Thursday, November 13, 2008

pizza pizza

today is rainy and gray. typical november. it's also that time of year when all media from the united states is bombarding us about thanksgiving. well... been there, done that in october! i don't need to know how to make healthy cranberry sauce and stuffing NOW! not that i make that stuff for canadian thankgiving either ;)

i am feeling pretty great this week. my pants are fitting way better. PHEWF! the feeling of having your pants fit is so much better than the two minute enjoyment i'd get from eating a donut. mmmm donuts. i mean, yay pants! someone actually brought donuts to the office on tuesday. i didn't eat one but i brought one home and put it in my freezer. for as long as i have existed with teeth on this planet, i have loved walnut crunch donuts from tim hortons. i have memories of being a child and going there with my grandparents and getting that. always that one. every other donut was a disappointment in comparison. even kid-friendly ones with sprinkles. of course i have to choose the one with the most fat and calories! isn't that always the way! maybe i'll stop talking about donuts now, sorry! so the donut is in my freezer but i'm not worried. i will split it with my boyfriend on the weekend or something. 1/2 a donut = good times.

last night was wednesday date night, and so we ordered pizza. i didn't really want to but he was starving and said i could order "that gross multigrain crust" if i wanted. ha! we got a thin crust pizza (not multigrain) with mushrooms, red onion, green pepper, pepperoni, and spicy italian sausage. i had three small pieces... and i mean small. it was like 1.5 of the bigger ones total. i really was so impressed with myself for stopping when i was satisfied and not too full. it helped that i was using a knife and fork to slow me down. my boyfriend finished three pieces in the time it took me to consume one. do you like that word: consume?

i didn't exercise today (yet!!!) but hopefully i can do something tonight. not running because my inner thighs are a bit ouchy, but either a long walk (i have some new magazines) or a swim. probably a walk.


SeaBreeze said...

I always bring home the donuts that are brought to my office. I either give it to my BF or his roommate. That way, I still took my share and no one in the office is offended that I didn't enjoy their treat.

Jen said...

girl I adore you!!! You always make me giggle! YAY PANTS!!

I have similar memories...though I am a double chocolate girl...I used to go with my Daddy to wash his company vehicle on Saturdays then he would sit me at his desk and let me color and drink from his special "dad" mug that I made him...(okay, that actually made me start to cry a little)...anyway, I always have happy memories when I eat a double chocolate doughnut now...though it's the only one that makes me feel HAPPY (and the only one without nutritional information...seriously)

Anyway, good job on the pizza!! I am a ridiculous piggy when it comes to pizza, I love it so much!!

AND (wow, I am going on and on here)...I started reading Twilight FINALLY last oh man do I wish I was in high school and in love with a vampire...poor Danny, I guess married to a computer nerd will have to do ;p

Sara said...

I love the word consume - but then again I haven't met too many words I don't like! Accept synonym, yuk I hate saying that word.

Anyways, that is so awesome about the pants and the 3 slices!!

P.O.M. said...

I had pizza today too. It was so delish.

Anonymous said...

Awesome self control. I have no self control when it comes to pizza. I am never satisfied with one piece. I need at least 3. So I try to stay away from the real stuff.

Crystal said...

Friday is our weekly pizza night and we have a favorite location we try to go to every week. Always nice to have something to look forward to on Friday, that and the weekend of course!