Thursday, November 6, 2008

i have a question

my question is: in that new pussycat dolls song, do they really sing "i want to have boobies"? i keep think i hear it, but then i think there's no way something so ridiculous would be in a song... right? maybe i shouldn't put it past them.

i didn't walk to my bf's last night. 1) i forgot that it gets dark at 4:30 and 2) the highway going into the city was still closed because of the accident and it took me almost two hours to get home.

i did walk home from his place this morning, and i plan on swimming tonight. swimming at night is weird for me. i think it's because i like to get wet and have to dry my hair only once per day, and i am a morning showerer.

in terms of my goals from yesterday, i did some thinking about them. i decided to really jazz up my cover letters in order to stand out more. resumes are usually just pretty standard, so it's the cover letter that needs to grab attention.

i also thought about how i could fit my hobbies into my time. right now, not having a job isn't giving me tons of spare time, because technically, i am working (just at my mom's office). i am a single girl with a mortgage, so i have to find money somewhere! and then at home my "free" time is spent applying for jobs.

i think i need to spend more short bursts of time cleaning up after myself. i can be very messy. i am always throwing stuff on the floor and everywhere, and then it takes so long to pick up after myself, because i wait until it gets crazy and then do it all at once. but, if i spent 20 minutes a day just getting things organized, that would free up a lot of other time. i think.

last night we went to tim horton's for dinner and they were out of buns for sandwiches, buns for soup, and only had chicken noodle soup. i like chicken soup, but it's so generic and i must have ten cans of it in my cupboard. so we decided to save our giftcard for another day, and instead made cream of mushroom soup and sandwiches at home. out of buns! can you imagine? no wonder i never eat there.

my audio book this week is a short history of progress by ronald wright. it's neat because i'm actually listening to a series of lectures that were read at universities across canada in 2004. they are very interesting. and finally i'm on the fourth twilight book... exciting!


chandra said...

For the longest time I thought that song said "I wanna have boobies" as well, but I guess supposively they really say "I wanna have groupies."

Sara said...

I always think that too! But definitely it is groupies - but you are right, I totally wouldn't put it past them!!

As a recruiter I don't read cover letters but I have a feeling that really just applies to the IT industry. I'm just going to pop over an email to my aunt right now, I'll let you know what she says (about cover letters and jobs)!.

Randi said...

I wish it said boobies. I think little girls grow up wanting to have boobies more than groupies. I sing it that way.

I know I got my summer job (which later lead to this full time job) because they liked the way my resume was organized. It was basically standard, but I used lines and italics and headings and stuff and made it look really good, as opposed to just a list. I hate writing cover letters, basically all I want to say is "here's my resume, i want a job".

Sara said...

There are 2 new job openings that look perfect for you. How do I send them to you?

Jen said...

Yeah, it's groupies...but everyone thinks boobies!!!!

That is crazy about tim hortons...I went to a sandwich place once and they were out of bread...I waited for like 10 minutes to order and the girl was like "Oh, I didn't realize you were going to order a SANDWICH" and I said "do you serve anything else?" and she looked and me blankly and said "no"

P.O.M. said...

ha. I totally thought it was 'boobies.' ha ha.

healthy ashley said...

I haven't heard that song yet... I'll find it!

That accident looks horrible. I can't believe the story! How sad..

Tiffa said...

I totally thought it was boobies. HAHA