Monday, December 1, 2008

not much to say

this weekend was really lame. i did nothing! i wasn't feeling that great and my boyfriend was even sicker, so we just mostly stayed in and took care of ourselves. on saturday during the day we went to the one of a kind show, and on sunday i went to my second book club which i just joined. it was a lot of fun - i love meeting new women who are so nice and genuine.

needless to say i didn't get any exercise in this weekend. just feeling too weak and weary. i don't think swimming is the best idea until i am fully recovered, so i am going to take it easy and just do some treadmill walking. food wise this week i think i'm going to try reducing my portions but eating more frequently. and not adding salt to my food (very difficult) and choosing more protein sources. i've noticed recently that when i'm eating alone i go for days and days without eating any meat at all. it's not necessarily a bad thing, but i'm not really choosing protein-y alternatives, like peanut butter or beans. food for thought. pun!


fittingbackin said...

boo -sorry you both felt so sick! I hate being sick - especially on the weekend. Your book club sounds fun - i'd love to join one but don't even know where to start. Hope you feel better soon - and good luck w/the diet changes. I put salt on everything... like everything but pizza!

Jen said...

I hope both you and BF start to feel better soon!!!

Nothing worse than being sick on the weekend!!!

Vanessa said...

Hope you feel better soon!