Wednesday, November 5, 2008

some thoughts

since the new year is only 8 weeks away, i think it's time to set some goals that i want to accomplish. i don't want to go into the holiday season feeling unfit or frumpy, and there is still time to change things. i don't want to start 2009 with any regrets. without further ado:

1) it's time to get back into my maintenance range and stay there. no hovering around the top and going over at the end of the weekend.

2) i would like to strengthen my core considerably. abs and lower back. i heard that people with strong core muscles have better posture. do you think this is true? i am slouching right now, while i type this.

3) i would like to eat to live, not live to eat. will this ever be possible? do any of you eat to live?

4) i would like to have my closet organized - i have too many clothes that i don't wear. maybe i can sell some and donate the rest. or donate them all.

5) i NEED to get a job. in my career. i could get any job, true, but i am on a career path and don't want to stray off of it with an admin job or something that i dislike. i've had mundane jobs before and they really suck the life out of you.

6) i would like to evaluate my hobbies and have a plan to do more with them. for example, book writing, or sewing. i just can't find the time but i know it's there. it's not like i'm watching a lot of tv so i need to figure that out.

today there was a major crash on the route i would normally take to my mom's office in the suburbs. (i took a different one.) the big trailer of a truck fell off an overpass and crushed five cars below. people are in critical condition. very scary. i hope they are alright.

this morning i swam another 40 minutes, and last night i walked four miles on the treadmill while reading "eclipse," the third book in the twilight series. i am almost done and then on to the fourth. these books are like crack. i need to get them out of the way so i can get on with my regular life and pay attention to real people and not just edward cullen the vampire. ;)

tonight is date night and we are eating at tim horton's. only because we won a gift card at the halloween party last weekend. what is low point and not chili? a sandwich or something? i never eat there so i need some tips. i will walk to my boyfriend's house which is about 2 1/2 miles. i am kicking up the exercise this week if you didn't notice.

have a great wednesday, and congratulations to obama. i wanted him to win :)


Randi said...

hmm, yes I think that #6 needs to be done. You have no time? Not to be too rude but look at #5! I know you're helping your mom but still, there's time somewhere.

I ALWAYS get caught up in books. All I do is read it until I finish it, while I'm eating, instead of sleeping. Constantly. Therefore I don't let myself start a book unless I've got a wide open calendar (like Christmas break).

Jen said...

I like this list too!!!! Ending a year badly is just as awful as starting it badly in my good for you for attempting to change things before you are writing your resolutions!!!

I don't really eat at Tims either...they have a couple of really good soups though!!!

Vanessa said...

I really like the list! In fact, there are a few I'd like to steal for myself. I'll definitely be putting my own pre-new years list.

I'm going to have to check those books out. I need to make time for reading non-textbooks again :P.

Anonymous said...

I too and trying to "eat to live." What works for me is staying busy with other things. When I occupy my day and stay productive, I have less time to think about food. Another thing that helps me is that I formed a dinner swap with a couple of friends who are also doing weight watchers. We each make 1 dinner a week for all three families (small families) and rotate Thursdays. What is great about this, is you don't have to lift a finger 2-3 days a week, and dinner is brought to you. This also helps me not obsess about food, because I don't have to prepare, or eat out so many of my weekdays.
Anyway, just a couple of ideas.

Sarah said...

Eat to live instead of live to eat... I want that one too.

I think about food all the time. I'm so not there yet :)

Anonymous said...

So after you posted about the Twilight series, I went out and bought the first ones and you are totally right! They are like crack :) I finished the first one and am anxiously awaiting my Amazon order... we might need to have a some serious online chats about these books. I feel a little weird reading these books since I'm not a tween, but WHATEVER!