Friday, November 7, 2008

yippity skippity!

hooray, it's friday! doesn't that make you happy? there is nothing quite like the good mood of a friday. happy happy joy joy. i'm so enthusiastic i'm beginning to sound sarcastic! but i'm not.

first things first, today is friday.... dreaded weigh in day. i am 0.4 higher than last week but that's ok for several reasons: 1) last weekend was halloween... candy... etc. enough said. 2) i was an exercise queen this week and i'm sure the scale will reflect that next week. and 3) i'm just going with the flow. it's not that bad. i am still less than two pounds over my maintenance range, which really is nothing but annoying that i haven't been able to get everything in check and then keep it there.

last night after i got home, i walked for four miles on the treadmill, and THEN swam for 40 minutes as well. i wasn't going to walk for so long, but i was absorbed in my book. swimming was hard after my grueling walk (ha) and it kind of felt like i was swimming uphill, but i stuck with it.

i decided to give my body a break and take this morning, and probably today, off from exercise. i will be back in the pool tomorrow, and i'm not going to take sunday off either. maybe a good schedule for me is four days on, one day off.

i'm wearing a new sweater today. it's from smart set - here is a picture:

have a great weekend everyone :)


Jen said...

YAYYYYY!! For Friday!!!!

I absolutely adore that sweater!!! I bet you look super cute!!!

Sarah said...

I totally share your joy that it's Friday!!

And that is a really cute sweater!

Erin said...

Cute sweater!

I know all about the Halloween candy! I just WISH that I was working out as hard as you....

Angie All The Way said...

Cute shirt! Have a great weekend! :)

fittingbackin said...

Wow! Good for you on all the exercise. LOVE the top - i've never heard of that store- sad!

Crystal said...

Four days on and one day off sounds like a good plan. Sounds like you are doing a lot of swimming-yeah! I love to swim but have been neglectful of it for the last couple months.

Cute sweater!