Tuesday, November 4, 2008

absolutely disgusting

if you have a weak stomach, please skip this paragraph. this morning i decided to actually take the multitudes of vitamins i keep buying - iron, b6, multivitamin, c, zinc, and a fish oil pill. i should be taking this stuff every day (apparently). however, this morning, every time i cough or burp (in a delicate, feminine way of course) i am burping up this absolutely disgusting fish taste. it's so gross. it's not even like a yummy piece of grilled halibut or whatever, it's like the smell of chinatown put into a taste. BLEH!!!!

moving on. yesterday i had a great day! i had a 40 minute swim and then went to the swimming store and bought two polyester suits. one is a black speedo and one is a really cute bikini. it is like the one below but the main part is brown and the tubing on top is a light blue.

after the swim store, i went to the main office of the people who put on the halloween party and got the ticket money back for me and all of my friends (six of us!). i'm really happy they refunded the tickets. then i went to chapters and spent a long time browsing and reading all sorts of books. i bought a book on writing and a marilyn monroe calendar - i am using a few of the images in frames i already bought.

and THEN, when i got home, the third and fourth books in the twilight series had come in the mail, so i read 1/2 of the third. i also walked for 4 miles on the treadmill while reading... great way to pass the time.

in terms of food, the whole day was healthy and on plan and i'm feeling really great. this morning i had another 40 minute swim (in my new suit).



Sarah said...

I know!! Christmas is coming so fast it's CRAZY!

Cara said...

I take this omega 3 pill and it tastes like garlic when I burp it up. haha. i guess it is better than fish though. Sorry ;(

Erin said...

I stopped taking my fish oil supplements for that exact same reason! And it goes on all day! Yuck.

Sara said...

that suit is so cute! And the fish burps are so gross!!

carla said...

totally why I do flax...the burps killed me.

Bi0nicw0man said...

Yet another reason for me to get my oils via food! :)

I'm glad you got your money back. They probably felt like arses when they realized how poorly organized they were.

P.O.M. said...

I think if you take the fish oil pill with food, it's supposed to help.

Vanessa said...

Nice suits. Glad you got your money back for the tickets!

I'm not ready for 2008 to be over yet, so shhh! :)

Shirls said...

I love the girly way of burping comment, LOL

nice suit! and your a book worm!

Jen said...

Okay I seriously just picked myself up off the floor>>>I didn't realize there were only 8 weeks!!! That is insane!!!

EW to fish burps!!!

I am so happy to hear you got your money back though!!! That is awesome!!!!!

fittingbackin said...

Love the suits! So glad you got your $ back - they did the right thing - rare! (unfortunately)

Ew on the fishy burps!! haha

Whoa.... I didn't know. 8 weeks - WOW!

So glad your twilight came in - i'm so obsessed. And yes - those books (especially the first one) were AMAZING for the treadmill.