have. for example, toronto has a whole foods, and a sephora, and a bath and body works too.

unfortunately there is no trader joe's in buffalo, but i did go to big lots, wegman's grocery store, the fashion outlet mall, and target. here is some of my loot :)

1) oatmeal: country choice organic fit kids (1/2 cinnamon toast and 1/2 chocolate chip), quaker weight control banana bread, and kashi creamy all natural truly vanilla. i have died and gone to oatmeal heaven. by the way, i think you can click on the pics to make them bigger.

2. granola bars: quaker "true delights" granola bars, in toasted coconut banana macadamia nut, and dark chocolate raspberry almond.

3. fiber one complete pancake mix. wowee wowee!

4. clif kid z bars! i got a whole box of honey graham, and individual ones of chocolate chip, peanut butter, spooky smores, blueberry, and chocolate brownie (which was still hiding in the bags when i took this photo).

5. delicious hot beverages: swiss miss 25 calorie hot chocolate and sugar cookie sleigh ride holiday tea.

6. popcorn! jolly time sea salt and cracked pepper, and jolly time sassy salsa. i wonder what sassy tastes like?

7. the wonder food - greek yogurt!!! it was expensive but i didn't care. i just wanted to try it once. i mean twice. i bought 2 of the big 0% tubs, and three little ones: vanilla, blueberry, and honey. the last photo is a size comparison.

8. more delicious yogurt in flavours that blew my mind: orange creme, strawberry shortcake, banana creme pie, boston creme pie, raspberry cheesecake, and weight watchers amaretto cheesecake.

9. delicious "flat out" wraps in three varieties! multigrain, light italian, and light original.

THE END. i also got a few other things non-food related. a new hairdryer (mine had glowing embers... can't be safe), some beauty products for my man, a sweater and lounge pants from the GAP, this stuff, and a baby spoon because i like eating with little bites. to bed!


Bi0nicw0man said...

Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! What a good haul!!

Randi said...

wow dude. didn't even know most of that exsisted! But hopefully none of it is soo awesome (first cause I don't have it) but because it'll get expensive driving to Buffalo to get groceries!

Jen said...

WOW!!! What a haul!!!!!

I am so envious!!! There is a lot of neat stuff in there!!

Sara said...

Wow what a haul! I think we are going to the states this weekend so definitely some good ideas!

SeaBreeze said...

Yum-O. I am jealous of your loot. Good haul and it all seems very healthy and delicious. I wish I wish that we had a target. Even if I had to go to Vancouver for it I would.

Haley said...

Wow -- a very productive trip! Hope you like the oikos (I'm addicted to it).

Anonymous said...

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