Thursday, November 27, 2008

another list

1) i am really sick today. i slept for 9 hours last night, which i never do. my nose is all stuffed and i feel like poo. i took some daytime cold medicine which is helping but making me feel a little boozy. i can't wait until i can just go home and read and sleep and relax.

2) my job interview went well but i won't be offered the position because i'm just not qualified enough. but the interviewer really liked me and maybe in the future there will be a position for me or some freelance opportunities. overall a good experience.

3) my boots, shoes, and purse came in from aldo and everything was too small. but they make everything so easy. i brought my stuff to a store on tuesday, and exchanged the boots for the proper size in store. they didn't have the heels in my size but they ordered them for me and they will be delivered to my house in 2 to 4 days. i just returned the purse because it said it had a wrist strap, but it really was a shoulder strap.

4) i am listening to a fab new audiobook: don't eat this book by morgan spurlock. he is the guy who made that movie "super size me" and ate nothing but mcdonalds for a month. his book is great. some of it is about his experience making the movie, but most of it is about fitness and nutrition and the horror that is fast food. everyone should read (or listen to) this book.

5) what should i get for my boyfriend's parents for christmas? they are always so hard to buy for. a) because it's a joint "family" gift b) because they aren't really into the same things c) because they are european and d) they don't need anything. wine or chocolate is kind of a lame gift because it should be more personal than that.

6) i am not exercising today. sick = no energy.


Randi said...

re: #5 - If you made homemade chocolates or carmel popcorn or something then it's less lame I think.

Do you think they'd like a DVD? Like some comedy or something that's released around Christmas? Just popped in my head.

I could sleep 9 hours every day. I've been getting 8 hours every night lately and it's just definately not enough.

Jen said...

Aw, I hope you feel better soon...

I like Randi's idea for the Christmas gift!! Homemade is ALWAYS good!!!

That sucks that everything was not perfect with the aldo order...but that's what I love about them!!! They definitely make it easy!!!!

Take it easy and feel better soon!!!

Laura said...

Please feel better soon! Sounds like you were super-busy yesterday, too. I'm glad to know that Aldo has such good customer service.

As for Christmas gift ideas: if they don't need anything, why not consider making a donation to a cause in their name. There are so many to choose from. I often adopt an endangered animal from the WWF. You could make a donation to an environmental cause, like Greenpeace. Also, there are so many great things that UNICEF does. Just a few ideas. What does your boyfriend think?

Sara said...

Get better!!

Sarah said...

I remember my ex bf's parents were really hard to shop for, so one year they were hosting Christmas dinner with their family - so I baked this insanely decandent and beautiful cheesecake (it was HUGE too!). to serve at the dinner.. I topped it off with a bottle of wine which I gave inside of a really beautiful beaded wine bottle cover.

my current BF doesn't have any immediate family except his brother (who's really easy to buy for), so I haven't had to do this in many years!

Bi0nicw0man said...

Feel better soon. I hate that drowsy boozy feeling. Drive safe.

I heart Aldo now that they do that. The last shoes I got from them, they didn't have my size in stock so the guy just went online for me and ordered them from the Montreal store. I had them in 3 days. Wicked. Makes it way easier for us hard-to-fit gals.